Chapter 329 of Black Clover: Release Date and Time, What to Assume, and Much more

Chapter 329 of Black Clover: Release Date and Time, What to Assume, and Much more

Fans have been waiting for Black Clover chapter 329 to clear up the uncertainty after Asta and Liebe controversially defeated Lucifero. Following Asta’s newfound strength, several fan ideas have surfaced.

The fact that the final chapter was a standard length pleased fans, but the subject had split them. Many people thought Lucifero’s loss was a ruse, while others complained about Tabata’s writing. Here’s what to look forward to in Chapter 329.

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Black Clover chapter 329 will be officially released on Sunday, April 10 at the following international times, according to Viz and Manga Plus.

Pacific Daylight Time: 8 AM

Central Daylight Time: 10 AMEastern Daylight Time: 11 AMB

ritish Summer Time: 4 PM

Central European Summer Time: 5 PM

Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM

Philippine Time: 11:00 PM

Australian Central Daylight Time: 01:30 AM, April 11

Black Clover chapter 329 can be read for free on Manga Plus and Viz and on the official Shonen Jump App.

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Recap Of Chapter 328

“Always” is the title of Black Clover chapter 328. Licita was shown in a flashback talking to Liebe about her kid, whom she had to send away to prevent her magic from depleting his mana. Despite never meeting or knowing her son, Licita regrets that she would not be a good mother to him.

Asta is currently putting the last five minutes of his True Devil Union to good use by continuously hacking at Lucifero. The King of Devils recognised Asta as Licita’s son after he severed Lucifero’s hands.

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Asta, on the other hand, reacted by chopping Lucifero in half, including his heart. As Lucifero fell, Asta and Liebe split up and decided that they would live and be happy no matter what.