Season Four of Westworld Is Ready to Go, and Now We Just Have to Wait.

westworld season 4

“From the western theme park to the technocratic city of the near future, we’ve enthusiastically appreciated every twist and turn,” said HBO programming president Casey Bloys.”We’re excited to see where their vision takes us next.”This is Twitter content. Their website may have the same content in another format or more information.

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Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan announced to Variety that they want to create at least one more season of the mind-blowing sci-fi extravaganza — and their desire was granted.

westworld season 4

When Will Westworld Season 4 Air?

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for Westworld season four, but there is some good news.The wait is almost over. Woohoo! A new season will be released this summer, according to Variety. We know this since Jeffrey Wright announced filming ended in June 2021.

Wright disclosed the following while promoting his narrated Apple TV+ docuseries Lincoln’s Dilemma:”We finished in December, but I’m not sure when it’ll come out.” Summer! Season four will be more Westworld than you’ve come to anticipate, delving further into some topics and technology that will be familiar to us. It’ll be exciting. I’m not sure when we’ll air, but it will be in the next months.”

The Actor Has a Lot to Say About His Character Bernard Lowe and His Hiatus Activities.

“Bernard is still trying to figure it all out,” Wright said. “The conflict continues, and Bernard is at the heart of it. It’ll be fun.”Lisa Joy, the series’ co-creator, seemed to agree.Joy hinted what’s to come in an August interview on Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast.”You’ll see some new interesting worlds and a comical kidnapping from Reminiscence.”

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HBO shared preview clips of upcoming episodes as part of its massive promotional trailer for streaming service HBO Max.Seasons one, two, and three were released in 2016, 2018, and 2020, respectively.Season one came out in the fall, but seasons two and three came out in the spring, in late March/early April. They’re defying the spring trend, but since they wrapped in December, we’d expect something in June.

Who’s in Westworld Season 4?

The Westworld cast has it easier. Even though their roles die, performers can often reemerge in a new host body, so even season three’s victims could reappear later.We know certain celebs are returning thanks to the HBO sizzle reel. Maeve Millay is played by Thandiwe Newton, Bernard Lowe/ Arnold Weber by Jeffrey Wright, and Caleb Nichols by Aaron Paul

Other expected returnees are:

Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton

Ed Harris makes a comeback. But in typical Westworld fashion, he was replaced by a host controlled by Thompson, meaning Harris will be back for round four.

“I’m teamed with Tessa [Thompson], I know,” Newton stated at The Paley Centre for Media (via Looper). “Let’s hope we cause some real harm.”But she’s digging the season four scripts thus far.

“It’s amazing,” Newton added (via ComicBook). “For me, it’s got all the best elements from 1, 2, and 3. It’s rich and has a pandemic theme.In a way, it’s like our lives now depend on art in a different way. “Our lives depend on art because art is being taken away from us.”Evan Rachel Wood, who played Dolores Abernathy, has a hazy future.Wood revealed her character’s fate on the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket.

“Episode after episode we discover our characters’ arcs.” Each season begins with a rough concept of where our characters are, their purpose, and then they travel.”So we go and learn.” “It’s one of the reasons it’s tough but also fun to work on,” she concluded. That’s when [co-creator Jonathan Nolan] called.”He said she’d die. But he verified that sure, the Dolores we know is gone.””Dolores is gone,” Nolan told Variety. We adore Evan Rachel Wood and haven’t begun publicly discussing the future of the programme. But it’s not the same.”

westworld season 4

That doesn’t mean we won’t see Wood again.”I think it’s necessary to recognise the moment with Dolores,” Nolan remarked, adding that “that version of that character is gone.”According to Deadline, Prodigal Son’s Aurora Perrineau has joined the gang and will appear in at least five episodes.

Maybe a Hugh Jackman Cowboy Cameo?

“You’ll see some new places that I think are extremely interesting, and someone I stole from Reminiscence,” Joy told Deadline.

What Will Happen in Westworld Season 4?

Since the hosts have left the park, season four could very possibly be the end for our favourite sentient robots.If that’s the case, the struggle against mankind will reach a crescendo in the closing episodes of season four, promising even bigger twists.

Nolan previously spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about season three’s themes, which may also apply to season four:”I think it’s a big deal. The fact that these characters aren’t human is attractive. “Humans are linked by the same loops as hosts, albeit in smaller ways,” he explained.”I think Dolores has a longer view, a bigger set of aims, as she has stated. Existential. aeons. The story level is fascinating to engage in.”

Bernard’s character, Wright’s Bernard, also discussed the season three finale with The Wrap.”Bernard enters The Sublime and exits with more information than he entered with,” he stated. “Perhaps with a little more clarity than before.”Now, when will he come out? I think that’s a straightforward question. I believe we locate him when the pandemic has passed.

“He’s fully vaccinated.” He’s ready for a new, more liberated life. We don’t know where he’s going, but he’s changed since he left.”Nolan also discussed what The Man In Black means for the characters in the upcoming episodes.”I’m a great believer in irony,” he told The Paley Center for Media.”[The Man in Black] becomes the creature he’s controlled for so long. And I can’t wait to see Ed slaughter everyone.”

Newton Hopes Charlotte and Maeve’s Bond Deepens (via Deadline).

“Hale fascinates me now as a Dolores extension. I mean, isn’t it fascinating? It’s like the apple falling from the tree. This is fascinating because Dolores has created these children who rapidly detach from her,” she remarked.

The evolution of Hale from heartbroken to wanting to harm her creator, Dolores, was fantastic. It’s an intriguing path. So I’m curious to see how Maeve will react if she does.”And Maeve’s relationship with Caleb is also intriguing, because we haven’t seen much of that. I don’t think Caleb will just carry on Dolores’ efforts.

westworld season 4

“but Why Did Dolores Put Him There?

Is she genuinely interested in a leader for humanity? Why? Is it a test for her? Step out to an other planet and start messing up there? “It’s just worlds within universes.”

“So, I’m talking to Lisa in general, all those years ago, they kept to their initial concept of where this is heading,” Newton concluded. And I know this because there are moments when we think, “God, that character isn’t back and why would they get rid of that?”

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“And it’s because they’re so connected to their original meaning. They aren’t persuaded by popularity or fandom. They want to tell a story they’ve dreamed for a long time, and I adore that.”

When Can We See Westworld Season 4?

No trailer has been released yet. But we swear you’ll see it.In the meantime, keep checking back for updates.