Dragon Ball Super Manga 83: Release Date and Time, Plot, Spoilers and Everything You Need To Know

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Hey! Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83. We’ll give you the release date, spoilers, raw scans, and where you can read the new chapter, so stay tuned!

Dragon Ball Super is the next chapter in the Legendary Dragon Ball manga, which was written and drawn by ToyoTarou and supervised by Akira Toriyama. It is the same as the first chapter. It is very different from the anime made by Toei Animation. The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga is still going strong.

With Gas’ strength overwhelming Goku, the fight between Goku and Gas really starts. This is how it really starts: During the fight, Gas kicks Goku. Goku barely blocks the kick as he gets a bruise from it. It doesn’t stop. Gas keeps kicking Goku, and Goku keeps blocking his every move.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Spoilers

There are going to be a few panels where we see the fight between Gas and Bardock, which took place a few decades ago. A raw scan shows Gas with a heavy-duty sword and crushing Bardock with it, so that’s what you’ll see. Bardock, on the other hand, is able to throw the gas away from himself with his bare hands.

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But again, gas hits him, and this time he can’t stop it. It hurts Badrock and makes him fall to the ground. All in all, it will be interesting to see how Bardock is able to save himself in Chapter 83 of the manga!

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What is the story about  Dragon Ball Super?

The manga for Dragon Ball Super is drawn by Toyotarou, who also did the manga for the official Resurrection ‘F’ manga. It started being serialized in the August 2015 issue of V Jump, which came out on June 20, 2015.

Toyotarou said that he gets the main points of the story from Toriyama, then draws the storyboard and fills in the rest of the details himself. He sends the storyboard to Toriyama for review. Toriyama edits the first draught, making changes to dialogue and art before he sends it back to Toyotarou, who illustrates the final draught and sends it to Shueisha.

During a break in November of 2018, the manga began its own story arcs. After covering the last episode of the Super anime, the manga began its own story arcs. When Shueisha started to put the chapters together into tanks on volumes, she started to do this. Today is done. We will let you know if there is any news about Dragon Ball Super chapter 83.

The Plot of Dragon Ball Super Manga 83

Dragon Ball Super was first serialized in the August 2015 issue of V Jump, which came out on June 20, 2015. It was drawn by the same artist who did the official Resurrection ‘F’ manga translation. Toyotarou is the author and illustrator of Dragon Ball Super, and he did both the writing and the art.

He said that he gets the main points of the storyline from Toriyama before he starts drawing the storyboard and filling in the gaps between the lines with his own ideas.

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In order to check the storyboard, he sends it to Toriyama, who makes changes to the language and art. Then, he sends it back to Toyotarou, who draws the final draught and sends it to Shueisha for publication.

It was in November 2018 when the manga finished covering the last story arc of Super, so it started its own unique story arcs. The first one was published in December 2018. After the chapters were published, Shueisha started putting them in the tank on the volumes that came out right away.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date and Time

Chapter 83 English translations are set to be released on April 20, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. In 2022, the official Japanese version will come out two days before the English version comes out on April 18th, 2022. There are new issues of the DBS manga in Shueisha’s  V Jump magazine every 20th day of the month, so you can read them all at once!

The time it takes to get out.

Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super will be available to read online at this time for people outside of the United States and Japan.

In Pacific Time, it is 9 AM.

At 11 AM, Central Time, it’s

Eastern time: 12 o’clock.

At 5 PM in British time.