Top Boy Season 5 Why Did They Kill Jemie in Top Boy?


Season 4 of Top Boy Contains Spoilers.

If you’ve made it to the end of season four (or two, as Netflix, would have us believe), your heart is probably pounding, your mind is spinning, and you’ve got a lot of questions. Only a second season will be able to answer these questions. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Here’s all you need to know about the fifth season of Top Boy. top boy season 4 trailer, Ashley walters as Dushane

Top Boy Season 5 Premiere Date: When Will It Air?

There’s no word on whether Top Boy will be renewed for a second season just yet, but considering its success and celebrity endorsement (ahem, Drake), we’d expect it will. After all, that tasty cliffhanger (you know the one) needs to be followed up on, or fans will be upset.

Season five might premiere in March 2023, assuming a year-long production schedule, however, there was a two-and-a-half-year gap between seasons three and four, so…ezgif-2-3aab75b0f4-compressed-3025548

Who Will Return for Season 5 of Top Boy?

Araloyin oshunremi, Michael Ward, Hope Ikpoku Jr., Top Boy Season 4

Dushane (Ashley Walter) and Sully (Kane Robinson) made it through another season uninjured… or almost unscathed. We expect them to return because neither of them perished.
Jamie (Michael Ward) is exceedingly unlikely to survive a shot to the head by Sully, so we’re quite sure we’ve seen the last of him.
After getting shot by Jamie, Jamie’s best friend Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) will not be joining the cast for another season.
It appears that best friends are having a difficult time, as Ats (Kenyon Cook), Stef’s best buddy, was found dead midway through season four.

However, We Anticipate the Return of the Following

Shelly is a young woman who has a lot of (Little Simz)

• The Jaqs (Jasmine Jobson)

• Aaron (Aaron) (Hope Ikpoku)

• Steffie (Araloyin Oshunremi)

• Lauryn Hill (Saffron Hocking)

• The Becks (Adwoa Aboa)

• Lizzie is a fictional character (Lis Dawson)

• Ruben is a great guy (Theo Ogundipe)

Pebbles (Erin Kellyman) and Vee (Ava Brennan), who debuted in Season 1, are expected to return.why-did-sully-kill-jamie-1647955987080-8490614

What Does Will happen in Season 5 of Top Boy?

Top Boy season 4 stars Ashley Walton as Dushane and Jasmine Jobson as Jaq.

One thing is certain: someone is going to get a whiff of smoke. Last season, there was far too much betrayal to go around for there to be no penalties.

Sully’s actions are likely to have caused a new schism between him and Dushane. Dushane was intended to retire after handing over the drug reins to Jamie. Now that Sully has scrapped that plan, we’re guessing Dushane isn’t going to take it lying down.

Unless he’s lying down, paralyzed by the dread he’s grown over the course of season four. Dushane’s mental health could be a sticking point in the future, and it will be a different difficulty for him to deal with.

In terms of vengeance, Sully’s exchange with Jamie’s younger brother Stef was telling — a lengthy stare in which Stef’s confusion and disbelief were swapped for Sully’s sadness, a hint of guilt, and perhaps resolution. It’s not a stretch to think that schoolboy Stef and bookworm Aaron (Jamie’s other sibling) would like to settle the score.

It’ll be fascinating to watch what happens now that Aaron is the breadwinner and is in charge of Stef’s guardianship. Will he abandon his academic studies and join Jamie on the streets? Season 5 will be the deciding factor.

Top Boy Season 4’s Saffron Hocking as Lauryn

Jamie’s brothers aren’t the only ones who have been spurned, and Jaq’s sister Lauryn will most likely have to keep an eye on her. You’d think that killing her manipulative, abusive ex-boyfriend Curtis (Howard Charles) would put her out of harm’s way.

Curtis’s sister Vee, on the other hand, makes him appear like a lapdog in comparison. Still, he’s a deranged lapdog. There isn’t a universe where she wouldn’t seek vengeance for the loss of her beloved brother. Lauryn’s newborn kid won’t be the only thing she has to worry about.

Shelly, Dushane’s girlfriend, has at least one skeleton in her closet that we know about, and it’s about to come out. For the time being, she’s been able to cover up her ex-violent boyfriend’s activities by digging up and disposing of the body. However, her blackmailer (who also happens to be the victim’s ex-girlfriend) has the potential to ruin her season by revealing her secret.

There are so many knotted ropes to untangle. Season five, please hurry up. We can’t wait to get started!

When Will the Fifth Season of Top Boy Be Released?

Season four just premiered at the time of writing, so there won’t be a trailer for a while, but we’ll keep you updated!

Why Did Sully Kill Jamie in Season 2 of Top Boy?

Top Boy’s final moments had fans on the edge of their seats, and many were left speechless after one particular death.

Following a squabble with Dushane Hill, Sully murdered Jamie (Ashley Walters).

Sully wanted to put an end to the dispute after Dushane and Sully attempted to reconcile their disagreements.

He ended up shooting Jamie twice because he felt intimidated and lacked faith in him.


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