Nosferatu 2022 Release Date: Are They Remaking Nosferatu?



was attached to Robert Eggers’ remake of “Nosferatu” for a short time before dropping out due to schedule issues. The casting walkout was first reported by The New Yorker.

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A spokeswoman for Styles verified the news when contacted by Variety. “Nosferatu” would have paired the Grammy winner and “Dunkirk” actor with Anya Taylor-Joy if Styles hadn’t dropped out.

Variety originally reported in 2017 that director Robert Eggers of “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” was working on his own “Nosferatu” film starring Taylor-Joy, who worked with Eggers on their breakout indie “The Witch.” “The Northman,” directed by Dave Eggers and starring Taylor-Joy, will be released in theatres on April 22.

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COVID postponed production on “The Northman” until 2020, which explains why the director’s “Nosferatu” plans have remained open-ended. Eggers stated earlier this year that he and Taylor-Joy are still in talks to make the film, which will be a remake of F.

W. Murnau’s legendary 1922 vampire film.

Eggers has always considered Murnau’s “Nosferatu” to be one of his favorite films. “It was an indie horror in its day, a touch rough around the edges, yet it’s one of the greatest and most disturbing pictures ever created,” the filmmaker once told Shudder.

The freshly restored color-tinted copies are stunning, but I still like the crappy black-and-white versions constructed from 16mm print scraps. Those filthy versions have an odd aura about them, and they contributed to the legend of Max Shreck being a true vampire.”

Styles’ filmography already includes Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” Chloe Zhao’s “Eternals” (in which he appeared in the post-credits sequence, paving the way for future appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” with Florence Pugh, and Michael Grandage’s upcoming “My Policeman”).

Nosferatu 2022

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Release Date

In the latter film, Styles stars alongside “The Crown” breakout Emma Corrin as a gay police officer in the 1950s. The drama is set to premiere this fall and is based on Bethan Roberts’ novel.

Styles will release his third solo album before “My Policeman.” Earlier this month, the musician stated that “Harry’s House” will be released on May 20.

Styles’ self-titled debut from 2017 and his critically acclaimed 2019 follow-up “Fine Line,” which won him a Grammy for pop solo performance for the tune “Watermelon Sugar.” “As It Was,” the first song from “Harry’s House,” will be released on April 22, 2022.


Six years ago, filmmaker Robert Eggers published his debut film The Witch, which garnered a positive response, prompting speculation that the industry newbie might take on a remake of the “original Dracula” film, Nosferatu.

While it’s understandable for a young filmmaker to want to create a reputation for themselves by remaking a well-known picture, that was not the case with Eggers, who was immediately enamored with the film and the concept of bringing it to life in a fresh way.

Despite the fact that Anya Taylor-Joy, star of The Witch, was in talks to star at one point, there has been no further word about the project. It appears that this has been the case until now.

The Los Angeles Times included Anya Taylor-Joy in a profile story, and among her other prospective assignments was a mention of Nosferatu and the possibility that production could begin late next year.

The actress is in high demand right now, with filming about to begin on the black comedy The Menu, followed by the Mad Max feature Furiosa, which will shoot in Australia in early 2022.

Nosferatu 2022

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Following that is the thriller Laughter in the Dark, and finally, Nosferatu, which, while it does not have a specific start date, based on the general timeframe of movie shoots, will most likely not be before the end of 2022, but it does give the first indication that if she has committed schedule time to the film, it will happen.

Robert Eggers remarked in a recent interview with Den of Geek, “The problem is that I don’t want to utilize titles because I used all of them the last time. And, while Saint Guillermo del Toro does it all the time and no one seems to mind, I don’t care because I’m working on another film. I hope it happens, but I won’t know if it’ll be the next one until I’m on set, yelling ‘action,’ you know?”

While you could be forgiven for assuming that this is simply a case of a director making a good horror film and then being asked to help cash in on an older classic, that does not appear to be the case in this case, since Eggers has a lengthy history with the unauthorized Dracula film.

The director put on a theatre version of the play in high school that was so wonderfully put together that he was invited to construct a professional version. His adaptation of Nosferatu for the big screen will be his third time working on a project based on the silent film, so you can bet it’ll be in good hands.

Despite being the subject of lawsuits from the Stoker estate, one of which resulted in an order for all copies of the film to be destroyed – although thankfully, a few surviving prints are the reason the film is still around today – the original Nosferatu was released in 1922 and has gone on to be an influence in many forms of media including movies, TV, and even the music video for Queen’s Under Pressure.

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Cast And Crew Of “Nosferatu

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a movie fan is having to cope with fantastic casting choices that never come to fruition. There have been many excellent ones in the past, and there will be many more in the future.

Today, I’m particularly depressed at the news that Harry Styles, the star of “Dunkirk” and a former member of One Direction, was set to star alongside Ana Taylor-Joy in Robert Eggers’ remake of “Nosferatu,” but eventually dropped out. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it, to be honest.

Nosferatu 2022

According to a New Yorker profile, Eggers was supposed to be in Prague at the time of the interview, when he was set to begin preproduction on his remake of “Nosferatu.

” Taylor-Joy — who perhaps had her breakout role in Eggers’ 2013 film “The Witch” — and Styles were meant to star in his reinvented version of F. W. Murnau’s silent vampire picture from 1922.

Styles, on the other hand, had to cancel at the last minute owing to scheduling conflicts.

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Jarin Blaschke, the film’s cinematographer, had already registered his daughter in school in Prague because it was so last-minute.

Styles and Eggers were photographed by paparazzi in June 2021, but due to the director’s unassuming “poster boy for a Bushwick hipster” look, as he describes in the profile, it appears that relatively few people noticed Styles and Eggers wandering around London.

It’s unknown exactly what part the singer would’ve played in the film, but it appears that he would’ve played Ellen Hutter’s husband, Thomas, opposite Taylor-Joy.

Eggers co-directed an original stage adaptation of the 1922 pictures in high school, according to the New Yorker feature. Eggers’ younger twin brothers, Max and Sam, portrayed immobile gargoyles and were even painted grey in his remake, demonstrating his respect for the original film.

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