Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Release Date: Will There Be a Godfather of Harlem Season 3?


Following its successful second season, EPIX has announced that Godfather of Harlem will return for a third season in 2022, following its critical praise.

According to EPIX’s official release, the third season of Godfather of Harlem will be broadcast in 2022. As Bumpy Johnson, Forest Whitaker takes the role.

Gang boss Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein star in this critically praised drama about a prominent 1960s gangster. A decade and a half after completing an 11-year sentence,

Now that Johnson has been released, he must strive to reestablish the criminal organisation he had before he was arrested. In this series, we get a look of Harlem in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement and the contending forces in New York City’s underbelly during a time of tremendous cultural upheaval.

New York will be the setting for Godfather of Harlem’s third season filming this summer. The first episode of the new season will air in 2022. A season in which Godfather of Harlem drew in more viewers than any other EPIX show before it concluded,

The third season of the show has been announced. EPIX’s highest-rated finale ever since the critically praised season 2 finale surpassed network single-day streaming records to become EPIX’s highest-rated finale ever.

A Bumpy Johnson trilogy will follow him as he battles the Italian and Cuban Mafias for dominance of Harlem’s criminal world over the course of three seasons. To restore the empire Bumpy previously governed, he’ll have to overcome a slew of challenges, including the risk of his loved ones’ life as deadly crime leaders vie for power in his territory. Assuming the previous two seasons of Godfather of Harlem are any indicator, EPIX viewers can look forward to an exciting new season this fall.

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3

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Date of Godfather Of Harlem Season 3

The third season of Godfather of Harlem has been renewed for ten episodes on Epix. According to the network, ABC Signature’s critically acclaimed drama Season 3 will begin filming in New York City this summer.

After a successful second season, which Epix claims was its best-ever season in terms of viewer participation, the show has been renewed for a third year. When it comes to streaming numbers on Epix’s digital platforms, the season two finale of the show was the network’s best-performing finale episode ever, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Harlem’s “Godfather” 3rd Season

Godfather of Harlem, a television series hosted by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, chronicled the life of notorious criminal boss Bumpy Johnson (Whitaker). When he returned to his hometown in the early 1960s after serving an 11-year sentence, he found the territory he once ruled in ruins.

In any event, it’s safe to suppose that a television season takes around a year to make. Season 3 of “Godfather of Harlem” can be expected in the third quarter of 2022, if a fresh cycle is ordered shortly.

The Season 3 Plot of Godfather of Harlem

John Goodman plays the mafia lord Bumpy Johnson in “Godfather of Harlem,” a drama set in 1960s New York. To his surprise, he returns to Harlem after ten years in prison to find that the area has changed dramatically.

Consequently, he is working to take back the territory from the Italian mob who had seized control of it as a result. His actions set off a chain reaction that threatens to wipe out the entire city if left unchecked. Prequel to the 2007 picture ‘American Gangster,’ which premiered in theatres.

According to the show’s official website, it premiered on September 29, 2019, after being developed by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein. The musical was well-received by critics who lauded its razor-sharp writing and emotionally intense performances.

The complex design of Bumpy was picked out by the critics for admiration. However, some commentators have complained that the plotlines are often too packed.

There is no doubting that the show is entertaining despite its limitations. Fans are eager to find out if there will be a third season of the show.

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3

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A Look at the Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Cast and Characters

  • Bumpy Johnson is played by Forest Whitaker
  • Alejandro “El Guapo” Villabuena, a close friend and associate of Bumpy’s, is played by Luis Guzmán
  • Malcolm X, played by Nigél Thatch, is an old buddy of Bumpy’s and a Muslim minister in the Nation of Islam
  • Mayme Johnson, Bumpy’s wife, is played by Ilfenesh Hadera
  • Elise Johnson, Bumpy’s heroin-addicted daughter-turned-Muslim, is played by Antoinette Crowe (Legacy)
  • Ernie Nunzi, played by Rafi Gavron, is a violent companion of Vincent’s
  • Stella Gigante, Vincent’s daughter, is played by Lucy Fry
  • Del Chance, one of Bumpy’s most loyal enforcers, is played by Erik LaRay Harvey
  • Nat Pettigrew, Bumpy’s other trusted lieutenant, is played by Elvis Nolasco
  • Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, played by Vincent D’Onofrio
  • Joe Bonanno is played by Chazz Palminteri
  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr. is played by Giancarlo Esposito

Harlem’s “Godfather” 3rd Season

In a statement, Whitaker said he was looking forward to working with the cast, crew, and authors once again. We owe a debt of gratitude to Michael Wright, Epix, ABC Signature, and our fans.

The show’s resurrection was made public without Giancarlo Esposito. Apparently, Esposito’s involvement in the show’s main narrative is critical, and there is a lot of interest in his returning.

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“The Godfather of Harlem” Season 3

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3

Filming for the show’s third season, which will consist of 10 episodes, will begin in New York City this summer. In the plot, the CIA and the Cuban mafia vie for control over Harlem.

As Johnson’s emotions increase, he puts his family and neighbors at risk. When the criminal underworld and the civil rights movement fought during one of the most violent periods in American history, it resulted in many deaths.

In addition to Whitaker, Brancato, Eckstein, Bongiovi, and Smith, as well as Smith and Chappelle, Whitaker serves as an executive producer for A&E’s “Godfather of Harlem.” They all contribute to the show as a collective. The project’s music was overseen by Swizz Beatz. Initiators Chris and Paul are responsible for the show’s conception.