Nelk Boys Net Worth (Update 2022) How He Earns His Income?


The Nelk Boys are a YouTube entertainment channel from Canada with a collective net worth of $1.8 million. There are three people in this category. Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Steve Deleonardis are their names.

The Nelk Boys’ YouTube account is well-known for its prank films. This YouTube channel has 7.2 million followers and 1.15 billion views (Updated Jan 2022).

Furthermore, this prominent Canadian YouTube channel receives an average of 700,000 daily views. As a result, this YouTube channel earns $3500 every single day. These daily earnings will total $2.5 million each year.

Nelk Boys also manage a brand called Full Send in addition to creating YouTube content. They supplement their income by selling items at other Jersey beach resorts. Nelk Boys has been releasing fresh prank videos on their YouTube page since 2010.nelk-boys-explain-sordid-reason-905-was-shooter-was-fired-after-three-years-e1632497826693-7841435

What Do Nelk Boys Get Paid?

NELK is a well-known YouTube channel run by three lovable personalities. There are 6.44 million subscribers to the channel. As a result, YouTube social media is where they make the most money.

Additionally, the Nelk lads have an internet store where they offer products to their fans. The following is the channel’s monthly income:

  • $1.33 million in annual revenue
  • Payment per month: $110.6K
  • $27.65K in weekly earnings
  • $3.95K in daily earnings
  • Earnings per hour: $164.6

What Is the Source of Income for the Nelk Boys?

Although the Nelk guys are best known for their YouTube videos, they have also produced TV reality shows and sell items through their websites. Their sources of income are mentioned below in alphabetical order:

  • Creating YouTube video content
  • Merchandise from the internet store is being sold.
  • Making reality shows for television
  • Making YouTube Video Content

On July 6, 2010, Kyle Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis launched the NELK YouTube channel. On their YouTube channel, they mostly posted prank films.

After a few TV series and documentaries, Jesse Sebastiani and the Nelk Boys started generating YouTube material with their prank videos, which included North American college culture.fe260-16427518847074-1920-5921048

To make their prank videos, the trio has to go to prison several times. Nelk Boys, on the other hand, became extremely popular in a short period of time.

The Nelk channel has a total of 237 videos, and for a YouTube channel owner, every video that has surpassed a million views is a complete success. Their channel has accumulated 925 million views and continues to expand every day.

They should have made a lot of money from YouTube with this huge amount of views. However, YouTube is restricting the number of videos they may make, and their earnings from the social media platform are declining.

Nelk Boys have an average of 700,000 views every day on their YouTube account. As a result, these views will bring in $3500 per day. The majority of their income has come from their YouTube channel.

Merchandise for Sale in an Online Store

Apart from their YouTube channel, the Nelk Boys make money by selling items. They offer their wares at the many Jersey beach resorts. They own the Full Send brand. Full Send became well-known in a short period of time.

They offer items to their devoted fans, who number in the millions. They mainly sell hoodies, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and other women’s clothes.

Making Reality Shows for Television

Jesse Sebastiani released a self-published documentary called Saved by the Status before turning to YouTube as a full-time income source, and his MTV role was Careless Teens.

Aside from the documentary, they’ve also produced a short TV reality show and a comedy, which has an IMDb rating of 8.2. The show first aired in 2013, and Nelk Boys last cast it in 2020. The sequel was released by the Nelk Boys themselves.

A Quick Look at the Nelk Boys

  • Kyle John Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, and Steve Deleonardis are members.
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is the place where it all began.
  • 5.71 million subscribers
  • 768 million views
  • 224 videos
  • $1.8 million in net worth

Background and Professional Experience

Kyle John Forgeard, Steve Deleonardis, and other members of the Nelk team began their YouTube channel in 2010 with the intention of filming prank videos.

Jesse Sebastiani, a character on the MTV reality show and documentary film creator, joined the Nelk Boys later after the channel was founded.

Jesse departed the Nelk Boys channel in January 2020, claiming that his lifestyle and that of the group were not compatible and that the pranks were harming his personal life. As a result, he made the decision to abandon the Nelk boys.

Other members of the group are still working with Nelk Boys, but Jesse is now working on his own mini-series called Shithole, which he uploads to a separate YouTube channel.

What Does A Merchandise Drop Earn Nelk?

They make an estimated $906k profit from the sales of their goods. A merch drop often nets the group $1360000. It’s a fantastic way to make money.

Is It True That the Nelk Boys Have Been Demonetized?

Yes, YouTube has demonetized this popular prank YouTube channel for the time being. The YouTube administration has temporarily demonetized the Nelk Boys YouTube channel since they are doing wrong even in this corona pandemic.

What Is the Value of Full Send and Who Owns It?

SteveWillDoIt aka Steve Deleonardis, a member of the Nelk Boys, owns the majority of the Full Send brand. This is a brand for which the three of them operate together. As of 2022, Full Send merchandise is approximately worth $3 million.

When It Comes to Nelk, How Quickly Does It Sell Out?

Nelk Boys are well-known for their Nelk Hoodies. Within 33 minutes, all Nelk Hoodies were sold out!


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