Disenchantment Season 5 : What We Know So Far About Release Date?


As previously said, Netflix has yet to formally renew the series, but with part four completed, we can certainly expect an announcement in the coming months.

Release Date

Part three will be released in January 2021, and part four will be released in early February 2022, with a year between each run of episodes. If this is any indication, the show will most likely return on 23 June 2023.

Keep an eye on this page for any new information about the release date of Part 5.

Who Will Return in Disenchantment Part 5?

If the program does return, you can count on all of the principal cast members to reprise their roles as their individual characters.


Princess Bean is played by Abbi Jacobson, Luci the Demon is played by Eric André, Nat Faxon is played by Nat Faxon, King Zg is played by John DiMaggio, Queen Dagmar is played by Sharon Horgan, Mora the Mermaid is played by Meredith Hagner, and Queen Oona, Prince Derek, and The Ogre Queen are played by Tress MacNeille.

Matt Berry, who didn’t appear in part four, is expected to return as Prince Merkimer the Pig, while Richard Ayoade is expected to return as Alva Gunderson, the founder of Steamland.Disenchantment Season 5: Release Date & Renewal - OtakuKart

What Does Will happen in Disenchantment Part 5?

Part four of the Disenchantment left us with many more questions than answers, but each unresolved storyline has effectively set the stage for part five.

Part 3 of the Disillusionment

Bean defeated a wicked dream version of herself (by gruesomely decapitating her, no less) in Part 4, only to have her mother Dagmar hurl her into the sea. Fortunately, Bean’s mermaid love interest Mora looks to have saved her yet again. Bean’s relationship with this mystery fish woman, as well as her continuous battle with Dagmar, will be explored in greater depth in Part 5.

We’ll probably discover more about Bean’s newfound abilities, which were hinted at a handful of times in part four. We watched her magically heal her father Zg’s arm by waving her hand over it in one episode, and she learned how to throw lightning from her fingertips like a seasoned Sith Lord in the finale.

This last ability appears to be something she can only perform in her dreams, but we have a feeling she’ll pick it up in the real world as well.

King Zg, on the other hand, finds himself on a journey outside of Dreamland after successfully honking his way out of the mad asylum. After Ursula the bear woman, their lovechild Jasper, his other son Derek, Freckles the talking puppet, and Oval were all caught and placed on display at a Steamland freak show, he’ll most likely be on a mission to rescue them all.

Finally, there’s the enigma surrounding the Elves, Trogs, and Sea Trogs. All three species are actually the same person, and Dreamland was once their magical empire. The Elves were forced to split after the humans took possession, with two tribes being turned into Trogs and Sea Trogs after swallowing the Sacred Goo — a valuable substance that, at some point, will ostensibly grant power to the “Saviour.”

In part five, we expect the mystery to grow even more, possibly revealing the identity of the savior. (It’s Elfo, after all.)

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One thing to keep in mind is that this program appears to have a conclusion in sight, implying that it will not run as long as Groening’s other legendary inventions, The Simpsons and Futurama. So take advantage of it while it lasts!bean-and-jerry-looking-shocked-at-luci-in-disenchantment-2654509

When Can I See the Fifth Installment of Disenchantment?

Relax and take it easy. There isn’t even a trailer for Part 5 because it hasn’t been announced yet.

Netflix normally includes a teaser with the release date announcement, so we won’t have to wait long. A complete trailer is usually released a month before the series premieres.

Meanwhile, continue to drink the Sacred Goo and hope for a savior.


It’s possible that the voice cast for Disenchantment season 5 will be the same as in prior seasons. First and foremost, there’s Abbi Jacobson in the role of Bean. Second, Pendergast and Luci are voiced by Eric André. Finally, John DiMaggio portrays King Zg, while Bonnie Prince Derek and Queen Oona are played by Tress MacNeille.

Nat Faxon provides the voice of Elfo. Oval is played by Maurice LaMarche, Prince Merkimer is played by Matt Berry, and Queen Dagmar is played by Sharon Horgan. In addition, if further plotlines are investigated, more voice actors may be recruited to an already excellent voice cast.


Bean is the main character, a wild, inebriated 19-year-old princess from Dreamland, a mythological realm. Her full name is Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz. Her tenacious demeanor also leads her toward incredible adventures. Her father, her subjects, and her friends are all on her mind.

Luci, Princess Bean’s own evil monster, is another option. Elfo is an 18-year-old half-elf from the mythical realm of Elfwood, whose fondness for sweets and optimism frequently get him in trouble.Disenchantment Season 5: Release Date & Renewal - OtakuKart

Second-Place Characters

King Zg, the king of Dreamland and a member of the Royal House of Grunkwitz, is Bean’s father. He gets bored easily and gets into mischief. He does, however, have noble intentions.

Then there’s Queen Oona, King Zg’s second ex-wife, a strange humanoid monster who looks like a Frok from the fictional country of Dankmire and was forced to marry impoverished Zg as an alliance.

Bonnie The coupling produces Prince Derek, Bean’s half-brother. Then, Prince Merkiker, a native of Bentwood, was supposed to marry Princess Bean but was converted into a pig. Oval is also a prime minister with three eyes.

Finally, Bean’s mother is Queen Dagmar. She attempted to send Bean to the Underworld for debt payment as King Zg’s first wife, displaying how wicked and nasty she is.

Season 4’s Disenchantment’s End is Explained

Following Season 4, fans were looking forward to another exciting and entertaining journey that would leave them wanting more. Finally, the season did not disappoint them. The abrupt end of Disenchantment Season 4 as well as the release date for the fifth season have piqued the interest of fans.

Netflix has officially released Season 4 of the animated fantasy comedy. It’s one of Matt Groening’s and Josh Weinstein’s most accomplished works. Nothing in Dreamland will be the same after those ten episodes, which were broadcast all at once.

Princess Bean resurrected her kingdom and ascended to the throne at the end of the third season, as you may recall.

Take a look at our article, Vikings: Valhalla – What Can We Expect From The Vikings Spin-Off Series, for more information.

Princess Bean is flawless in every way, and she enjoys her friends, especially Elfo, a young elf, and Luci, a demon. Unfortunately, these three were split up in Heaven and Hell in Season 4.

Because Luci was stuck in Heaven with those dreary angels, we were particularly concerned about how he ended up there after death.

Queen Bean reunites with her slightly insane father Zg and her evil mother Queen Dagmar in Season 4. Through the protagonists’ actions, the value of family and how it influences us is emphasized throughout the series.

Bean meets her wicked self from her dreams in the tenth and final episode of the season. Regardless, the evil Bean seeks to force Bean to do something heinous in order for her to reclaim control of her body and return to physical reality.


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