Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date, Cast and Latest Information

haikyuu season 5 release date

A well-loved sports anime that’s been around since 2014, “Haikyuu!!,” with its brilliantly animated and long-drawn-out volleyball matches, shonen-style stories, and detailed characterizations of a whole cadre of interesting characters, is one of the most popular sports shows on television today.

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Initially, the anime follows Shy Hinata, a little but determined middle schooler who becomes fascinated with volleyball after watching Karasuno High play on television, only to discover that no one else at his school is also fascinated with the sport. His middle school career has come to an end when he has persuaded several of his peers to join him on a team so that they may compete in a tournament.

haikyuu season 5 release date

Their terrible defeat comes at the hands of Tobio Kageyama, dubbed “The King of the Court,” and his crew, despite the fact that the redheaded Hinata has an incredible vertical jump.


Karasuno High School accepts Hinata after she studies hard and earns her acceptance. Then he discovers that his brand-new adversary, Kageyama, is now a comrade, which makes him feel even more humiliated.

After all, the school is re-building its volleyball team, and these two newcomers, despite their initial animosity toward one another, have a devastating rapid strike combo that could help the volleyball team reclaim its former prominence on the court.

Through the show’s four seasons, rivalries between schools deepen, new players are introduced, training camps are attended, and the teams compete in competitions that put both them and their teammates to the test, as well as elicit the kinds of emotions that can come from only the most thrilling sporting events.

With the completion of the long-awaited fourth season, fans are now looking forward to hearing more information about the series’ upcoming season five. Until further notice, the following is what we know.

When Will Haikyuu Season 5 Be Released on Dvd/blu-ray?

In 2014, 2015, and 2016, the first three seasons of the anime series “Haikyuu!!” were released. According to Crunchyroll, there was a significant hiatus between the third season and the fourth season, with the fourth season not being confirmed until late 2018.

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The programme will be broadcast in two segments (or cours) from January to April 2020, followed by an additional part from October to December 2020. Since the final episode of Season 4 premiered on Crunchyroll some months ago, there has been no word on whether or not a Season 5 will be released by Production I.G..

According to the English-language Haikyu!! Twitter account, following the last episode’s broadcast on Crunchyroll, the “anime team” was thanked for their efforts, and the account stated that they were looking forward to the series’ continuation.

haikyuu season 5 release date

According to this, the show is anticipating the release of a fifth season at some time in the future. It’s impossible to predict when this will occur, and the fact that the programme had such a long break between the third and fourth seasons has fans concerned that there will be yet another wait before official word regarding Season 5 is released. On the other hand, according to Monsters & Critics, experts believe the earlier delay was caused by internal causes, such as the need for key staff members to finish other projects.


Extending the logic of the December 2018 renewal and the January 2020 airdate of Season 4, it can be assumed that “Haikyuu!” has a one-year production cycle. This means that, whenever Season 5 is officially announced, the show will most likely return 12-13 months later (possibly in a split-cour format, again). Fans will undoubtedly be disappointed, but at the very least, the anime theme music was played during a volleyball match at this year’s Tokyo Games. Even after all these years, the property is still in use.

The Cast of Haikyuu Has Been Revealed.

The current cast of “Haikyuu!!” comprises Ayumu Murase as Hinata, Kaito Ishikawa as Kageyama, Yu Hayashi as Ryunosuke Tanaka, Satoshi Hino as squad leader Daichi Sawamura, Miyu Irino as Koshi Sugawara, Koki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima, Sôma Saitô as Tadashi Yamaguchi, Nobuhiko The majority are members of the volleyball team, however some, like Hinata and Kageyama, are first-year students.

“Haikyuu!! To the Top” is the title of the fourth season of the anime series, which has yet to be dubbed into English. For the first three seasons, Bryson Bauga plays Hinata, Scott Gibbs plays Kageyama, Greg Cote plays Tanaka, Justin Duran plays Sawamura, Adam Gibbs plays Sugawara, Leraldo Anzaldua plays Tsukishima, Cameron Bautsch plays Yamaguchi, Orlanders Jones plays Azumane, and Gareth West plays Takeda. The English cast for the first three seasons includes Bryson Bauga as
Regarding the cast of the fifth season, there is no reason to anticipate any changes.

The Plot of Haikyuu Season 5 Has Not Yet Been Revealed.

It is based on the manga series produced by Haruichi Furudate, which came to a conclusion in 2020 with Chapter 402 and Volume 45 of the manga series (the English translation is a few volumes behind). With Chapter 292, the fourth season came to a close in triumphant and emotional fashion, but there’s still plenty of story to be told.

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It has been revealed that Season 5 will include contests at the rubbish dump, including one where the squad will face off against Nekoma. There will also be lots of other bouts, including some with huge stakes, as stated by the manga. There are a lot of wonderfully rendered volleyballs on the way, to put it simply… Also on the itinerary is a meeting with “the Little Giant,” the player who kicked off it all for Hinata.

haikyuu season 5 release date


The comic leaps in time and geography, and even concentrates on a related but unrelated sport, so if the anime series follows the manga all the way to its conclusion in Season 6 or perhaps even a Season 7, fans may be in for a big surprise.