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Come True

Come True is a science fiction horror film written and directed by Canadian Anthony Scott Burns. It is set in the future. Julia Sarah Stone and Landon Liboiron are among the cast members. During a sleep study, a teenage runaway finds herself on a nightmare journey into the depths of her own psyche, as well as a terrifying investigation of the power of dreams. The film chronicles her journey.

come true


Sara volunteers to be a test subject in a sleep experiment, the purpose of which is kept a secret since she is in desperate need of money. Sara is initially content with her sleep, but after two sessions with the scientists, her nightmares become more intense, and she suffers a panic attack when one of the scientists shows her a photograph of the same shadowy figure from her dreams.

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She is particularly concerned by the withdrawal of the sole other female participant from the study, as well as the fact that none of the scientists will reveal the study’s aim.


She is a young woman who has a problematic connection with her mother, whom she avoids for reasons that are unclear to her. With no place to call her own, she forages for food in her mother’s kitchen and sleeps on a hammock outside or at the homes of friends.

She also has bizarre, surreal nightmares in which she is trapped in a dark maze and confronted by a shadowy person with glowing eyes.

A few days later, after passing out in the laundromat and becoming a victim of robbery, Sara confronts one of the scientists, a young man named Riff, and tells him that the study has had a negative impact on her and that she will only continue to participate as a test subject if he reveals the study’s intended outcome.

He informs her that the experiment will involve monitoring individuals’ dreams with the use of a brain scanning gadget that translates brainwaves into visual visuals.

When Sara and the other experiment volunteers return for the next session, it is revealed that they are all dreaming of the same shadowy person at the same moment.

Riff claims that individuals all throughout the world and throughout history have dreamed of a similar figure, and that this figure has been haunting him since he was a youngster himself.

As their vitals begin to rise, Sara awakens in a panic, bleeding from her left eye, and flees the scene after informing the other scientists that she knows what they’re studying and that they should stop.

While running to a nightclub in pursuit of her companion, Riff chases her down and knocks her out, causing him to carry her comatose corpse back to his apartment.

come true

Back in the lab, the two remaining participants had another dream in which they see the shadowy figure, before becoming semiconscious and realising that it is standing at the foot of their beds. As the figure walks around and looks to have invaded the waking world, the scientists are extremely alarmed and concerned.

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During the time that Riff is waiting for word on Sara’s condition, he begins to get images of a dark maze and a humanoid entity formed entirely of hands. After learning that Sara has left her room, he comes to the conclusion that she is a somnambulist as she makes her way out of the hospital.

He phones his colleague, Anita, and asks her to join him in keeping an eye on Sara’s dream while she sleepwalks through the streets of the city.

The arrival of Anita and the attachment of a mobile monitor to Sara’s head while she unwittingly guides them to a distant, forested region are the next steps. Sara’s dream appears to mirror the road she is now on, with shadowy entities forming on the monitor and appearing to flank the trio as they walk. As they make their way into a field, Riff notices a telephone ringing in the distance. When he answers the phone, Sara screams and her eyes are bleeding from the trauma of the phone call.

In the message, it is said that she has been in a coma for twenty years while being examined using a new procedure, and that the scientists are unsure of where in her dream the message will reach her. It begs her to get out of bed before the screen goes completely black.


Julia Jeremy is played by Jeremy Landon Liboiron, played by Sarah Stone.
Tiffany Helm in the role of an elderly woman
Anita Carlee Ryski as Anita Millie Jayne as Washroom Girl Release Come True made its global premiere in Canada at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival on August 30, 2020, with Chantal Perron in the lead role, Tedra Rogers in the supporting role of Zoe, and Orin McCusker in the supporting role of Peter.
A limited theatrical release and digital distribution were made available on March 12, 2021 by IFC Midnight in the United States. There has been no announcement of a release in Canada.


When it comes to reviews, the film receives an 86 percent good rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.1/10. The critical consensus on the website reads, “Well-acted and visually arresting, Come True serves as an eerily effective reminder of how the sleeping subconscious can be a fertile breeding ground for evil.” In a Metacritic review, the film received a score of 68 out of 100, which indicates that it garnered “generally acceptable reviews.”

During the 10th Canadian Screen Awards, which will be held in 2022, the film garnered two nominations, one for Best Director (Burns) and the other for Best Actress (Burns) (Stone)

come true

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Riff expresses his regrets to Sara, who recognises the phone as belonging to her despite the fact that she has never been there before. Sara notices many shadow figures in the trees, despite the fact that she is still awake, as the phone screen becomes staticky. A shadowy figure approaches Sara and the three flees, but Riff and Anita are both consumed by darkness as they try to escape.

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At an apparent somnambulist episode, Sara wakes up in Riff’s apartment, naked and straddling Riff’s dead body, which she appears to have gouged out in a previous awakening. She goes to the restroom, where she receives a text message that makes her chuckle. She then looks in the mirror and notices that she has fangs on her teeth.

Final Words

Sara awakens from a bizarre nightmare in which she is confronted by the dark figure and finds herself in Riff’s apartment, where she discovers that he binds himself to his bed and keeps a record of his dream life.

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Her discovery that Riff dreams of the shadowy figure, which she witnesses in a dream sequence in which they kiss and he gets fangs, leads her to awaken him from his sleep. As a result of their trauma and exhaustion, they end up having sex, during which Sara sees two dark figures and passes out for the second time, prompting Riff to take her to the hospital.