How Tennis Coach Oracene Price Net Worth Became so Huge? Achievements, Daughters, Career

Oracene Price Net Worth

Oracene Price Net Worth: Oracene Price (born April 3, 1952) is a tennis instructor from the United States. She is most known as the mother and coach of Venus and Serena Williams, two of the greatest tennis players of all time. She was formerly married to Richard Williams, whom she divorced in 2002.

Oracene Price Biography

Oracene Price Net WorthOracene Price is a well-known Family Member who was born in the Saginaw, Michigan, United States on April 3, 1952. Tennis instructor most known for being the mother of tennis superstar sisters Venus and Serena Williams. Oracene Price’s zodiac sign is Aries, according to astrologers.

Price, nicknamed “Brandy’s,” father was a Mississippi Delta automobile worker. She graduated from Buena Vista High School and Western Michigan University in 1970. Yetunde Price (1972–2003), a former beauty salon owner and licenced nurse, Lyndrea Price, a Web designer, and Isha Price, a lawyer, are her three children from a previous marriage with Yusef Rasheed.

After Rasheed’s death, Oracene married Richard Williams and had two more children, Venus Williams and Serena Williams, while working as a nurse. Venus and Serena Williams are both highly rated professional tennis players who have won many Grand Slam titles. She assisted her husband when he started to instruct Venus and Serena in tennis. Rick Macci offered to train their girls for free, so the Williams family relocated to Florida.

She was previously married to the late Yusef Rasheed before marrying Richard Williams in 1980. In 2002, they divorced. Lyndrea and Isha Price are her other children. She had another kid, Yetunde Price, who died.

Oracene Price, the mother of Serena and Venus Williams

Oracene Price Net WorthOracene Price is well known as the mother and coach of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. She is also the ex-wife of tennis instructor Richard Williams. Many people like her cool demeanour and unflappable demeanour. She has been credited with her daughters’ success and is one of the primary reasons why the siblings began playing tennis in the first place.

Oracene has acknowledged her pride in her daughters’ accomplishments on multiple occasions, having inspired them to be the best that they can be. Oracene, in addition to being a great coach and a decent mother, is also actively working for many charitable organisations and causes, and has been to many places with her girls for the same. She has instilled spirituality in her girls, which is one of the reasons they are so composed on the court.

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Serena Williams has often referred to her mother as “unbreakable” because of her strong spirit and willingness to confront issues straight on. Oracene has also had a meeting with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Oracene Price Career Highlights

Oracene Price Net WorthOracene instilled her vivacious personality in her daughters Venus and Serena Williams. Richard Williams, a tennis teacher, took his children under his wing and began teaching them the game when they were just five years old.

Oracene has underwent official tennis instruction in order to better teach the technical elements of tennis to her kids. She and her husband took her girls out of their training programme and trained them themselves.

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After leaving the family home, the Williamses relocated to Florida and began teaching their girls there with the assistance of Rick Macci. Despite the various difficulties she has endured throughout her life, Oracene has always encouraged her daughter not to succumb to peer pressure.

Her contribution to her daughters’ accomplishments has sometimes been eclipsed by the fact that she is their mother. She has helped mould her daughters’ careers by keeping them focused on the game.

Oracene did not allow her divorce from Richard Williams hinder their girls’ performance. In reality, the two would meet on a regular basis for Venus and Serena’s tutoring sessions.
Despite controversy and difficulties, she has stood by her girls. She stood behind her daughter when she was chastised for quitting from the Indian Wells event in 2001.

When Serena Williams was booed by fans in 2003 because of a complaint, Oracene stood firm and defended herself and Serena. In the same year, she starred in the documentary series ‘She Got Game’ as herself. The programme was hosted by rapper ‘Game,’ who composed a song for Oracene’s daughter Yetunde Price after her mother’s death in 2003.
Oracene participated on ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ in 2004, with her children Venus and Serena.

Oracene Price Achievements & Awards

Venus and Serena Williams have won a total of 120 singles championships and 28 doubles trophies under Oracene’s tutelage.

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Oracene has helped Venus win 49 singles championships and Serena win 71 singles titles. She has assisted Serena and Venus win 21 doubles championships, 2 titles for Venus, and 5 trophies for Serena.

Serena and Venus have won a number of important tournaments under her tutelage, including Serena’s Career Golden Slam and the Australian Open. Wimbledon, US Open, Olympic Gold Medal, WTA Tour Championships, Career Golden Slam – Doubles, French Open, and US Open by the William Sisters are also among her coaching accomplishments.

Oracene Price Major Projects

Oracene founded the OWL Foundation. It encourages youngsters to educate themselves while simultaneously providing financial assistance to students. The foundation is a wonderful learning environment.

Oracene has earned a reputation for being vocal on racial discrimination problems. She has often faced the media about racial profiling, claiming that such conduct has become all too normal for Black Americans.

She also defines herself as an outspoken feminist who has spoken out against inequity in sports. She has spoken out against the media’s objectification and oversexualization of women.

Oracene has worked with a variety of organisations, the most of which concentrate on educational advancement, and she has been to Africa with her daughter Serena to convey the value and influence of education. She has also assisted in the building of schools in Senegal.

Price has spoken out against pressure, claiming that it is over exaggerated. They have had to cope with nothing but pressure their whole lives as Black Americans in society. She had also encouraged her girls not to succumb to peer pressure.

Oracene Price Net Worth

Oracene Price’s income is mostly derived on her performance as a Coach. Oracene Price is a wealthy family member who is also one of the most popular. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Oracene Price’s net worth is at $1.5 million.

Oracene Price paid just $10 for a $310,000 mansion from her daughter Serena Williams. The home is 2,804 square feet in size and is worth more than its previous selling price.


Oracene Price, an American tennis teacher, is best known as the mother of Serena and Venus Williams. As of 2022, her net worth is expected to be at $900,000 USD. A significant component of this fortune is the value of a mansion that Oracene inherited from her daughter Venus in 2013 for a very symbolic sum.