After Jenna Dewan’s Divorce, Channing Tatum Was ‘Doubly Afraid’ Of Becoming A’Single Dad.’


Following his divorce from Jenna Dewan in 2018, Channing Tatum is speaking up about his attitude to fatherhood.

Tatum revealed to being concerned about how the breakup might damage his connection with his then five-year-old daughter, Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum, during a recent interview with his 21 Jump Street costar Jonah Hill for the cover story of VMAN.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he told Hill, “I knew that I enjoyed to act and play make believe and magical things, but I just didn’t know whether I was going to be able to meet her on her level, especially now that I’m a single dad.”

“I was terrified twice over. Was I going to be able to accomplish anything that a mother is supposed to do? That a mother can relate to her as a woman?”

After Jenna Dewan's Divorce, Channing Tatum Was 'Doubly Afraid' Of Becoming A'Single Dad.'

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In the end, he discovered that the solution to his inquiry was pretty straightforward. “As the voyage progressed, I realised that all I had to do was enter her world and do whatever she wanted to do,” he explained.

In 2013, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan welcomed their daughter, and five years later, they split. The One and Only Sparkella, a children’s book about an energetic young girl and her father as he promotes her journey toward self-acceptance and love, was released in May 2021. In honour of Father’s Day in June 2021, he posted the first image of her face on his Instagram.

Here’s the Instagram Pic by channingtatum

“You are everything, my littles!” Channing Tatum wrote, “You are my universe and my heart.” “You were looking at the full moon in this photo and telling me about the full moon mermaid’s prophecy, and then we raced into the water and looked for her, screaming out to the mermaids with glow sticks in the night water.” You claimed to have touched a mermaid with a bald head and seen a tail. I hope you chuckle when you read this one day. We have a good time, hehehe.”

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Divorce and co-parenting is never easy, and it takes years of learning and growing to get it right. This is especially true in the case of Hollywood divorces, which have become very public affairs. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum, on the other hand, appeared to have reached a point of mutual respect and understanding.

After Jenna Dewan's Divorce, Channing Tatum Was 'Doubly Afraid' Of Becoming A'Single Dad.'

That was until the release of a recent interview. Dewan appeared to clap back at the coverage after her statements were picked up by the media. And now the actress has spoken up about her thoughts for her ex-husband.

Jenna Dewan’s speech was a robust defence of her and her ex-actions. husband’s She delivered an open and honest account of what it’s like to live, love, and raise a child with another Hollywood celebrity. To put things in perspective, when their daughter was born, Dewan and Channing Tatum’s careers were on fire.

They were balancing the rigours of Hollywood while raising a child and nurturing a marriage. She was speaking about a serious topic, but she thought her remarks were being twisted for the sake of making headlines. At the same time, the ex-couple appeared to prioritise their daughter over all the rumours.

Dewan’s Twitter post followed her appearance on the Dear Gabby(opens in new tab) podcast. She told the host that due to filming commitments, her ex couldn’t be with her as much throughout the last trimester of her pregnancy.

After Jenna Dewan's Divorce, Channing Tatum Was 'Doubly Afraid' Of Becoming A'Single Dad.'

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Jenna Dewan also discussed returning to work in Vancouver after the birth of their baby. As Channing Tatum remained in London, she appeared to be suffering from postpartum difficulties. She also said that just being a mother brought out all of her insecurities. But this isn’t the first time Dewan has spoken openly about her ex-husband.

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