American Actor And Comedian Bill Murray Divorce: Complete Info. Here!

bill murray divorce

Actor Bill Murray has had a long Hollywood career that has carried him from Saturday Night Live routines in the 1970s to films like Lost In Translation, Caddyshack, and Groundhog’s Day.

The comedian has had an intriguing personal life, turning up at karaoke parties and reading poems to construction workers on the spur of the moment. (When are you coming to see us, Bill?)

Murray’s love life has tended to fly beneath the radar of late, despite his odd public appearances, and he has stated that he isn’t in any hurry to change that because he has been focused inward. “Not to devalue a relationship with a woman,” he told shock jock Howard Stern, “but I can’t take on another relationship if I’m not taking care of the things I truly need to take care of the most.” “It’s not a selfish thing… it’s a responsibility.”

bill murray divorce

This grizzled A-lister, who reputedly avoids using agencies in favour of a 1-800 number, recently resurfaced in the spotlight with a remarkable Groundhog Day-inspired Jeep commercial during Super Bowl LIV. Let’s take a look at the facts about Bill’s ex-wives now that he’s back on everyone’s mind.

How Bill Murray’s ‘Groundhog Day’ Work Was Affected by His First Divorce:

bill murray divorce

Groundhog Day is a great film from the 1990s. Despite its success, the film was never followed up by a sequel. Bill Murray plays the lead in the picture. Murray was also going through a difficult period in his personal life during the filming of the picture.

‘Groundhog Day’ is Based On a True Story:

The 1993 film Groundhog Day is about a weatherman named Phil Connors. Phil has to cover a little town’s Groundhog Day festivities. He doesn’t hide his disdain for his job and treats others around him badly. He wakes up each morning to find that it is still Groundhog Day.

bill murray divorce

As Phil attempts to break free from the time loop by dying, the film offers edgy humour.

He gradually becomes a more caring person, and the cycle comes to an end. Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott also appear in the film.

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Bill Murray’s Divorce Had An Impact On His Behaviour On The Set Of “Groundhog Day.”

 Bill Murray is not currently married, however, he has been in the past. He married Margaret Kelly in 1981. The couple had two sons together before divorcing after more than a decade of marriage. Murray married Jennifer Butler a second time in 1997. Together, they had four sons. Murray and Butler, on the other hand, called it quits in 2008.

Murray’s first marriage was reportedly crumbling during the filming of Groundhog Day, according to Entertainment Weekly. Murray was reportedly a little “crazy” on set as a result of this. “I learnt to take a step back,” stated director Harold Ramis. “You don’t dare to walk in front of a train.” You just stood there and watched it pass by.”

Murray was also difficult to interact with around that time, according to Ramis. “Calls would go unanswered,” he explained. “Production assistants were unable to locate him.”

“Bill could be really crazily rude and unavailable at times; he was often late-onset,” Ramis told The New Yorker. “I’d like to tell him the same thing we tell our kids: ‘You don’t have to throw tantrums to achieve what you want.’ ‘Just state what you’d want.’

Before It Was Too Late, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray settled Their Rivalry:

Violet Ramis Stiel recalls her father attempting to break away from the friendship but being hurt. “My father tried to be diplomatic about it and not take it personally, but it troubled him.

” He described himself as “heartbroken, perplexed, and unsurprised by the rejection,” she wrote in her book.

bill murray divorce

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Ramis went on to acquire Autoimmune Inflammatory Vasculitis later in life. His health deteriorated, and in 2010, he contracted an infection that forced him to use a wheelchair. When it became evident that Ramis was dying, Bill Murray’s brother Brian Doyle Murray pushed him to pay a visit to him.

Bill Murray showed over at Ramis’ residence early one morning with a box of doughnuts, and the two shared a few farewell laughs and hours together. In February of that year, Ramis passed away.

Bill Murray Divorce Finalized:

A month after his wife sued him for divorce in a shocking filing alleging abuse and infidelity, Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler Murray have worked out an agreement to end their marriage.

According to court documents dated June 13 and obtained by, Butler Murray, 42, has been granted primary custody of their four children and will keep the couple’s homes in Hemet, Calif. and Sullivan’s Island, S.C. Bill Murray, 57, must pay child support and will keep other property in California, New York and Massachusetts.

Bill Murray must also pay Jennifer a lump sum. The Murrays signed a prenuptial agreement in which Bill would pay his wife $7 million in a divorce, and, according to court documents, it is still valid.

In May, Butler Murray filed for divorce on the grounds of drug addiction, physical abuse, adultery and abandonment. She also requested a restraining order against her husband.

According to Butler Murray, she felt forced to move with their children to a new home as a result of the actor’s alcohol, marijuana and sex addictions, among other reasons. According to a newspaper report, the filing said that Murray once “hit his wife in the face and then told her she was ‘lucky he didn’t kill her.

At the time, the actor’s lawyer, John McDougall, said only: “I can say that Bill Murray is deeply saddened by the break-up of his marriage to Jennifer. They remain loving parents, committed to the best interest of their children.