Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Release Date: When Will Mayor of Kingstown Season 2


Paramount Plus’s Mayor of Kingstown helped put the streaming service on the map as a formidable rival to Disney+ and Netflix. Jeremy Renner was the star of the show. With 2.6 million viewers tuning in to watch the series premiere alone, the Hawkeye star is headlining a great cast that explores the dark underbelly of the criminal justice system in the first episode. The McLusky family is at the heart of the Mayor of Kingstown, where the males of the family have managed to turn the jail system into a constant profit.

The family walks a tight line between justice and corruption as the go-between for inmates and law enforcement officials. Mayor of Kingstown: Season 1 ended with many unanswered questions regarding what lies next for the town’s citizens, and we at The Digital Fix are here to fill in those gaps.

What Is the Release Date for the Second Season of Mayor of Kingston?

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Production Weekly reported in December 2021 that filming on the second season had begun. On 14 NOVEMBER 2022, Paramount Plus announced that the show had been renewed for a second season. The mayor of Kingstown season 2 is definitely on the horizon.

However, the Mayor of Kingstown season 2 has yet to begin filming or be given a release date, so we may have to wait longer. The second season of Mayor of Kingstown may be published between late 2022 and the beginning of 2023, given that season 2 has been confirmed as production.

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Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown: What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown?

When we return for the first time since Mike’s appointment as their designated “representative,” we are shocked to see a horrifying prison riot that he failed to de-escalate. During the ensuing chaos, inmates, correctional officers, and police officers are all wounded or killed, including the organizer of the uprising, P-Dog.

This episode’s aftermath and how it affected the main characters will probably be a significant story point in the second season, which will air soon after this one. The violence is over, but Mike and his brother Kyle are still alive, but they’ve been through a lot. At home, Mike returned to find that Iris had narrowly avoided being mauled by a bear in the prison’s sewer system.

Mike’s unofficial position as Mayor of Kingstown will likely be a significant story point due to the riot’s psychological and physical effects. There is a good chance that we will witness more of Mike’s tumultuous relationship with his family, including his estranged mother and son, Milo.

Even though Mike and Milo have been together for a long time, their relationship hasn’t been as openly discussed as one might expect. Because Milo was able to escape prison during the riot, we may expect him to cause even more havoc once he gets out, and we may learn more about their convoluted past.

Season 2 Trailer for Kingston’s Mayor, the Second Season of Mayor of Kingstown, Has Yet to Be Released.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Two months before the premiere of Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount Plus in September 2021, the first season trailer was released. Unfortunately, Mayor of Kingstown season 2 has yet to have a trailer. When the Mayor of Kingstown season 2 trailer debuts, it will be two months before the series premieres.

However, as of April 2022, there is no indication on whether the show has begun filming; thus, a trailer doesn’t seem likely until the end of the year.

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How Many Characters does Will Appear in the Second Season of Mayor of Kingstown?

With the return of Jeremy Renner and Dianne Wiest as Mike McLusky, the show’s heart and soul is a foregone conclusion. As Mike’s youngest brother, we may expect Taylor Handley to return to round out the McLusky family. Tobi Bamtefa and Emma Laird will also be returning as Mike’s love interests, Iris, a sex worker.

In addition to Dillon, the cast includes Laird (as an escort and Mike’s love interest), Bamtefa (the gang leader) and Derek Webster (as another detective), Allan-Headley (as an officer), Lass (as an incarcerated gang leader) and Gillen (as a police sergeant). Dillon also appears as an escort in the film (a Russian mobster).

Tobi Bamtefa is expected to reprise his role as Deverin “Bunny” Washington, the leader of the group and Mike’s best buddy, while Emma Laird will reprise her role as Iris, Mike’s love interest. Allan-Headley will also be back as a police sergeant alongside Hugh Dillon and Derek Webster as detectives. Milo Sunter, a Russian mobster, played by Aidan Gillen, is also likely to appear.

Predicting which cast members will be back for season 2 is one thing; indicating who will survive it is another.

The Second Season of Mayor of Kingstown Cast

  • In the role of Mike McLusky, Jeremy Renner
  • Miriam McLusky, played by Dianne Wiest
  • Taylor Handley plays Kyle McLusky.
  • Hugh Dillon is Ian in this scene.
  • Tobi Bamtefa as Deverin ‘Bunny’ Tobi Bamtefa as Iris Allan-Stevie Headley’s Hamish,
  • Gillen’s Milo Sunter and Webster’s Stevie Hamish.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Mayor of Kingstown?



Episodes from the first season were released one by one over two months. They are unlikely to alter their method for season 2 because the plan is working for them, given the show’s popularity.

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Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown

There is a good likelihood that the first two episodes of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 will be made available as a double bill when the second season is released, as the first eight episodes were released weekly.

Can I Watch the Second Season of Mayor of Kingstown Online?

Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus‘ streaming service. If you’re a UK resident, you’ll have to wait until this summer to watch Mayor of Kingstown season 2 if Paramount Plus becomes accessible in your country.

The first season of Paramount Plus is now accessible in the United States. However, UK citizens can sign up to receive notifications when it becomes available in their country.

Season 1 of Mayor of Kingstown is anticipated to be accessible to stream as soon as Paramount Plus arrives in the UK, regardless of whether or not season 2 is ready.