Date a Live Season 4: What’s New in This Season, Get All Latest Updates

Date a Live Season 4

The fourth season of the Date A Live anime series, titled Date A Live IV, was produced by Geek Toys and directed by Jun Nakagawa. The anime series is based on the manga series of the same name. It follows the exploits of Shido Itsuka and the Spirits, who are otherworldly female entities that have fallen in love with him, in the same way as the rest of the series does.

date a live season 4


The season was originally set to air in October 2021, however it has been postponed until April 2022 due to “a number of factors.” The screenplays for the fourth season were written by Fumihiko Shimo, with Naoto Nakamura designing the characters and Go Sakabe returning to create the music for the series.

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It is scheduled to launch on April 8, 2022. ‘OveR’ is the title of the opening theme, and it is sung by Miyu Tomita, while the closing tune is done by sweet ARMS. ‘S.O.S.’ is the title of the closing theme.

In Addition, the Whole Main Voice Cast Returned for the Third Season.

Shido Itsuka is played by Nobunaga Shimazaki.
Tohka Yatogami is played by Marina Inoue.
Misuzu Togashi plays Origami Tobiichi, and Ayana Taketatsu plays Kotori Itsuka in the anime series.
Yoshino Asami is played by Iori Nomizu. Kurumi Tokisaki is played by Sanada.
Kaguya Yamai is played by Maaya Uchida.
Yuzuru Yamai is played by Sarah Emi Bridcutt.
Miku Izayoi is played by Minori Chihara.
To portray the new characters Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, Nia Honjou (Hitomi Nabatame), and Mukuro Hoshimiya in Date A Live Season 4, the show will require new cast members (Akari Kageyama).

What Was the Cause of the Lengthy Five-year Hiatus Between Seasons of the Show?

There has been no official explanation, despite the fact that the anime had already adapted around two-thirds of the available source material as of 2014 (see below). That said, what happened to DAL Season 3 Episode 12 is very perplexing, given that the episode practically mangled the original source material.

Was Date a Live 4’s Release Date Pushed Back Several Times?

The actual release date for Data A Live Season 4 has been set for April 8, 2022, as previously announced. But, given that the production of Date A Live IV has been known for some time, why did the fourth season take so long to arrive?

Anime news leakers had claimed that the anime would arrive in 2021 earlier than expected. “Date A Live IV TV anime for Spring 2021,” anime news leaker Spytrue said on October 11, 2020.

If such was the plan, the fourth season would have been postponed twice, the first to Fall 2021 and the second to Spring 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has struck Japan in many waves, is the most likely cause of the delays, based on the timing of the delays.

In Comparison to Anime, Date a Light Is a Light Novel Series/manga.

The story for Date A Live Season 4 will be based on author Koushi Tachibana and illustrator Tsunako’s light novel book series. The series ended with Volume 22 on March 19, 2020, marking the end of the light novels.

The manga version of Date A Live, which began in 2012, died young. Mangaka Kakashi Oniyazu continued to publish till Volume 4, but the manga series was stopped owing to the mangaka’s health issues.

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There hasn’t been any indication that another manga artist will continue up the plot where it left off. Needless to say, this implies that the manga adaptation lags much behind the anime’s story.

date a live season 4

Unfortunately, the anime adaptation is just marginally ahead of the unofficial English translation. The first season adapted the first four novels, the second season adapted Volumes 5–7, and the third season saw J.C. Staff go all out by adapting five books (Volumes 8–12).

That’s Because the Third Season Rushed Through Volume 12: Itsuka Disaster.

The first 11 episodes adapted two-book tale arcs for Natsumi and Origami, respectively. Then, for Episode 12, J.C. Staff made the perplexing decision to condense the entire “locked spiritual power within Shido running amok” story arc into a single episode, making it feel more like an additional OVA episode than a genuine season finale.

Even characters like Mana Takamiya, who appeared in Volumes 8 and 12, were completely removed from the anime’s story. More notably, the altered timeline skips the debut of Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, who appears in Volumes 12 through 17 and replaces Mana as DEM’s Adeptus 2.

In regard to another key character whose entrance in Volume 12 was missed by the anime, Artemisia plays a vital role. However, that new character is crucial to the plot of Date A Live Season 4, so read the spoilers section below if you want to know more.

Fans of light novels are used to anime adaptations reducing the tale, but the Date A Live anime was the first to condense an entire book into one episode. It’s almost as if the third season was forced to end with a 12-episode format on purpose.

Date a Bullet Movie Release Date:

The Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet anime will be screened in Japanese theatres. The story will be split into two parts.

Date A Bullet will be released in the fall of 2020. See our associated story for more.

Date A Live 4 reveals

As previously stated, Date A Live 4 will need to start at Volume 12. This season’s return is necessary to pick up on some important details, especially the introduction of certain main characters and villains.

Season 4 will introduce new Spirits and have Shido date them to overcome their own issues. Nia Honjou, the ninth Spirit, is nicknamed the Second Spirit because she appeared on Earth after the First Spirit.

date a live season 4

It is a book named Rasiel that gives Nia factual (not subjective) knowledge on anything. Everything in Rasiel comes true, though Nia chooses to depict future events through manga art rather than writing.

At Last

Nia knows about the First Spirit because she is omniscient. Nia uses Rasiel to uncover her own roots. Nia is also discouraged by her ability to read people’s minds, especially their motives and hostility.

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Lost in humanity, Nia falls for the 2D world of manga and gaming. A manga artist, she reintegrates into society but also secludes herself, hiding behind a mask and pretending people are just NPCs in a game.