The Boys Season 3 Release Date: Where We Watch the Boys Season 3?


A new trailer for season 3 of The Boys has emerged, making the wait a little less agonizing. There’s also the satirical news series Seven on 7 and the animated anthology spin-off The Boys: Diabolical to keep you entertained in the meanwhile.

All the information you need to know about The Boys season 3 is here, from the cast to the plot to Jensen Ackles’ character Soldier Boy, who joins the cast. We’ve got a remark from Karl Urban himself talking about Billy Butcher’s transformation into a superhero in the upcoming season below. That’s only the beginning. Here’s all you need to know about the third season of The Boys.

The Boys’ Third Season Is Scheduled for Release in June 2022.

It has been determined that The Boys season 3 will be released on June 3rd, 2022. From then on, new episodes of the show will be released every Friday, starting with the first three.

Sex, Supes, and (Possibly) More Head Explosions in the Boys Season 3 Story

As a result of Boys’ season 2 conclusion, there are significant consequences for the show’s future. No less important than season three, in which characters part ways, new alliances are established, and some don’t make it.

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There will be a lot of attention paid to Victoria Neuman. The mysterious Supe politician has been detonating bombs in people’s heads, therefore she must have a sinister scheme in mind.

The Boys Season 3

Vought and the resurrected Seven may also be keeping tabs on Butcher after he reneged on his promise to keep Ryan out of the hands of Stan Edgar. Along with Soldier Boy’s debut, it’s possible that new details about the company’s genesis will emerge.

While we’re waiting for more concrete details on The Boys season 3, we spoke with Victoria Neuman actor Claudia Doumit and Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell about what we may anticipate from their respective characters in the third season.

With Hughie and her, I can’t wait to see how things turn out. There is so much I don’t know about her. I can’t wait to learn more about her past and how she ended up where she is now. Doumit also expects to see Neuman “screw some stuff up, blow some heads up” in the third season of the show.

The Black Noir? In other words, he has the ability to screw things up in a way that’s both different and more terrifying. Mitchell remarked that “Maeve and he is not going to get along!” when discussing the possible changes to the Seven in season 3. Evidently, this is the case.

The forced alliance between humans makes it fascinating. Maeve and Starlight aren’t trusted by Homelander. The fight with Starlight shows Noir’s distrust of Maeve. A-Train recently re-entered the fray, and now he and Starlight are “frenemies.”

This house is divided within itself but nevertheless holds together since everyone is crossed.” Season 3 is going to have a lot of exciting twists and turns,” he says.

There will also be “a full-on musical moment,” as Karen Fukuhara refers to it in Entertainment Weekly. It appears on the trail that the scene will take place between Kimiko and Frenchie. Season 3 of Mother’s Milk will be a “deep dive into trauma and what makes us tick as people,” according to Laz Alonso, who plays his character on the show.

Real-world events have never been shy in the Boy’s tale. He believes that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on some of the stories he and his writing team will be able to write in the future.

While not explicitly mentioning COVID in a roundtable discussion, Kripke said that “we’re having a lot of debates about the government response to Covid here in the United States” in season three. As a result, I believe you’ll see this metaphorically manifest itself at some point.

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It has been suggested that “Herogasm” could be the name of the third season. As the title suggests, it’s a ripped-from-the-comics story arc involving Supes and Vought having sex on a paid vacation. This is going to be the fifth episode of the season.

The Boys Season 3

According to Kripke’s Reddit interview, he plans to film one episode of sex scenes in the future. Although season 3 is already shaping up to be a great season without any more bodily fluids being spilled, it appears to be happening.

If previous tweets by Kripke provide any hint, the Dawn of the Seven global premieres will be aired in season 3. When The Boys season 2 ended, the Avengers-style Vought movie was supposedly filmed, which will be shown in future episodes. According to actor Laz Alonso, there will be a significant amount of bloodshed in the upcoming season.

“The craziest thing we’ve ever done” is stashed away in the third season premiere, according to Kripke, who previously told EW.


We also have one more piece of the puzzle to work with. Payback is the only word that comes to mind. As well as a reference to a group from The Boys comics that includes Soldier Boy and (at one time) Stormfront, “The Boys Season 3 Premiere” is the show’s title.

Is It Possible That the Super-team Will Return in Season 3?

Recently, several more specific hints about the plot have been released. Season 3 teasers are being issued in the guise of a TV news bulletin, and the Vought News Network broadcasts have already tipped off several interesting story developments in those that have appeared thus far.

We’ve learned a lot in just two episodes, including Homelander’s in the Tower, sulking over Stormfront’s demise, that Supes will not be joining the military, that Dawn of the Seven is on hold, that Blindspot has gone missing, that Hughie Campbell is working for Congresswoman Neuman as a senior analyst, that Eagle the Archer and Deep are both taking on the Church of the Collective, and that Starlight’s single “Never Truly Vanish” is In the second episode of the fictitious news program, Vought’s Global Wellness Center for Struggling Heroes is also advertised.

A-Train has released a single, Homelander appeared at the grand opening of a Vought-a-Burger, and Vought continues to deny any connection to the Sage Grove Center but has purchased the building to turn it into the Global Wellness Center. The Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs has also partnered with Vought to find “bad apples” in the Supe ranks.

Starlight returns to her classic costume, the Deep accepts a new position with Liquid Death Mountain Water, Cindy the Sage Grove Center escapee is still at large and Ezekiel has been charged with multiple counts of abuse and misconduct in episode four. In addition, Stormfront has been “securely locked away,” but his supporters remain vocal.

Black Noir is healing from his allergic reaction, and Homelander has vowed to restore faith in Supes in the fifth episode. Hughie makes an appearance in Episode 6 and it is revealed that Starlight is hosting a reality show to find a new Seven member.


Season 3 was supposed to begin filming in early 2021, but thanks to COVID-19, we still have some hope. On the first day of production, the showrunner and some of his cast members presented new looks from the set.

The Boys Season 3

Karl Urban’s rendition of Billy Butcher demonstrates the actor’s distinctive look. “Working hard and taking every precaution to assure our continued health and safety,” the actor lauded the production studios and the crew. Then he said, “In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated. We’ve got a slew of treats in store for you!”

A selfie of Erin Moriarty, who plays Starlight, posing next to Jack Quaid was shared by the actress. We last saw Hughie Campbell in season 2’s conclusion, and he now sports a more professional appearance. (We’ll get to that in a minute.)

The Boys: Season 3 Streaming Online

On Friday, June 3, the first three episodes of Season 3 will be released on Amazon Prime Video, with the remaining eight portions of the season coming on subsequent Fridays. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book, from which the show takes its inspiration, is well-known for pushing the superhero genre to its limits.

The only difference between our show and the real world, according to Kripke, is that the superheroes we all adore are, in fact, real. “Supes” in this show may be seen as selfish villains rather than noble heroes, according to some critics.

When it comes to the struggle against The Boys, a small vigilante group that operates under the surface, the supes and their huge corporate backer are winning at all costs.

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Trailer for The Boys: Season 3

As of Saturday, March 12, 2022, we now have the first look at the Redband Season 3 teaser trailer. In addition to being rated “D for Diabolical” on YouTube, the video contains the newest Imagine Dragons song, “Bones,” which was published on March 11 and is rated “D for Diabolical.”

On Vought News Network’s Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman series on YouTube, which was hosted by Cameron Coleman for months previous to the release of the teaser trailer as a thinly veiled FOX News spoof. Supersonic, a character set to make an appearance in Season 3, was mentioned in a recent episode update.

For those who haven’t seen the Season 3 premiere yet, Prime Video has released a first peek at what appears to be an intense photo session at Vought. “Payback is coming June 3, and it ain’t going to be lovely,” the caption reads. The author adds, “Heads will explode, and not in a metaphorical sense.”.