Parker Schnabel Net Worth How Much Money Does Parker Schnabel’s Crew Make?

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker’s Early Years Russell Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. Roger and Nancy Schnabel are his parents, and he has a brother named Payson. Parker Schnabel has been working in the mining industry since he was five years old.

Parker grew up working for Big Nugget Mining, his grandfather John Schnabel’s company. Before his feet could even touch the pedals, he began handling heavy machinery.

Parker Schnabel rose to fame while still in high school and was a member of the varsity basketball team. Parker, a passionate adventurer, and outdoorsman planned to major in geology or mining studies in college, with the goal of returning to the family mine to run it.

After graduating, he took over the mine’s daily operations. Parker moved in to replace his grandfather John’s shoes after he stepped down from day-to-day operations of the mine. He took the reins and led a team of miners more than twice his age, demonstrating that he was capable of finding real gold.

Parker took the contentious decision to leave his native mining location in search of new fortunes in the Yukon Territory, rather than attend college. He used money from his own college trust fund to start the business.parker-2833604

Parker Schnabel Is a Well-known Photographer.

Parker is featured in the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush Alaska,” sometimes known as “Gold Rush,” which premiered in 2010. His appearances in the show are memorable for the episodes in which he sought to assist the miners at the Porcupine Creek claim, only to find out that they had no idea what they were doing.

The show’s fourth season recounts his choice to leave his family’s mind and strike out on his own. Parker discovered 1029 oz of gold in his first year of owning his own mining company. From 2012 through 2016, Schnabel starred in the reality television series Gold Rush: The Dirt.

In 2017, he starred in Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, a spin-off reality TV series. On all three series, he has worked as a producer. By the age of 24, Parker had mined a total of nearly $13 million in gold.celebrities-visit-build-october-12-2018

Personal Experiences

Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse, was Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend. She appeared in the reality show alongside him, working in the Klondike. Parker announced in December 2018 that the couple had broken up following a two-year relationship.

In 2019, it was reported that he was dating Sheena Cowell, the assistant producer for his show. He is a self-described workaholic who puts his mining work ahead of his personal life. In Alaska, he purchased his ideal home, a magnificent estate with all modern conveniences valued at over $950,000.

Parker enraged supporters in January 2017 when he announced on Facebook that he would soon be showing his baby to the world, only to reveal that the “baby” in question was actually his new puppy.


Here are some of Parker Schnabel’s career highlights:

The Gold Rush (TV-Show, 2010-)
Mine of the Big Nugget
Parker’s Trail is a gold rush story about a man named Parker (TV-Show, 2017-)

Parker Schnabel’s Favorite Quotes

“We’ve automated everything at our mining facility.” You operate large machinery with the goal of doing as little manual labor as possible, but South America, particularly Guyana, is entirely manual labor. Almost everything that happens is done by hand. There are some excavators, though.” Parker Schnabel is a film director who has worked on a number of films.ezgif-com-gif-maker-29-6167013

“The most challenging part is that it’s very seasonal labor, and we basically have four months to make a year’s worth of money,” she says. “Not only is it difficult, but it’s also dangerous because everyone is working long hours, long days… it’s risky from a safety aspect.” Parker Schnabel is a film director who has worked on a number of films.

“I don’t know, you just get concentrated on working and it doesn’t bother you too much most of the time.” I have a dirt bike that I use to let off steam when I need to. “I enjoy riding my bicycle.” Parker Schnabel is a film director who has worked on a number of films.

“Overall, I’d say the first time I went out to Dawson was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone there.” It’s simply a fantastic mining community with some of the best people in the world, and I’m thrilled to have become, or feel like I’m becoming, a part of it.” Parker Schnabel is a film director who has worked on a number of films.

“There are some major issues on the horizon, as well as some significant headwinds.” I think this is a fantastic season of the program, and it’ll be quite exciting.” Parker Schnabel is a film director who has worked on a number of films.

Parker Schnabel Taught Us Two Important Lessons

Let’s take a look at some of Parker Schnabel’s best lessons that we can learn from him now that you know everything there is to know about his net worth and how he reached success:

1. Acquire What You Desire

Stay strong and focused on your life’s aim. Never let somebody make you feel as though you don’t deserve something.

2. Make the Best of What We Have

We make a living and a life by what we receive and what we offer.

How Much Money Does Parker Schnabel’s Crew Make?

Parker Schnabel’s staff makes around $34 per hour on average. Parker Schnabel has climbed through the ranks of the gold-digging group to become one of its most powerful figures, yet he still finds time to read through social media, it appears.


Parker Schnabel is a well-known television celebrity best recognized for his role in the Discovery Channel’s reality series ‘Gold Rush.’ He has also worked for the family-owned mining enterprise ‘Big Nugget Mine.’


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