Dumbledore: the Fantastic Character in Harry Potter Movie


Dumbledore was one of Rowling’s favourite characters to write because he “is the pinnacle of goodness,” she remarked.
She claims that because Dumbledore “knows pretty much everything” about the Harry Potter universe, he speaks for her.

Dumbledore expresses sorrow, according to Rowling “that he has always had to be the one who knew everything, and who bore the responsibility of knowing everything. And he’d prefer not to know.”  As a mentor to Harry Potter’s main character, “Dumbledore is a wise man who recognises that Harry will need to learn a few harsh lessons in order to be prepared for what lies ahead in his life.

He lets Harry to do things he wouldn’t allow another student to accomplish, and he also forces Harry to confront things he’d rather shield him from.” Rowling described Dumbledore as “more of a John Gielgud type, you know, pretty ancient and – and quite stately” in a 1999 interview.

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Dumbledore was a member of Gryffindor House throughout his time as a student.  In an interview, Rowling stated that Dumbledore was around 150 years old.  However, she claims on her website that Dumbledore was born in 1881, making him 115 or 116 years old when he died.

A little admirer questioned Rowling on October 19, 2007, if Dumbledore finds “true love.” Dumbledore had fallen in love with the corrupt wizard Gellert Grindelwald, which was Dumbledore’s “great sorrow,” according to Rowling, who did not specifically indicate whether Grindelwald returned his sentiments.

Rowling clarifies this by commenting on Dumbledore’s reasoning for flirting with the idea of wizard dominance over Muggles: “When he fell in love, he completely lost his moral compass, and I believe that as a result of his distrust of his own judgement in those issues, he became rather asexual. He lived a bookish and celibate life.”


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The Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

Dumbledore arrives to number four, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey, in the first chapter of the first novel in the series. When Lord Voldemort, the evil wizard, kills Harry’s parents before being reduced to a lesser form, Dumbledore decides to place the orphaned Harry in the Dursleys’ house.


Harry will be protected by the particular power created by his mother’s sacrifice, he knows. With Harry’s aunt, Petunia Evans Dursley, accepting her nephew into their house, he argues that they are the only family he has left.

Voldemort is unable to touch Harry due to the old magic of binding love. Dumbledore leaves Harry with a letter describing the situation on the Dursleys’ doorstep. “Good luck, Harry,” he says before walking away.

Dumbledore tells Harry about the secrets of the Mirror of Erised when he arrives at Hogwarts, claiming that when he looks into it, he sees himself “holding a pair of thick, woollen socks.”

 In the final book, Harry reflects on how this was perhaps the one dishonest answer Dumbledore ever given him. He’s also responsible for enchanting the Mirror in such a way that it hides the Philosopher’s Stone and only those who stare into it with the desire to “discover the Stone… but not utilise it” can see it.

Because of the Mirror’s specific enchantment, only the proper individual would be able to view themselves utilising the Stone. On the night that Harry, his classmates Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and Hogwarts professor Quirinius Quirrell enter the dungeons to retrieve the Stone, he is summoned to the Ministry of Magic by a false message, but realises during the journey that he is needed at Hogwarts and returns in time to save Harry from Quirrell and Voldemort.

After the events in the dungeons, he also has a final conversation with Harry, telling him that he is too young to understand why Voldemort is attempting to murder him.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Is a Fantasy Novel Written by J.k. Rowling.

A younger Dumbledore appears in a sequence of flashbacks in the second volume, as witnessed by Harry in a diary once possessed by Tom Riddle, Hogwarts’ most accomplished pupil – and the future Lord Voldemort. Harry sees Riddle’s recollection of Dumbledore confronting him about a series of attacks on Muggle-born students in the journal.

At the present, following attacks by a basilisk in the school when the Chamber of Secrets is uncovered, Lucius Malfoy forces the other 11 governors to suspend Dumbledore as Headmaster. When the governors find that Ginny Weasley was taken into the Chamber of Secrets, and Lucius is discovered to have pressured the other governors into suspending him, Dumbledore is reinstated.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Is a Book About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Dumbledore is compelled to welcome Dementors onto his school grounds at the start of the third volume in order to safeguard his students from Sirius Black, a suspected murderer and accessory to murder who had escaped from Azkaban.

Following Black’s breach of Hogwarts, Dumbledore issues orders to close all of the school’s and grounds’ entrances. Dumbledore becomes unexpectedly enraged with the Dementors after Harry falls off his broomstick during a Quidditch match, and uses his wand to help Harry to levitate safely to the ground.

Dumbledore later advises that Hermione use her Ministry-approved Time-Turner to travel back three hours and spare Buckbeak the hippogriff and Black from their unjust murders.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Is a Fantasy Novel Written by J.k. Rowling.

Dumbledore initiates the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth novel. Throughout the competition, he also serves as a judge. When Harry’s name appears in the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore remains cool, just asking Harry if he submitted his name himself or had asked an older student to do so (although in the film version he does get angry to the point of manhandling Harry).

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He trusts Harry when he says no. Dumbledore’s worries are confirmed towards the conclusion of the book, when Harry returns from his battle with Voldemort clutching the body of Cedric Diggory, and Mad-Eye Moody (impersonated by Barty Crouch Jr via Polyjuice Potion) whisks Harry away from Dumbledore and to his office inside the castle.

Dumbledore becomes suspicious right once and rushes to Moody’s office with Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape in order to save Harry and question Crouch. Dumbledore then listens to Harry’s eyewitness account of Voldemort’s reappearance.

Harry, on the other hand, only wakes up later to find Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge fighting with McGonagall and Dumbledore in the hospital wing about the issue of Voldemort’s return and the ramifications that would follow if Fudge continued to deny it.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Is a Fantasy Novel Written by J.k. Rowling.

Due to his speeches regarding the return of Voldemort, Dumbledore is demoted from Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, voted out of the Chairmanship of the International Confederation of Wizards, and almost stripped of his Order of Merlin First Class in the fifth book, though it is reported that he is unconcerned as long as he is not removed from the Chocolate Frog cards.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Magic makes every effort to undermine him and Harry, primarily through the Daily Prophet. Dumbledore enrages Fudge at the start of the book when he shows up to Harry’s hearing with a witness (Arabella Figg) to ensure that he is not expelled. While Harry feels better when Dumbledore helps him, he grows irritated when the headmaster refuses to speak to him or even look at him.