Read Here About Tomodachi Game Manga Release Date of Episode 3 and Previous Episode Recap and Everything You Should Know


The Tomodachi Game is one of the most-anticipated anime shows of the present day. There were only two episodes of this show, but it was able to keep people waiting for more. Story so far: There’s been a split in the team.

It seems like Sawargi was a traitor after the first game. But she didn’t like the idea, and she asked him to be his ally in the game. But Mikasa could hear everything they talked about. It will start with the second game in the Tomodachi Game Episode 3. It’s all here.

In the next episode, the Manabu doll will show the kids how to play the second game. It is clear to Mikasa that Sawargi and Yuuichi play together. She will keep a close eye on these two. She might also try to form her own group in the team.

Tomodachi Game Episode 3: What’s going to happen next in the game?

Third episode: “There’s No Way I’d Believe That.” First, the second game. They are going to play together this time. Because Mikasa heard the whole conversation, she doesn’t want them to get the prize money while they all played. Thus, Mikasa might also try to make a friend.

tomadachi game intro

Another important part of the game is that Makoto and Kokorogi play a big role in it, too. Thus, she might make the offer to them. She will not fight on her own. It will also talk about what the next game will be. In the next episode, we’ll also talk about how the prize money is split.

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Where to watch Tomodachi Game Episode 3?

You can watch Tomodachi Game Episode 3 on Crunchyroll, with the original Japanese dub and English subtitles, and it’s free. We tell people to watch from the official platforms to help the people who make them.

The Previous episode recap!

He had to face the consequences in the second episode of Tomodachi Game because he broke rules. In the game, he knew that it wasn’t his turn to talk. That’s why he did it. So, the real traitor would show up in front of everyone.

During the game, they found out the person with the least debt had to pay the loser’s penalty. Even though all of this happened, they still answered all of the questions correctly and won the game.

 previous episode of tomodachi game

Game over: The team sat down and talked about what they should do for the next one.

When the next game came out, Yuuichi was ready to join them. He walks up to Sawargi and tells her that he thinks she is the traitor, but that’s all. They agreed to become partners at the end of the episode. Mikasa, on the other hand, was listening to everything these two people talked about.

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Tomodachi Game Episode 3: When and where it will be out.

“There’s No Way I’d Believe That” is going to tell us about another game that the students need to play in order to please the person who made it. So, what’s the next step? On April 20, 2022, the third episode of Tomodachi Game will be on the market. Only on the official pages of Crunchyroll and MediaLink will fans be able to watch all of the episodes of the show. So, stay up to date with The Anime Daily to learn more about the same thing, as well.

These are the expected release times for your area because of time zone differences:

At 8:00 AM in Pacific Time, it’s (April 20, 2022)

Ten o’clock in the morning in Central Time (April 20, 2022)

Eastern Time: 11:15 a. m. (April 20, 2022)

4 p.m. is British time (April 20, 2022)