Married at First Sight Release Date: How Much Do Married at First Sight Couples Get?


Married at First Sight, Lifetime’s most popular reality show is presently in its 12th season. There have been many changes to this show over the years, and the most recent ones include a move to Atlanta and a focus on couples navigating relationships while dealing with pets, sexual connection, and “monthiversaries” in order to determine if they’re compatible enough to last the season and into the next one.

Over the span of more than 200 episodes, the show has become an addicting pleasure for many as they ponder how in the world skilled matchmakers pair up couples that turn out to be absolutely unsuited for each other — or root for the couples that appear to be truly meant to endure.

It may seem gimmicky, but Lifetime’s tried-and-true formula of matching singles based on thorough research and then marrying them the moment they meet has worked successfully.

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As Deadline reported back in August, the network has ordered six more seasons of Married at First Sight and had also green-lighted a spinoff.

For the foreseeable future, you won’t have to go extended periods of time without seeing the show. However, if you’re eagerly anticipating the romantic shenanigans that will undoubtedly take place in Season 13, here’s what we know so far.

Season 13 of Married at First Sight

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Season 13 of Married at First Sight Will Air Sometime in the Near Future.

Filming for the 13th season of Married at First Sight is now taking place, according to Soap Dirt’s sources. Couples from Texas will be the first to test the marital waters when they get “wedded between February 19-21,” according to the tabloid.

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For those of you who follow the news, you may recall that Texas reality show stars were likely struggling with power outages and other issues linked to the winter storms that pounded their state at precisely the same time.

It’s safe to assume that the couples have returned from their honeymoons and are now dealing with the real-life relationship issues as they decide whether or not to stay together or part ways — probably within the next week since one of the show’s standard premises is the eight-week deadline to make a decision about divorce.

Seasons of Married at First Sight have traditionally premiered in January and then again in June or July. When COVID-19 discontinued production in 2020, it threw a wrench in the series’ timeframe (as well as the relationships between the couples). Still, the 13th season of the show appears to be on pace for a summer release.

Which Married at First Sight Stars Will Return for Season 13?

A crucial aspect of a reality program like this is the casting process, which is what defines what aspects of the show aren’t easily quantifiable. Casting for the 13th season of Married at First Sight will begin in August 2020 with an online questionnaire that includes 63 questions, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The show’s experts are set to remain, even if some Redditors are wondering if they’re truly looking out for the best interests of the couples in the experiment. Pastor Calvin Roberson and his wife own and operate a marriage coaching business called Married and Naked.

They also serve as pastors at Atlanta’s Progression Church, where Dr. Pepper Schwartz teaches sociology. Dr. Viviana Coles is a psychotherapist and president of Houston Relationship Therapy.

Season 13 of Married at First Sight

Chris Williams, who was dubbed season 12’s villain by viewers who were outraged, will be replaced by whom? You’ll have to wait and watch, I guess.

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Is There a Married at First Sight 13 Trailer Available?

Season 12 of Married at First Sight isn’t likely to get a trailer for season 13 until the current season is over since Lifetime doesn’t want to steal the current season’s thunder. Shortly before a new season of a popular show airs, it is common for the network to begin broadcasting preview clips.

As a result, no decisions have yet been made about the status of the five couples that will be featured in the upcoming season.

Married at First Sight has already begun casting for season 14, according to; filming is slated to take place from June to July of 2021. This is certainly a program that has mastered the art of time management and multitasking. Season 13 will be kept under wraps until Lifetime is ready, so expect a lot of snooping around.

The Uk Premiere of Married at First Sight Australia Is Scheduled for This Date?

Series nine premieres on Monday, February 21st from 7.30 p.m. till 9 p.m. ET on The CW.
The story revolves around Selin, 32, and Anthony, 38, who are both single parents who decide to tie the knot with a stranger in the hopes of finding true love.

In this photo, Married at First Sight Australia’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant can be seen exchanging rings.

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On E4 next week, the ninth season begins. All images are copyrighted.

Married at First Sight Australia Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant are pictured. The premiere of E4’s ninth season is slated for next week. All images are copyrighted.
Nine Network in Australia aired the ninth season of the popular show in January.

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It’s on Which Channel?

  • E4 will begin airing MAFS Australia on February 21.
  • All 4 will be a streaming option for those who missed any of the episodes of the show.

Season 13 of Married at First Sight

What Is the Total Number of Episodes?

  • In season nine, there are 30 episodes of nonstop drama and action.
  • Our TVs will be ringing for two months with the show that airs Monday through Thursday in the UK.
  • E4 will air a new episode every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.

What’s Going to Happen in the Ninth Season?

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  • Home Stays, Intimacy Weeks, Confessions Week, and Couples Retreat will all be back in the ninth season.
  • Season nine of MAFS Australia looks to be no exception to the show’s tradition of high conflict and dramatic tension.

Who Are This Year’s Experts?

It’s time for the eight couples to get some help from relationship gurus Mel Schilling, John Aiken, and Alessandra Rampolla.

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