Over The Moon Release Date : Is Over the Moon Based on a True Story?

over the moon

A fantasy story about a young girl who builds her own rocket ship and flies to the moon to cope with the loss of her mother has all the makings of a Disney classic.

This time, though, it is Netflix, not Disney, that is responsible for the heartfelt adventure musical.

China’s Pearl Studios is producing “Over the Moon,” an animated picture set in China about a young girl who flies to space to see the goddess who resides on the moon.

The filmmaker Glen Keane is most likely to blame for “Over the Moon” feeling like a Disney film. Despite being a Disney legend for his animation work on masterpieces like “Aladdin” and “The Little Mermaid,” this marks Keane’s feature directing debut.

John Kahrs, who worked at Pixar and Disney, was in charge of animation on films like “Tangled” and “Frozen.”

Even if there are spurts of aimless psychedelic craziness along the way, the hyperreal CGI animation “Over the Moon” is joyful, visually spectacular, and touching, even if it doesn’t have you singing along as much as “Frozen.”

Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) is a bright little girl who appears to have a relatively ideal upbringing helping her parents bake mooncakes in their shop until tragedy hits and her mother (Ruthie Ann Miles) grows ill and dies.

Over The Moon

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Fei Fei’s father (John Cho) is about to remarry a new woman named Mrs. Zhong (Sandra Oh), who has a boisterous kid named Chin, four years later (Robert G. Chiu).

Fei Fei, frustrated by the new arrivals to the family and missing her mother, intends to build a rocket that will carry her to the moon, where she would meet the mythical moon goddess Change (Phillipa Soo), about whom her mother told her stories.

Fei Fei believes that if she can show that Change is real and true love exists, her father will no longer need to marry a new woman and forget about her beloved mother’s memory.

Despite the fact that successfully building a spacecraft is beyond her talents, Fei Fei, her pet bunny Bungee, and a stowaway make it to Lunaria, a moon kingdom where Change lives as a moon-bound pop star longing after her one true love.

Change is a well-known person in Chinese mythology, to the point where she is the inspiration for China’s lunar exploration program.

Love, loss, and colorful fluorescent rainbows are all on the menu.
The story is wonderful and sweet until Fei Fei and Chin reach the moon, which is beautifully animated.

While Change greets Fei Fei with a concert to rival Lady Gaga’s, and it’s nice to hear Phillipa Soo’s incredible voice, it all feels a little surreal. The lunar surface is a bright rainbow fever dream come true, complete with Miyazaki-esque residents who are eventually revealed to be Chang’e’s sentient teardrops.

Change laments the loss of her Earth-bound true love, who passed away a long time ago. She is immortal and knows how to reclaim him, but Fei Fei must be the one to assist her.

When Fei Fei meets Gobi (Ken Jeong), a supposedly dog-like creature with a dazzling green light, she becomes aimless in her quest to rescue Change and prove the moon goddess is real after her family on Earth mocks her.

However, in the end, the finale recaptures the beginning’s intensity, which is shockingly mature for a film aimed at children. For a film that will have you scratching your head at times, it will also leave you crying when Fei Fei learns to cope with loss and opens her young heart to the love of family.

Over The Moon

Glen Keane Is the Director.

Cathy Ang, Ruthie Ann Miles, John Cho, Sandra Oh, Phillipa Soo, Robert G.

Chiu, and Ken Jeong are among the cast members.

Over the Moon is an animated film that was recently launched on Netflix and has been generating a lot of attention on social media, with fans applauding it. change, a Chinese Goddess, is mentioned in the film, and the plot revolves around her.

Many fans have been curious as to where the animated picture was set and which country the characters belonged to. More information about the subject can be found here.

Where Does Over the Moon Take Place?

China is the setting for Over The Moon. Fei Fei, the protagonist of the film, believes in the existence of the Chinese Goddess of the Moon change. The characters in the film have Chinese names and celebrate the Chinese holiday, as seen in the film.

The film Over The Moon tells the narrative of Fei Fei, a young girl who travels across space to see the goddess of the moon. She wants to show her family that change is real and that she lives on the moon, as her late mother had told her when she was a youngster.

Fei is able to propel herself into space using a rocket she builds after researching the subject, however, the rocket fails to reach the moon.

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Over The Moon’s Cast

  • Young Fei Fei has been voiced by Bryce Taylor Hall, while young Fei Fei has been voiced by Cathy Ang.
  • Chin’s voice has been provided by Robert G Chiu.

    Chin is Fei Fei’s stepbrother, and he travels to the moon alongside her.

  • Phillipa Soo, who plays Change in the film, has provided her voice to the character.
    Other notable characters include Ken Jeong as the Gobi.
  • Ruthie Ann Miles as Ma-Ma, Fei Fei’s late mother, and John Ho as Ba Ba, Fei Fei’s father.
    Margaret Cho plays Fei Fei’s aunt, Auntie Ling.
  • Mrs. Zhong, Ba Ba’s new fiancée and Fei Fei’s stepmother Sandra Oh as Auntie Mei, one of Fei Fei’s aunts Kimiko Glenn as Auntie Mei, one of Fei Fei’s aunts

Over The Moon

The Cast of Over the Moon

Over The Moon is a Netflix original animated film that has gotten a lot of discussion on social media. Glen Keane directed the picture, which was co-directed by John Kahrs. Netflix has the movie available to view.

Also available in October 2020 on Disney Plus: Is There Anything New On Disney Plus Hotstar?

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Images Courtesy of Netflix and Instagram.

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Over The Moon Release Date

It’s worth mentioning, though, that production is expected to begin in 2020. It’s always possible that Studio Seven Arcs has already begun work on the anime before season 2 is announced. In that situation, we can anticipate the release of Season 2 on 13 August  2022. Season 2 is set to premiere in 2023 if not sooner.

Is Over the Moon Based on a True Story?

The film is based on the Chinese tale of Change, a mysterious goddess who mistakenly flew away from her true love to live on the Moon after drinking a magical elixir. Fei Fei, the film’s main heroine, is 12 years old when her mother tells her this beautiful story.


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