Top Boy Season 4 Release Date: Is There Gonna Be a Top Boy Season 4?


When Will the Fourth Season of Top Boy Be Released on Netflix?

Between the third and fourth seasons, there was a significant gap. Many fans may complain that it has been too long, but there isn’t much time left. On Friday, March 18, Season 4 will be available on Netflix.

When we last saw Jamie, he’d been framed for gun ownership by Dushane and betrayed by a close family friend, Ats, who planted the gun. On the streets, actions have consequences, so many people will be interested to see what happens next for Ats and if it means the end of his friendship with best pal Stef (who also happens to be Jamie’s brother).

When Top Boy’s third season was first revealed, news sites claimed that the show will return for two further seasons, which means we’ve known about season four for quite some time.

We had to wait two years between the announcement in 2017 and the premiere of season three, but we expected season four to arrive sooner – that is, until the TV industry’s 2020 delays occurred.

Top Boy Season 4

Drake announced at the start of the year that fresh episodes would be released later in 2020, and Netflix agreed a month or so later. Production was set to begin in the spring of that year, but because of the pandemic, it was halted.

In December 2020, it was revealed that filming has resumed in London. Ashley Walters and Kano broke the announcement in a video clip released on Netflix’s official Twitter account: “Obviously, we’re filming Top Boy.” We provided it to you because you begged for it. Season two is now complete. Netflix. Let’s get started.”

This is Twitter content that has been imported. You might be able to find the same information in a different format, or more information, on their website.

Walters told NME’s Friends Like These, “It’s going nicely.” “The scripts are excellent and well-written. We’re approaching it from a different angle this time since I’m executive producing it, so I’m a lot more involved creatively and script-wise.”

He also discussed how the pandemic has impacted production: “We’ve lost so many sites because of COVID, so we’re simply moving with what we can.” We’re working on [episode] six one day, then one, then three the next.

“It’s been difficult, but everyone listening or watching can rest confident that we’ve produced another banger for you.” “It’s going to be fantastic.”

Top Boy Season 4

What Is the Plot of Top Boy Season 4?

You’re not alone if you appreciated Season 3; Top Boy’s showrunner Ronan Bennett did as well. “Sometimes you write something for film and it simply doesn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped, even though all of the individual bits are fantastic, but when they’re all put together, they just don’t work.” “This is unique,” he said to Metro. “I truly believe the new season is fantastic. We’re not content to rest on our laurels.”

So, for season four, we can expect more of the same, with enough new twists and shocks to keep things intriguing.

For one thing, we need to know what happened to Dris when we heard a gunshot at the end of season three. Many fans believe the character, who has been on the show since 2011, is still alive, with some even speculating that he wasn’t shot at all.

Then there’s Tilly, whose fate on the program has yet to be determined. We do know she’s alive, which means there’s a chance she’ll come back. We’d expect Jamie to seek redemption now that he’s been advised not to return (and if he accepts Dushane’s offer and gets out of prison).

Another, more subtle, the twist came in the appearance of presumed junkies Lee and Sarah in the season three finale. They spent a lot of time bumbling around the estate, but it’s clearly clear that they’re police officers.

We expect this to play a huge role in season four, especially since Top Boy’s official social media accounts teased the announcement (just in case you missed it on-screen).

“I remember being at the keyboard, working through after the fire in which Sully barely escapes with his life and his friend gets killed, and I was kind of typing away and I put my hand to my face in the way that we’re told not to in these COVID times and I remember smelling charcoal on my fingers and thinking about that and just going with that idea,” Bennett said (via Radio Times).

“‘If you can smell it when you sleep, it’s not real,’ Dushane explains. It may not be true to Dushane, but it is very real to Sully, and I believe it helped us move over the concept of someone who was quick-tempered and eager to use his fists in seasons one and two.”

“Certainly, we’ll take that a step further in the next season,” he added.

Given that this is the second season on Netflix, it’s possible Bennett drew inspiration from the original second season and went darker. That is, assuming he recalls it!

Top Boy Season 4

“Season 1 aired four nights in a row, and the reviews were phenomenal,” the showrunner told Dazed. “Channel 4 had a really good audience, and the demographic was young and diverse.” Broadcasters are on the hunt for that audience. Nobody under the age of 30 watches lives television anymore, but they used to. There was a lot of enthusiasm and chatter surrounding it.”

“It was a question of how to develop the world and bring the characters along in season two.” I have to admit that, given all that was going on in my life at the time, I don’t recall much about that season. To be honest, it’s all a fog to me right now.

“One thing I’m very aware of is that the second season’s conclusion is quite brutal. Seasons one and three have a greater sense of hope. It worked dramatically for storytelling because of where I was at the time for season two, but it was a difficult thing to ask the audience to do. I suppose you write whatever comes to mind and heart at the time.”

Whatever happens, anticipate the first three seasons’ high standards to be maintained. This is a show that the cast is quite proud of.

“This tale could be told in so many different ways,” Ward told Wonderland, “but the ability to truly share our story and the stories of those around us is what’s important.”

“True stories are frequently the most strange thoughts and ideas that you see on TV or in movies,” Walters added. “[The] most thrilling, glamorized [tales] are frequently the nonsense… Transferring actual stories to the screen is one of the most difficult tasks, and I believe Top Boy excels at it more than most other series or films in its category.”

Ward interjected, “Well, not most of them, but all of them.”

“I didn’t want to be so cruel […]” You knocked it down, baby!” I set it up, and you knocked it down! Walters burst up laughing.

Who Will Appear in Top Boy Season 4?

As season three’s huge cliffhanger centers around them, Ashley Walters (Dushane), Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson (Sully), and Micheal Ward (Jamie) will all be back. Simbi ‘Little Simz’ Ajikawo (Shelley) will also be back since she was sighted filming on the East London site earlier this year.

Top Boy Season 4

Jasmine Jobson (Jaq), Ashley Thomas (Jermaine), David ‘Dave’ Omoregie (Modie), Kadeem Ramsay (Kit), Lisa Dwan (Lizzie), and Saffron Hocking (Lauryn) are all expected to return as well.

In July of last year, a number of members of the cast, including Micheal Ward and Jasmine Jobson, as well as Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jnr, and Kadeem Ramsay, and Alexander Blake, shared an Instagram reunion (aka Blakie). It wasn’t apparent whether this get-together had anything to do with the forthcoming season or was simply a “family” get-together.

Fans have also been speculating if Drake will make an appearance at any time.

After essentially saving the series, the rapper-turned-executive producer deserves a cameo.

Walters previously stated, “It was posted on Netflix after it was canceled, a couple of years later, and we started to get a lot of interest Stateside.”

“And then Drake watched it, which was strange, and we awoke one day to all this press around it [as] he’d posted,” says the source.

“He had a photo of me and asked, ‘When is the program going to come back?’ When I told him it had been canceled, he remarked, “Well, we’ll see about that.” After approximately a year and a half, he returned to the table with a deal, and that was the end of it; we continued from there.”

“He came back for the read-through and was in and out of London while we were shooting,” says the director. But his entire point was that he was a show fan first and foremost, and he simply wanted us to do what we did before. He didn’t want to be in charge of too much creativity.”

When Will the Fourth Season of Top Boy Be Released?

When will the trailer be available? Now is the time to freak out! And we’re in desperate need of answers to some of the concerns it’s raised.

Because Jamie and Dushane are seated across from each other, it’s likely that Jamie took up Dushane’s offer (working for him in exchange for submitting evidence that would have him freed from jail). Things can’t possibly be that simple. Is Jamie really that understanding?

Sully cautions Jamie, “Dushane, don’t speak for me, you look at me wrong, you’re done,” and says, “Don’t speak for me, you look at me incorrectly, you’re done.”

His statements also imply that the two brothers from a different mothers have become more enmity. Their friendship was strained when we last saw them in season three. Now it appears they haven’t fully put the puzzle together, and the acrimonious exchange between them supports that assumption.

Dushane, on the other hand, has more immediate concerns. The cops are on his tail, accumulating evidence that could lead to his permanent incarceration.

The tagline teases, “Loyalty before everything,” echoing Dushane’s comments, “family is everything,” but what difficulties and tribulations are on the way to putting that attitude to the test?

The teaser is full of hints and pretty much indicates that more turmoil is on the road, as we would expect.


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