When Will Tekken 8 Be Announced? What We Know About It

tekken 8

Tekken 7’s producers will have to decide which of the game’s 51 playable characters will not be featured in the game’s upcoming sequel, which is highly likely given the game’s current state of development.

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At launch, there were a total of 36 base characters available, with an extra 15 characters available through downloadable content. Players have a plethora of options when it comes to their playstyle because there are so many characters to pick from.

Tekken games, on the other hand, have a propensity to shrink their rosters as they get closer to releasing new titles in the series. A few characters should not be featured in the cast of characters when Tekken 8 is published, according to the game’s developers.

tekken 8


It is worth noting that 26 characters on the base roster are returners, bringing the overall number of returning characters to a total of 36. Out of the full list of 26 characters, only Heihachi has a chance of being absent from Tekken 8.

After all, Heichachi is slain by Kazuya at the conclusion of Tekken 7 during his confrontation with the character. In any case, it would be strange to remove a long-time fan favourite from the series, even though he is canonically deceased, because doing so would be a break from the series’ tradition.

Despite the fact that they have purchased DLC or season passes, a vast number of characters, many of whom look to be deceased, have never returned to Tekken 7. As an illustration, in Tekken 2, Jin Kazama is certain that his mother, Jun, was murdered by Ogre, despite the evidence to the contrary. In spite of the fact that her official status is currently in doubt, Jun hasn’t made an appearance since Tekken 2.

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Although Kazumi Mishima was killed by Heihachi some years prior to the events of the game, he appears in Tekken 7 as a playable character. While leaving Heihachi out of the picture appears to be a miscalculation, it’s plausible that he’s on his way out as a result of the choice.

The Tier List in Tekken 7 Season 4 Has Changed Significantly Since the First Season.

While Heihachi’s future is uncertain as a result of the finale of Tekken 7, the ten newcomers include a few characters who, in retrospect, shouldn’t have been included. Master Raven and Shaheen are two of the most well-known of these characters. For begin, Shaheen is a character who has been underdeveloped throughout the novel.

Online gaming rating websites such as Esports.gg, which publishes Tekken 7 Esports ranking lists, consistently position him in the D to C division. While there are worse characters than Shaheen on those lists, many of them are legacy characters such as Kuma/Panda, who are generally regarded as low-tier characters in general, rather than new ones. Characters who are not popular with the audience are regularly eliminated from the show’s cast as a result of their poor performance.

tekken 8

Many video game characters, including Shaheen, have been modified for use in Tekken 7, and she could be among those who do so. It is the case with Master Raven that she has risen to the level of a fan favourite in Raven as the female equivalent to the original character. Having both characters on screen at the same time would be amazing if they were able to remain together throughout the filming process. The original Ravens is difficult to topple, even if Bandi Namco is only interested in one of them.

It Should Be Noted That Several of the Characters From Tekken 7’s Dlc Should Not Be Included in the Tekken 8 Roster for Obvious Reasons.

Some of the characters who made an appearance in Tekken 7 included Geese, Noctis, Negan, and Akuma. This isn’t surprising considering that Noctis and Negan are characters from out-of-date video games who make appearances in Final Fantasy 15 and The Walking Dead, respectively.

The return of these characters would be disappointing because those roles could potentially be filled by newer characters who would be more appealing to the audience. In contrast, it may be worthwhile to maintain the geese and Akuma in the area for a long period of time. Included in Tekken 8 are the villains from Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, which might help the game attract more gamers. Additionally, the game would benefit from teasing both Geese and Akuma in promotional trailers, as they did in the past.

Tekken 7 allows you to utilise Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 as is, rather than modifying her appearance. This is because there are two additional mission spaces available. Overall, it would be a letdown if Noctis and Negan were to return to the series in any capacity.


Lidia, Leroy, and Fahkumram look to be lock-and-load possibilities among the several DLC characters, including fan favourites such as Kunimitsu and newcomers such as Lidia, Leroy, and Fahkumram. Out of the DLC characters, only Zafina and Ganryu have a chance of making it into Tekken 8. Despite the fact that he hasn’t appeared in a mainline game since Tekken 2, Ganryu has appeared as DLC in Tekken 5 and other games after then.

tekken 8

Regardless of whether or not fans like him, Ganryu appears to be a Bandi Namco mainstay when it comes to DLC and expansions. Ganryu, on the other hand, is a weak character who, if he makes his debut in Tekken 8, should be drastically revamped and improved.

In an Nutshell

Kunimistu and other Tekken characters made a triumphant return in Tekken 7 after a long absence, and they were much more powerful than before. Zafina is one of the most strong characters in Tekken 7, yet her move set has changed drastically since the game’s predecessor, Tekken 6.

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Despite the fact that she is quite powerful, she may need to be promoted to the main roster, if not completely eliminated, due to her lack of consistency in her character. Players will not pay for a DLC character who, in their later appearance, may be significantly poorer than the original.