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If you’re searching for something light and entertaining to see this Winter and are a lover of the Boys-love genre, “Sasaki and Miyano” is a must-see.

Sasaki and Miyano, also known as Sasaki to Miyano, is a Slice of Life BL anime that will premiere in January. The animation is based on Sho Harusono’s manga, which has been published in Pixiv Comic online magazine since 2016. Shinji Ishihara is directing the anime adaptation, while Yoshiko Nakamura is writing the narrative. Meanwhile, Maki Fujii is working on the character designs, and Kana Shibue is composing the soundtrack for the series.

The first episode of the Sasaki and Miyano anime is set to air on January 102022, at 12:00 AM JST, with a new episode airing every Monday.
It will be difficult to keep track of all the anime you want to watch with so many high-quality anime running throughout a single season, such as The Case Study of Vanitas, Takagi-San Season 3.
As a result, we’ve put together this Sasaki to Miyano release calendar to let you know when the next episode will be released.


Plot of the Anime:

sasaki and miyano anime release date

The synopsis of the manga describes the plot to be a classic high school romance. The story follows Sasaki and Miyano, who is one year senior to Sakasi in high school. While Miyano is the popular boy in his school, Sakai is a rather shy person. Fate plays the part and brings them together for a task. As time passed, Miyano falls in love with Sasaki. But their differences are the biggest hurdles in the way of this romance.

The rollercoaster love story makes up for the plot of this beautiful tale. Check out the new photo hereThe latest visual is a character design of the protagonists Sakasi and Miyano. Both the characters look pretty similar to the original manga design by Shō Harusono. The readers of the original text are very happy with the first look of the anime product. Let’s hope the feedback is also positive after the show releases.

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Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 Release Date:

The anime sequel for Sasaki and Miyano has already been confirmed. As the first season came to a close, the creators announced that Sasaki and Miyano will be collaborating on a new anime project. Because they didn’t specify the format, the new project may be a film, an ova episode, or a new season. Still, having confirmation is preferable to waiting months for a sequel announcement. The new anime project will most likely premiere in 2023, either in the Spring or Summer.

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Cast And Crew:

The anime information page on Sasaki and Miyano’s official website has been updated. The identities of the team members who will be working at Studio DEEN are revealed in the latest release. Shinji Ishihara, the director of Log Horizon, has agreed to direct the show. Takahiro Ueno, on the other hand, will work alongside Ishihira on the project. Yoshiko Nakamura will also compose the show. Maki Fuj will be in charge of character design alongside them.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

sasaki and miyano anime release date

Including the post-credit sequence from the final episode, the manga’s 29th chapter concludes the entire series. As a result, anticipating the plot of Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 by reading ahead of the 30th chapter is the best approach to do so. The two young boys not only proclaim their love for one another in the series’ last episode, but audiences also get to see them kiss.

The second season will now take up where the first left off in terms of these two’s relationship. It’s a difference between falling in love and managing a relationship. Similarly to how the two of them struggled in their early days, something similar will occur in the second season. Furthermore, as the new anime is now airing, the sequel will set up Hirano and Kagiura’s budding love story. As a new school year begins, fans are hoping to see someone enter Hanzawa’s life.

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