Why Did Johnny And Vanessa Divorce : What Everyone Needs to Know!


Johnny Depp is locked in a legal struggle with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp has had a number of high-profile romances prior to Heard. His 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis followed his romance with Winona Ryder. But now we’re looking back at his first marriage to Lori Allison. So, why did Allison and Depp eventually part ways?

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.
Allison and Depp knew one other long before Depp became a celebrity. According to The Things, Depp met Allison while he was a teenager through the band he was in. The actor dropped out of high school and went on to work with The Kids, where he had some success. Allison was the band’s bassist’s sister.

Allison and Depp married in 1983. Allison was 25 years old at the time, while Depp was only 20 years old. They took a trip to Los Angeles together in order to get more active in the music industry. Allison had high dreams of becoming a record producer, but after becoming half-deaf, she had to change her plans. She then went on to work in the film industry as a makeup artist.

Allison was able to connect Depp with Nicolas Cage thanks to her newfound connections in the movie industry. Cage convinced Depp to audition for A Nightmare on Elm Street, which launched Depp’s career in Hollywood.why did johnny and vanessa divorce


They didn’t appear to be able to make their relationship work. According to Metro.co.uk, they parted in 1985 due to irreconcilable issues. They didn’t seem to conclude on a sour note, either. Allison still goes by the name “Lori Depp,” and she’s said a lot of positive things about her ex-husband.

“We all know he’s a terrific actor who can do the pirate thing like nobody’s business,” she told the Miami Herald in 2015. “But he’s also a fantastic guitarist who got his start in the local Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale bar circuit.”

Allison has also defended Depp in the wake of Heard’s recent allegations of sexual misconduct. Allison referred to her ex as a “soft person” who would never participate in aggressive behavior, according to TMZ.

Johnny Depp talks about his very traumatic’ breakup with Vanessa Paradis:

The termination of Johnny Depp‘s long-term relationship with Vanessa Paradis has been described as “extremely traumatic” by the actor.

From roughly 1998, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star had two children with the French singer, actress, and model.

Mr. Depp was questioned in the High Court on the opening day of his libel action against The Sun tabloid regarding his heavy drinking near the end of his romance with Paradis.

“I would absolutely say that towards the end of my relationship with  Paradis, the mother of my children, it was a really sad period – to split up with someone you’ve been with for 14 years and with whom you have two children,” he testified in court.

Why Did Johnny And Vanessa Divorce

So it was a particularly tough period for me, and I was most likely trying to numb myself as much as possible.” He stated he wasn’t sure if he was misusing narcotics at the time, but he was “certainly” abusing booze.

Mr. Depp claimed that the family was “on the edge of splitting apart” and that Ms. Paradis was “very, very sad.” “I didn’t enjoy making her sad, and I didn’t like making my children sad,” he continued.

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Ms. Paradis is expected to testify during the trial, describing her former spouse as a “kind, attentive, kind, and non-violent person and father” in a witness statement.

“Did you break anything when you were living with Ms. Paradis?” said Sasha Wass QC, a counsel for News Group Newspapers, the publisher of The Sun. “Over 14 years, I imagine I might have,” he said. “Over 14 years, I imagine she might have.” Ms. Wass then inquired as to whether the police had ever been summoned to the former couple’s home in France, to which he replied, “no, never.”HTTP:why did johnny and vanessa divorce

“Ms. Paradis never had an issue with my drinking, and when I was with Ms. Paradis for those 14 years, I didn’t touch cocaine, I didn’t touch marijuana,” he said in response to a follow-up question on Ms. Paradis’ attitude toward his drinking.

“I’ve had a lot of extremely meaningful romantic relationships before I spent 14 years with my long-term former partner, Vanessa Paradis,” Mr. Depp stated in a witness statement.

“All relationships have their ups and downs, but none of those partnerships involved any violence or physical abuse.”

“I have two great children from my relationship with Ms. Paradis, and I am extremely proud of them and the upbringing we provided for them.”

“This could never have happened in an abusive relationship, and no one could ever accuse me of being abusive.”

“My children greatly anchored my life and gave me a huge sense of purpose and love, confirming once again how no relationship or upbringing should be like my parents’ relationship and upbringing.”

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Vanessa Paradis was dumped by Johnny Depp because she was a “bitch” to his mother:

According to reports, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis broke up because she didn’t get along with his mother. Heather Rassel is divorcing Johnny’s nephew and confidant, Billy Rassel, and has revealed what she believes terminated the A-list actor’s 14-year relationship with the French singer-actress.

According to her, Johnny’s decision to pick his adored mother, Betty Sue, above Vanessa ultimately tore the pair apart. Heather expressed her emotions towards Vanessa – with whom Johnny has two children, Lily-Rose and Jack  – in an interview with the British daily The Sun”I’m not a fan of Vanessa.”. I’m sorry, but she was a complete jerk. It was the catalyst for the breakup of their relationship.

why did johnny and vanessa divorce

“I believe her relatives took advantage of Johnny as well,” she asserted. “Betty, Johnny’s mother, would never complain about Vanessa to him or to her face.” To her, she was always pleasant, lovely, and gracious, but she was a lot more honest to us.”

Johnny’s relationship with his sister Debbie – Billy’s mother – was similarly depicted in a gloomy light by Heather. She claimed the siblings had a year-long feud over who would care for their 80-year-old mother. Debbie’s family allegedly decided not to contact Johnny or their mother and even signed a contract describing the purported decision, according to her.

While Johnny (51) and Vanessa maintain a friendly connection for the sake of their two children, they have both moved on with new relationships following their divorce in June 2012. Vanessa is dating French singer-songwriter Benjamin Biolay, while Johnny is said to have married American actress Amber Heard on Tuesday at their Los Angeles home.

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