Engage Kiss Confirmed Released Date: Cast, Synopsis, Official Trailer And More Updates!


Engage Kiss is a new anime from the studio A-1 Pictures.

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Part of the Project Engage series, it will also have a game for your phone or tablet.

The anime is set in Bay long City, which is a man-made island that is used for its unique resources and also attacked by demons. It’s been a while since Shu left his last job and started working for himself, but his life is a mess.

Kisara helps him with everything, and his ex-girlfriend, Ayano, also likes him because she used to be his girlfriend. Shu and the two girls are going to start a romance.

Engage Kiss Anime Released Date.

Every woman who comes into contact with Sh feels sorry for him because his life doesn’t seem to be in order. Kisara and his ex-girlfriend help him a lot. Don’t feel bad for him because he gets enough help from them.

engagae kiss trailer

If you want to learn more about Sh and his rom-com life, you can watch the Engage Kiss anime on July 3, 2022.

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A smartphone game called Engage Kill will be released soon as part of the Project Engage series. It is part of the Project Engage series.

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Engage Kiss Cast.

  • Designed by Megumi Katagiri: The Demon.
  • Shinpei Wada made the animation Demon Desgin.
  • Kenji Teraoka made the weapons.
  • Action Choreography is done by Yoshihiro Kanno
  • Hirokatsu Maruyama is the action director.
  • Nobuhisa Ogiso is the art director for this project.
  • Kusanagi did the background art for this story.
  • Nanako Okazaki is the person who did the color key for this project.
  • Yohei Miyawaki is the director of photography for this project.
  • People who did the work on this: Kumiko Sakamoto
  • In charge of the sound: Takeshi Takada

There will be a premiere of the anime on Tokyo MX, Tochigi Tv, and Gunma Tv on July 2nd at 27:30. It will also be shown on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV, BS11, and Miele stations (effectively, July 3 at 2:30 a.m.

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Synopsis of the Anime Engage Kiss.

Shu Ogata is a young businessman from the man-made megalopolis of Baylon City, which was built to take advantage of new resources.

Shu has a lot of problems with money, but he has a friend who helps him with household chores and worries about him all the time, as well as Ayano, his ex-girlfriend and former coworker from work.

Engage Kiss – Official Trailer.

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