The Masked Singer Season 5: Who has been Unmasked so Far?

The Masked Singer Season 5

The Masked Singer Season 5: The fifth season of Fox’s American television series The Masked Singer debuted on March 10, 2021 and ended on May 26, 2021.

Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, radio and television personality Jenny McCarthy, actor and comedian Ken Jeong, and recording artist Nicole Scherzinger all returned as panellists for the fifth season.

The Masked Singer Season 5 Episodes

Week 1: Snail

The Masked Singer Season 5

1.) The hints included Snail having “rubbed elbows” with celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Michelle Obama, and Lady Gaga, all of whom have worked on projects with The Muppets.

2.) There was also a huge teddy bear, a reference to Kermit’s closest buddy, Fozzie Bear.

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3.) Snail also said that he had various abilities, including acting, directing, producing, recording CDs, and performing on the Oscar stage.

Week 2: Phoenix

1.) She said that when people look at her, they see winner, and she is most recognised for winning an Olympic gold medal.
2.) We also discovered that Phoenix had large family, and Caitlyn has six children: Kylie, Kendall, Brody, Cassandra, Brandon, and Burt.
3.) She also acknowledged hiding behind mask for the most of her life, reference to how she felt before coming out as trans.

Week 3: Raccoon

1.) We met Raccoon inside jail and he spoke about receiving a second chance – Danny did time in San Quentin before becoming an actor.

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2.) He said in the clue package that he began “as a fighter and a boxer and returned to the sport when he was requested to coach a leading man” before becoming one himself! This was an allusion to how, while in jail, he became a champion boxer and was recruited to coach Eric Roberts for a fighting scene in Runaway Train, before finally becoming an actor himself.

3.) There was also a doughnut among the clues, an homage to Danny’s well-known eatery, Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts.

Week 4: Grandpa Monster

The Masked Singer Season 5

1.) He remarked about being a “troublemaking idiot” and his wishes for a fresh start, alluding to the many difficulties he experienced as a YouTuber.

2.) He had “trained for combat previously,” and there was a boxer dog, both of which alluded to Logan’s fighting history.

3.) The hints included the number six, which was intended to be a tribute to Vine, where Logan rose to fame by releasing six-second videos.

Week 5: Bulldog

1.) The clue packet included the word “GT,” a reference to Nick’s stint presenting America’s Got Talent.

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2.) The clue package also included a dance fight based on his films Drumline, Shall We Dance, and School Dance.

3.) No, you are not experiencing a Mandela Effect moment. Nick hosted the first four seasons of The Masked Singer, however after testing positive for COVID, he was unable to return for Season 5. (at first). He participated in Week 5 but was eliminated and unmasked that week before returning to presenting responsibilities.

Week 6: Orca

The Masked Singer Season 5

1.) There was a dish of sweets in honour of his band, Sugar Ray.

2.) He also said that his father set him a deadline of 25 years old to become a famous vocalist, which is when Sugar Ray won their first record contract.

3.) There was a hint regarding pumpkin pizza, which was supposed to mirror Mark’s appearance in the Smashing Pumpkins music video for “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts).”

Week 7: Seashell

1.) In the clue package, there was dynamite, also known as TNT, which was meant to allude to her and her sister’s names, Tia and Tamera.

2.) We also saw a broom, a chameleon, and a bell, all of which were references to her film Twitches, her episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the Hallmark movies she’s appeared in.

3.) The clues included the words “Twister, Twister” and a slew of sentences with S alliteration, all of which were references to her programme Sister, Sister.

Week 7: Crab

1.) He discussed how every gift in his life has also welcomed sorrow, and that he has experienced a lot of darkness in his life. This was meant to symbolise the deaths of his ex-wife Whitney Houston, as well as his children Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Jr.

2.) He also discussed his unexpected rise to prominence in the 1980s, when he joined the R&B group New Edition.

3.) The hints also displayed barbeque ribs, an allusion to his sauce and spice line.

4.) There were images of Bee and Butterfly, who had previously been revealed as Gladys Knight and Michelle Williams, and Bobby had worked with each of them.

Week 8: Robopine

1.) Robopine mentioned the loss of a close buddy, which was a reference to his dear friend and Fast and Furious costar Paul Walker.

2.) There was a lightbulb that was supposed to be an homage to his hometown of Watts, California, and his album 2000 Watts.

3.) He also said that the programme was “an action-packed and fast-paced journey,” while Cluedle-Doo stated that Robopine was “excellent at not becoming roadkill,” both allusions to Fast and Furious.

Week 9: Russian Dolls

1.) The hints depicted a letterman jacket with a M and mentioned how they “pop,” a reference to their popular song MMMBop.

2.) There was snow to signify their Snowed In Christmas album.

3.) They discussed having 15 copies, and the three of them had 15 children — Isaac has three, Taylor has seven, and Zac has five.

Week 10: Cluedle-Doo

1.) He said that he had a connection with Gremlin, who was revealed to be Mickey Rourke in Season 4. Donnie appeared in Bullet with Mickey.

2.) He informed Ken that this “wasn’t the first time” they’d been around animals together, and Ken and Donnie had both been in the film Zookeeper.

Week 10: Yeti

1.) Yeti mentioned a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it again,” and he and his B2K comrades reunited in 2019 after parting up in the 2000s.

2.) He explained that where he originated from, too many yetis had turned into monsters, but he had a community of warrior women to teach him the way. Omarion hails from Inglewood, a tiny Los Angeles suburb, and he has repeatedly spoken about the great effect his three sisters and mother had on him.

3.) A berry and jelly sandwich was also shown in the clue package, and Omarion’s full name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry.

Week 11: Chameleon

1.) There were hints that Chameleon had a link to jewels and had been nominated for a Golden Globe. The song “See You Again” by Wiz was certified diamond and nominated for Best Original Song at the 2016 Golden Globes.

2.) There was a reference to Chameleon’s father and the term “camoflag.” Wiz’s father was in the military, and he’s often highlighted the influence of his father’s instruction in interviews.

3.) The hints also tended to use black and yellow imagery, which might have been a reference to Wiz’s song “Black and Yellow.”

Week 11: Black Swan & Piglet

1.) She said that she was seduced by a Hollywood bargain she couldn’t refuse and that it came at a high cost, and she also stated that she is ready to demonstrate that she is now in charge. JoJo was embroiled in a protracted legal dispute with her company, Blackground Records, early in her career, and she was barred from releasing any new songs.

2.) The clue packet included “Montana,” and JoJo was approached to appear in Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus was cast.

3.) There were also hints of how Black Swan grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with a single mother, and JoJo had a strong connection with her mother.

Week 11: Piglet

1.) He said that he “hasn’t always been fortunate in love,” and he divorced Jessica Simpson in public before marrying Vanessa Minnillo. “What’s Left of Me,” one of Nick’s most popular songs, is also about sorrow.

2.) Cluedle-Doo said, “Piglet understands how to keep cool, even in the heat,” a reference to his band 98 Degrees.

3.) One of Piglet’s hint packages was written in the manner of The Bachelor, and Nick presents Love Is Blind, another popular dating programme.

Winner Has Been Unmasked

The winner receives the prestigious Golden Mask Trophy. Season Five’s huge winner was “Piglet,” aka multi-platinum recording artist Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. JoJo, the Grammy-winning vocalist of “Black Swan,” came in second place. The third-place finisher was none other than multi-platinum artist Wiz Khalifa’s “Chameleon.”