Killing Eve Season 4: Where Can I Watch Killing Eve Season 4?

killing eve season 4

What’s the Deal With Killing Eve?

Killing Eve is a brand-new kind of spy thriller. It follows Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), an intelligence agent entrusted with apprehending psychopathic killer Villanelle (Jodie Comer), and the more time they spend together, the closer they become to becoming obsessed with each other.

When Was the Fourth Season of Killing Eve Released?

The fourth season of Killing Eve premiered on the BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom on February 28th. On BBC iPlayer, new episodes are released every Monday. Since there are eight episodes in all, the final one will be available for viewing on Monday, April 18.

It premiered on BBC America and AMC+ on February 27 in the United States.

In her statement, Jodie Comer stated, “Killing Eve has been the most remarkable adventure, one for which I will be forever thankful.”

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us and supported us along the way. The good times aren’t over yet, despite the fact that all wonderful things do. It is our hope that this will be a moment to remember!

As Sandra Oh put it, “Killing Eve has been one of my best experiences and I look forward to diving back into Eve’s extraordinary intellect soon.

Thanks to everyone who has helped bring our narrative to life and the fans who have come along with us for our thrilling and unpredictable fourth season. “I’m very grateful.”

Season 4 filming, originally scheduled to begin in Europe in August 2020, has been postponed indefinitely, according to the industry publication Deadline, which confirmed the news in July 2020.

A representative confirmed that “Killing Eve” is shot in numerous European locales. “No shooting schedules for Killing Eve season four have been locked up at this point and there are different scenarios in play because of the unpredictability of the planet as a result of Covid-19.”

killing eve season 4

What Can We Expect From the Fourth Season of Killing Eve?

There will be spoilers in the following paragraphs.

Eve and Villanelle had a private conversation on a bridge in the last moments of Killing Eve season 3, but what happens next is still a mystery.

According to a recent interview with Comer, don’t expect the duo to live happily ever after.

Villanelle will never have a happy ending because “I think her own worst adversary is herself and we all know that’s impossible to get away from.”

We’ll have to see where Villanelle’s career goes now that she’s decided she no longer wants to be an assassin-for-hire and that Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) has turned down her desire to work as a double agent for MI6.

If we’re talking about Carolyn, will she be able to survive Season 4 after turning merciless killer in Series 3 – or will she face consequences for her impromptu murder?

Will we follow Konstantin to Cuba and find out if he really killed Kenny (Sean Delaney) or will we leave him behind? And perhaps his heart attack is done, too…

Season 4 of Killing Eve will see Fiona Shaw return to the role of Carolyn.

Is There Going to Be a Film or Television Series Based on Killing Eve?

Every award-winning, highly popular television series has the same need for more—lots more.

AMC, the US network that airs the drama, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of continuing the Killing Eve universe once the fourth and final season has ended.

AMC Networks head of originals Dan McDermott said, “We look forward to what is sure to be an amazing final season and to explore future extensions of this captivating universe.”

If this means that Fiona Shaw gets her own spin-off show, we’re all for it.

killing eve season 4

What Part of the Country Does Jodie Comer From, and How Thick Is Her Native Twang?

But even though Jodie Comer utilizes a variety of accents while playing Villanelle—including that of Villanelle herself—the actress is from Liverpool in the United Kingdom and talks with a Scouse accent.

She credits her father’s games as a child for her ability to pick up accents.

According to an interview with the press in 2019, she admitted that she and her father used to play around the home impersonating commercials with ridiculous voices.

“It’s hard for me to detach myself from the character when I’m speaking in my own voice, and I don’t know why. Also, there aren’t enough Scousers on television; perhaps we might fix that?”

What Other Projects Does Jodie Comer Have on the Horizon?

Despite the fact that her performance in Killing Eve was unquestionably her breakthrough role, Comer had been a fixture on our screens long before she took up Villanelle’s gun.

The Royal Today, Holby City, and Waterloo Road all saw Comer in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she was cast in the BBC court drama Justice, where she played the witness Sharna.

In the years between 2013 and 2015, she played Chloe on Channel 4’s My Mad Fat Diary for three seasons before landing the role that made her a household name: Kate Parks, Simon’s girlfriend on BBC One’s Doctor Foster.

Killing Eve alumna Elizabeth Comer has appeared in two recent Hollywood films, Free Guy and The Last Duel, both of which were directed by Ridley Scott and star Matt Damon and Adam Driver. She also starred in a one-off drama set in a care facility during the Covid pandemic in Help.

An appearance as Rey’s mother in 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker marks Comer’s first appearance in the Star Wars world.

Season 4 of Killing Eve Was Filmed Where?

All we know is that season 4 will be filmed in “various European locales.” Villanelle and Eve have previously visited Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest, and Tuscany, but we have no idea where they’ll be traveling to in Series 4.

Is There a Certain Number of Killing Eve Episodes?

Killing Eve has aired 24 episodes, eight in each of its three seasons. Series 4 will have eight episodes as well. The following are the episode titles:

  • Just dunk me, please! (released on iPlayer on 28 February)
  • Stay Alive! (7 March)
  • In Beige Boots, a Rainbow of Color (14 March)
  • It’s Painful and I’m Angry (21 March)
  • Don’t Let Yourself Be Wedded to One Person (28 March)
  • I’ve Won, Thank You Very Much (4 April)
  • Beautifying the remains of the dead (11 April)
  • Hello, squanderers! (11 April)
  • If you like… Killing Eve, we recommend you check it out.
    Homeland, 24, Doctor Foster, Fleabag, Orphan Black, Thirteen, Sherlock, Bodyguard, The Night Manager, and many more.

killing eve season 4

Does Killing Eve Have a Future?

The fourth season of the show will be the final, but it may return in some other form in the future. Unfortunately for lovers of the series.

So, even if the current season of Killing Eve comes to an end in April, a spin-off series starring some of the show’s original cast may be in the works.

“Potential extensions of this captivating universe,” said AMC’s head of original programming, Dan McDermott.

According to Kim Bodnia, the show’s mentor, there is no proper time to conclude and he would not exclude the possibility of a fifth season.

If a spin-off is approved, it’s possible that Bodnia will return, but Comer and Oh are unlikely to appear because any spin-off will most likely have a new primary cast.

The Fourth Season of “Killing Eve” Is Available to Stream on Netflix.

  • Episode 4 of Season 4 will show on BBC One at 9.15 pm on Wednesday, March 26, 2019.
  • For those who can’t wait until then, the BBC iPlayer has the film available for viewing.
  • You can catch up on all three seasons and the first four episodes of season four on BBC iPlayer right now.

 Where Can I Watch Killing Eve Season 4?

The fourth episode of season four will run on BBC One on March 26th at 9.15 pm EST.

If you can’t wait till then, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer right now.

You can catch up on the first four episodes of season four, as well as the first three seasons on BBC iPlayer right now.