Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Release Date: Are There Going to Be More Episodes of Only Murders in the Building?

murder in the building season 2

As soon as the first season of Hulu’s Only Murder in the Building closed up, fans were eager to see what was to come. Season 1 of Arcadia had a lot of suspense because there were new episodes airing every week.

As a result of their shared interest in true crime, three neighbors forge an unlikely bond. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver decide to use the skills they’ve learned from listening to true-crime podcasts to investigate a murder in their New York City apartment building. The trio’s podcast chronicles their investigation into the death of their neighbor and leads to the killer.

It’s not clear what the show’s second season will look like following that cliffhanger. Take a look at what we know thus far about Only Murders In The Building season 2

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Only Murders in the Building?

Only Murders in the Building has been renewed for a second season, so we may expect to see Mabel, Charles, and Oliver tackle another case in the near future. Season 2 of Only Murders In The Pod will follow a new mystery, according to the official Hulu podcast that goes along with the show.

“Season 2 is what we’re currently working on. As a show writer, Kirker Butler explained on episode 2 of the podcast “Who Is Tim Kono?”, “It’s all about breaking the entire season arc; what our mystery is going to be, who our suspect is.”

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only murders in the building season 2

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu will give OMITB a second season in September 2021. As Hulu’s highest-rated comedy series ever premiered, signing on for a second season is a no-brainer (plus, we still want to follow the dynamic trio that is Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin).

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Everybody in our amazing Building worked with such love and expertise through extraordinary times… to create a first season that might live up to our legendary cast, our beloved New York City, and make a show about connection,” said series creator John Hoffman.

“We couldn’t have done it without the incredible support from Disney, Hulu, and 20th Television.” “Being able to continue our show’s wild rollercoaster of mystery-comedy-empathy because we’ve already felt like we’ve connected with our viewers and struck the mark is exhilarating beyond words. So I’ll stop now and just say a big thank you to everyone and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.”

As a result, the show’s Twitter feed was likewise filled with joy.

When Will the Second Season Be Released?

Season 2 will premiere on June 28, 2022, as Selena Gomez stated in an Instagram video she released on March 25, 2022. Filming for the second season began in December 2021 with the cast and crew.

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Gomez was joined by Martin Short and Steve Martin in the promotional video as they made light of the legendary elevator at the Arconia in New York City. A tweet from the 24th of March hinted that the new season might premiere on Hulu in the summer of 2022.

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Fans have speculated that the numbers on the buttons of the elevator may have represented the release date of the second season of the series. There are ideas that the 2, 6, and 8 buttons indicate that season 2 will be released on either June 8, 2022, or August 6, 2022.

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However, when everything is taken into consideration, a release date of June 28, 2022, appears to be the most likely outcome. It appears that the case has been cracked by fans!

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Is There a Second-season Trailer?

That’s for sure. Throughout social media, Hulu released a 30-second teaser clip.

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We get to meet our lovable gang once more, this time as people of interest in Bunny’s murder investigation. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel don’t seem to be backing down as Mabel grabs the mic for new episodes of their podcast. The whole trailer may be seen below.

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The second season of Only Murders in the Building is now available on Hulu

only murders in the building season 2

Is There a New Cast Member in the Works?

In season one of OMITB, there was a roster of A-list celebrities who made guest appearances, and season two appears to be preserving the same vibe.

Martin Short, OMITB’s executive producer, and actor, stated that Amy Schumer and Shirley MacLaine would be returning to the Arconia for season three.

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In an interview with Deadline, he disclosed that he had shot sequences with Shirley MacLaine and Amy Schumer just before Christmas. “The high caliber of actors this program attracts makes it a joy to come to work every day.”

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Model and actor Cara Delevingne will join the cast, according to Deadline, which broke the news on December 1, 2021. A “sophisticated art world insider who becomes entangled in the mystery” will be played by her.

It’s “certainly most like [her] than any other character [she has] ever played,” Cara told ELLE in February 2022. She also revealed that working with Steve Martin and Martin Short “is like a master class in comedy,” and that she “feels very lucky.”

Steve Martin tweeted on February 4th, 2022, saying the Arconia is getting more and more crowded with newcomers. “Great cast surprises are no longer surprises,” he wrote next to a picture of Selena Gomez, Andrea Martin, and Zoe Colletti. Whoever they play at the Arconia, we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

A recurring role for Michael Rapaport was announced by Deadline on February 11, 2022. He’ll portray Detective Kreps, a police detective working on Bunny’s homicide case, in the upcoming film.

For the Second Season, Who Would Be Returning?

A murder-mystery series like OMITB means that some characters may not make it out the other side (looking at you, Bunny). Nathan Lane, who played Teddy Dimas in the first season, revealed on February 14, 2022, that he will be returning for season 2.

“I’m here again. I’m not sure how I keep returning, but I do “Nathan informed Deadline. “They were grave robbing, but he wasn’t involved in the murder. He returns in an unusual manner, and there is a major surprise.”

To keep up with the Arconia’s true-crime podcasts while Selena Gomez and Steve Martin are filming on set, Charles and Oliver will continue their journey as podcast producers and investigators at the Arconia.

only murders in the building season 2

What Would the Subject Matter Be for Season 2?

Season 2 will not address the unsolved mystery of Tim Kono’s death at the Arconia, which was only revealed in season 1. A new case, involving Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, may be about to come to light.

Charles and Oliver find Mabel bloodied and hunched over Bunny’s lifeless body after she went to get something from her apartment. Even though it appears like Mabel has defended herself with her knitting needle, she exclaims, “It’s not what you think,” as soon as Charles and Oliver enter the room.

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So, we don’t really know what transpired in that situation. “

Canning is also seen outside the Arconia at the season’s end as she plans to feature the trio in her true-crime podcast as the next subject. Season 2 will presumably follow off where the first one left off, delving deeper into the events of that fateful night.

Selena Gomez discussed the arc of her character Mabel in season 2 in an interview with Variety in December 2021. “It’s cool because, personally, I’ve evolved so much over Season 1 to Season 2,” she said.

“I know that’s a short period of time, but I think it influenced Mabel as well. In any case, she has a higher level of sophistication. There’s a noticeable improvement in her style over time. She’s awe-inspiring, to say the least. I shaved my head. As a result, Mabel has a new beginning.”

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After filming Season 1, Selena indicated that the show’s co-creator, John Hoffman, was already brainstorming ideas for Season 2. In the beginning, she claimed, “Another season was just thrown around, but then John started pouring these ideas out,” she said. “The fact that it’s so different from what I expected is part of what makes the show so compelling. They did a fantastic job of developing a new plot..”

only murders in the building season 2

Can You Tell Me if They’ve Already Begun Shooting?

Gomez tweeted a TikTok of the trio on set for season two on December 1. That photo was captioned: “Day one -back with these dads.

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” Selena is seen in the film rolling her eyes and listening with a Mabel-like indifference to her co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short as they have a very Charles and Oliver-esque discussion about buying art.

The two-second clip could pass for a scene from the program if we didn’t know better. One user remarked, “Why do they all act like their characters?

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Steve Martin also shared the news on Twitter. “‘Only Murders in the Building!’ began filming on our first day of production. We’re glad to be back, everyone “It wasn’t just the selfie that Steve penned to accompany, it was also the accompanying text.

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