Senior Year Release Date: Know the Latest Information Of This Movie

Senior Year Release Date

Alex Hardcastle’s feature film directorial debut, “Senior Year,” is an upcoming American comedy film based on an original script created by Andrew Knauer (who also wrote the screenplay), Arthur Pielli (who also wrote the screenplay), and Brandon Scott Jones (who also wrote the screenplay) (who also produced the film). It is expected to be released on Netflix on May 13, 2022, as part of the business’s original content, as stated by the company in a press release.

senior year release date


Stephanie Conway sustains a severe brain injury during a high school cheerleading competition in 2002, and she is subsequently placed in a coma, just days before her senior prom, as a result.

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It is upsetting to her when she awakens in 20 years and discovers that she has matured to the age of a woman in her thirties. She resolves to re-enroll despite her parents’ worries because she is disappointed that she will not be able to complete high school as planned.


In this film, Rebel Wilson plays the role of Stephanie Conway.
Angourie Rice plays the role of a young teenager in the film.

Stephanie Conway is an American actress and singer who is best known for her part in the film The Great Gatsby. She was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. She was born in New York City and grew up in Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

While Tyler Barnhardt is cast in the role of Blaine the Younger, the role of Blaine the Elder is played by Justin Hartley.

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The fictitious character “Sam Richardson” was created by author Sam Richardson and is loosely based on his own life experiences.
Janet is played by Zo Chao Avantika Vandanapu, who happens to be a model as well as an actress.
Mary Holland is a British woman who lives in the country of the United Kingdom with her husband and two children.
Chris Parnell is a British writer and musician who works in the entertainment industry. He was born in London and raised in the United Kingdom.

Alicia Silverstone is an actress that is well-known in the entertainment industry.
Michael Cimino, a writer and director who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, is a member of the Writers Guild of America.
Jeremy Ray Taylor’s full given name is Jeremy Ray Taylor, and he was born in the country of the United States of America.
Yaz is played by Joshua Colley, who is an American actor.
It is Brandon Scott Jones’s full name, and he was born in the United Kingdom, that Brandon Scott Jones is known by.

In the film Young Martha Young Seth, Jade Bender Zaire Adams portrays Molly Brown, the young Martha Young Seth, who is played by Jade Bender Zaire Adams.

senior year release date


In June 2021, Alicia Silverstone will appear on the show as a guest star as part of the cast.

Among those who will appear on the show in July 2021 are Ana Yi Puig, Molly Brown, Zaire Adams, and Tyler Barnhardt; the rest of the group will be announced later. In July 2020, Jade Bender, Michael Cimino, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Avantika, Joshua Colley, and newcomer Ana Yi Puig will all appear on the show, as will Jeremy Ray Taylor and Jeremy Ray Taylor.
Primary photography in Atlanta began on May 24, 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, which was taking place at the time.

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According to the production timetable, filming will come to a close in July 2021 at the latest.

Getting Ready for Senior Year

The film follows Stephanie Conway (Rebel Wilson), who wakes up in the middle of her senior year after being comatose for 20 years and finds herself in the same place she was 20 years earlier. The action of the film takes place between the years 1997 and 2017. Previously, Angourie Rice starred in the television show Mare of Easttown, in which she had a recurring role when she was younger.

“She is the captain of the cheerleading squad, she is in a relationship with the quarterback, and she is on her way to becoming prom queen,” according to the official plot synopsis. Her image motivates female aspirants, and she inspires men aspirants to want to be with her as well. The cheerleader appeared to have it all worked out until she was knocked out of the top of the cheering pyramid and placed in an unconscious state.

In the end, Ruby is 37 years old when she eventually awakens from her coma, and she hasn’t changed much in the 20 years that have gone since her coma started.

“Her first day back at school has been a long one, and she has made it clear that she intends to reclaim her former position as the top performer at the school. She has also maintained her ambition to be crowned prom king or queen, which is a huge achievement.”

Preparation Video for the Senior Year of High School

We are unable to provide a trailer for Senior Year at this time due to the fact that the film is still in the post-production stage at this time. Keep an eye on things, though, because things can change quickly!

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In addition to being a well-known film critic, according to Rotten Tomatoes, she has a deep personal stake in the picture as well. He or she is a huge fan of horror films and thrillers, as well as anything and anything that has anything to do with the criminal justice system.

senior year release date

Her favourite television shows include Inside No 9, American Horror Story, and Black Mirror, but she has recently become obsessed with the show Severance, which is available on Apple TV and other streaming services, among other platforms.