Horimiya Season 2 Releasing Updates And Everything You Need To Know: Teaser, Cast And Storyline!

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“Horimiya” took the world by storm when it came out in early 2021, and it was a huge hit. Fans fell in love with the cute love story between two high school students who didn’t get along.

Anime: Hero is the name of a manga series written and drawn by Hiroki Adachi, who goes by the name Hero. They have very different lives outside of school.

They agreed to keep each other’s secrets from each other, and as they went along, they fell in love with each other. The anime series had a happy and conclusive ending, but fans want to see more of their love story.

About Horimiya Season 1.

When a high school love story is the purest, all of the bad things fade away to make room for the good. Horimiya has done the same thing. This is the story of Kyoko Hori, who is a very popular girl in her school.

She was a popular person with her classmates, which shows her social status. But Izumi Miyamura, who was both dull and loud, is also talked about in the story. Hori, on the other hand, hides her uniqueness from everyone.

To care for her younger brother, Souta, she wanted to stay at home and look after him. They also go to the same high school, but Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura both go to the same one.Horimiya-Season-2-Story It changes when Souta and Miyamura come home after having funky clothes on. They agreed to help each other without noticing their differences later on. As time goes on, they both fall in love with each other.

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Is there going to be a season 2 of “Horimiya?”

There is still no word on whether the show will be back for a second season. During the first season, the show came to an end. No cliffhangers or secrets were left in the story, so there were no more surprises.

There may not be any more stories to tell, so the show may not come back for a second season other than that, the anime version of the manga also kept up with the plot in its own way.

The last episode was based on the manga’s last chapter, which was about Katagiri Senior High School’s graduation day.
Having no more source material to adapt might mean that Horimiya season 2 won’t be able to happen anymore.

We don’t know what will happen in Season 2?

There were almost no questions left after you watched the first season of Horimiya. The first season of Horimiya covered almost all of the manga that was already out there.

But if the producers want to make a second season of Horimiya from the manga, that’s still a good thing because it could happen. So, because the first season left out a lot of information and some chapters, there will be 13 episodes to finish the whole thing.

horimiya mangaThere’s a good chance that the second season will focus on the characters’ past and their journey to the life that came after high school. Hori and Miyamura will tell us more about their personal lives and what they like to do, so we can learn more about them.

The teaser for season 2 of Horimiya is Here.

The show’s creators, Horimiya, have not said if the show will be renewed. In that case, we should not talk about the movie trailer. The trailer isn’t important at this point.

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Horimiya’s Voice Cast for Season 2.

Statistics say that the voice actors will stay the same in the second season of Horimiya. They will not change.

  • He plays Alejandro Saab, who is Kyoko’s boyfriend. Izumi Miyamura is played by him, too.
  • Anais Quinones is the voice of Yuki Yoshikawa, Kyoko’s best friend.
  • Zeno Robinson voiced Toru Ishikawa in the movie. This is how it works: (Toru is a fan of Kyoko)
  • Kyoko and her childhood friend Kakeru Sengoku are both voiced by Belsheber Rusape. Rusape is the president of the student council and Kakeru’s voice.
  • It’s Remi Ayasaki’s job to speak for him because she’s a student council member, so she does. She is a member of the school council.
  • Celeste Perez played Sakura Kono, a member of the student council who has a crush on Toru. Natsume Hado, voiced by Shioli Kutsuna, played Toru Sugihara, a member of the student council who has a crush on Toru.
  • Shuri Iura is a character on “Izumi Deyn” that’s played by Y. Chang. She’s the classmate of both Kyoko and Izumi.

horimiya season 2

  • When Apphia Yu played the voice of schoolgirl Hokokawa Sawane, she had a crush on the neighbor of Kyoko and Izumi, Kyoko and Izumi’s next-door neighbor.
  • Llewyn Ramirez was the voice of Shoji, while Koyuki Yanase was the voice of Shoji in the movie, too.
  • Marissa Lenti played Yuriko Hori, Kyoko’s workaholic mother, in the movie.
  • Bill Butts played Kyosuke Hori, Kyo’s father (Kyoko’s father). He played the role.

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How does the storyline of Horimiya Season 2 change?

Because the first season of Horimiya was all about “Hero,” it’s hard to know what will happen in Season 2.

However, the manga had a lot of chapters cut from the show. We can reasonably expect that the last episodes will be about Hori-brother sans and the future of Kyoko and Izumi, which may end in the same way as Season 1.