What Is Russell Wilson’s Net Worth? Early Life, Career and More

russell wilson net worth

Although the Seattle Seahawks’ poor throwing this season has spurred trade rumors, Russell Wilson, the team’s star quarterback, will have an impressive net worth in 2021 despite his stellar play during the last decade in the NFL.

What Is Known About Russell Wilson’s Early Life?

When Wilson was a little boy his family moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he was raised by his grandparents. His mother is Tammy Wilson (née Turner), a nursing director, and his father is Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, a lawyer. Harrison IV, his older brother, and Anna, his younger sister, complete his immediate family. In sixth grade, Wilson made his debut with the Tuckahoe Tomahawks youth football club, where he played alongside his father and brother.

After the American Civil War, Wilson’s great-great-grandfather was a slave owned by a Confederate colonel.

A former president of Norfolk State University and a former basketball and football player at Kentucky State, Harrison B. Wilson Jr. was Wilson’s paternal grandfather. His maternal grandmother was a faculty member at Jackson State University.

Artist A. B. Jackson was Wilson’s paternal grandfather. Wilson is 62% African, 36% European, 1% West Asian, and 1% Central Asian, according to DNA admixture study. It has been established that his European ancestry may be traced back to Saint Arnulf of Metz via Charlemagne in 524 A.D.

russell wilson net worth

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How Did Russell Wilson’s Career Take Off?

Russell Wilson’s father, a former wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers preseason team in 1980, was a major impact on Wilson’s athleticism, since he played soccer and baseball and was a wide receiver for a preseason team in 1980. His brother also played soccer and baseball, while his sister is a basketball player.

For four years he played collegiate soccer for North Carolina State University and the University of Wisconsin, racking up 109 air scores, 11,720 air yards, 1,427 ground yards, and 23 ground touchdowns in his final year of schooling.

Wilson was taken by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft as the 75th overall pick after garnering multiple accolades during his college career.

Wilson’s career culminated in the 43-8 rout of the AFC champion Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, which he won in his tenth season with the Seahawks.

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What Is Russell Wilson’s Estimated 2021 Net Worth?

Wilson has raked in nearly $181.3 million over the course of his 10-year NFL career, according to Spotrac.

On top of that, Wilson will have a net worth of $135 million in 2021 after signing a four-year, $140 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks in 2019.

Russell Wilson is one of America’s most well-known and well-off individuals. His prowess on the gridiron has earned him a spot in the NFL. He has also had some success in baseball, which he used to play.

As a result of his career, Russell Wilson has accrued a sizable fortune. Many businesses and companies have sought to work with him because of his fame and endorsements. Russell Wilson has accumulated a net worth of $135 million through his many endeavors.

In the United States, Russell Wilson is a household name, and he has a large number of real estate holdings. He owns a magnificent mansion in Seattle, as well as another in In addition, he has a home in Cincinnati, Ohio, the city in where he was born. Wilson is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle, which is evident in his opulent homes.

It’s no secret that Russell Wilson has a great deal of interest in automobiles. The list of his automobiles is long and impressive. Russell Wilson drives about town in a swanky collection of automobiles.

russell wilson net worth

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is Russell Wilson’s net worth?

Russell Wilson has an estimated $135 million in wealth.

Russell Wilson is what age?

Russell Wilson, who is currently 33 years old, is a professional basketball player (28 November 1988).

Russell Wilson’s Wage and Benefits

Russell Wilson’s annual salary is estimated to be $10 million or more.

What is Russell Wilson’s Height?

Russell Wilson’s height is 1.80 m.

What is Russell Wilson’s wife’s name?

Ciara Wilson, Russell Wilson’s wife, has been his since 2016.