Selling Sunset Season 5: Upcoming Twists, Release Date, Trailer And Cast

Selling Sunset Season 5

Netflix will release Selling Sunset season five on April 22, 2022, and it couldn’t arrive fast enough. When the season four finale aired in November 2021, the first peek at season five was shown, so we knew it was coming.

Then in December 2021, they released a spin-off series called Selling Tampa that has kept us occupied since then.

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Allure Realty, an all-female, all-black real estate company led by sharpshooting military veteran Sharelle Rosado, is the center of Selling Tampa.

In spite of the fact that everyone appeared to get along, it rapidly became evident that numerous people within the organization were vying for the top spot, with rumors that one of the stars might launch a rival company.

When you throw in a surprise pregnancy, it’s hard not to compare it to Sunset!

What’s Going to Happen In Selling Sunset Season 5?

We know that Chrishell Stause and boss Jason Oppenheim‘s connection will ultimately be made public in the upcoming season of this reality show.

By sharing images from their vacation to Capri with Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet and Jason’s twin brother Brett, Chrishell and Jason made their romance public in July 2021.

They’ll all go on vacation to Greece as soon as they hear the news, with Amanza Smith and Heather Rae El Moussa both stating it’s “crazy” to them.
In response to the criticism, Chrishell says “We’re not criminals, we didn’t do anything wrong,” before kissing her boyfriend.

To now, it’s not clear if fans will see their romance blossom and then fizzle out in the same batch of episodes that season five ended in December 2021.

Maya Vander, who announced her third pregnancy in season four, revealed in December that her baby was stillborn. While pregnant, she will continue to be seen in the next episodes. Maya’s story may be cut entirely to avoid her from becoming even sadder over her loss, so it’s unclear how the team plans to deal with it.

Selling Sunset Season 5

Heather’s wedding to Tarek El Moussa in October is also likely to be removed from the next episodes due to recording agreements with competitor shows.

Tarek and Heather: The Big I Do, a Discovery+ special on the couple’s wedding preparations, followed the couple as they prepared to wed at the Santa Barbara vineyard Paradise Springs.
Initially, they had no intention of allowing any filming for either show to take place at their wedding, but they changed their minds.

It took Tarek and me months to decide whether or not we would record our wedding and all of the planning, activities, and so forth leading up to it and to be honest with you, we were leaning on the side of not filming it.”

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Weddings are so personal to us that we didn’t want anyone to be a part of them, but you are our family and we’ve brought you through so much in our relationship, so we finally did want all of you to be a part of it.

Maya, Almanza, and Christine were all unable to attend the celebration.

Sunset Season 5 Trailer: When Will It Be Available?

You’ll see it here as soon as Netflix releases it. We’d expect to see anything within the next few days.

In the meantime, check out the entire trailer for Selling Tampa to see if it fills the need left by the $75 million mansions.

Cast Of Selling Sunset Season 5: Who’s In It?

Christine Quinn, whose job at the Oppenheim Group was called into question at the end of season four, will be back for season five.

Christine has guaranteed that she will appear in “every single episode” of the upcoming season, despite the fact that she and her husband Christian drove off in their Lamborghini following a friendship-ending argument with Mary.
However, this does not imply that she and the other girls will have a better connection.

As a matter of fact, back in October of that year, she went on Twitter to complain about how her co-stars had left her out of group shots, leading viewers to believe she had quit the program.

When she was disconnected, she wrote, “Got shut off and I’m so tired of addressing this.” “I appear in every episode of season 4 and season 5 of Selling Sunset. The girls don’t include me in their pictures.

Instead of constantly checking my phone, I should be focusing on my job as a television producer. “I’ll be there for you all.”

A video showed her at the Oppenheim offices, sitting behind her desk as the rest of the actors snapped group shots, that accompanied the letter.

There will be a significant portion of the series without newcomer Vanessa Vilella due to her battle with Long Covid during the lengthy production.

She recently caught up with Page Six and discussed her absence from half of the upcoming action, telling the newspaper that “Out of 11 weeks of filming, I was sick for five weeks..”. It was evident that they couldn’t wait for me when I acquired COVID in August because we started filming immediately.

She said she was taken home from the scene because she was having dizzy episodes, and she added, “I’m still struggling with it.” “Vanessa is going to struggle a little bit because I was sick for a long time.”

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Chelsea Lazkani, a British real estate agent, will be the Oppenheim Group’s first on-screen Black cast member. She joins the team as a new member.

After obtaining her real estate license in 2017, Chelsea worked for a rival company, Rodeo Realty. She’s now married with two children, and she’s eager to return back to work after some time off.

Selling Sunset Season 5

“I believe that with big potential comes enormous responsibility,” she said in an interview with People. In a way, this was a chance for me to give back and to educate and coach other Black women in the luxury real estate industry.

I was able to deal with this because I knew that I had a higher mission in life.