Fire Force Season 3 Anime Released Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Recap & Much More Updates!


Fire Force Season 3: Anime is on the rise because there are so many creative and visually appealing animated series out there for people to watch. Having “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” two popular shonen action and supernatural shows, shows that these two genres are becoming more popular than ever before, and this is a good thing for them.

“Fire Force,” which has a unique look at a group of firefighters and the idea of spontaneous combustion, would be negligent if we didn’t watch it.

Fire Force Season 3 Released Date.

For now, the creators of Fire Force Season 3 are still working on it, and it is taking longer than expected. This is all because of this pandemic that is causing a lot of problems for everyone.


Sure, Fire Force season 3 is in the works. The third season is set up for the fans, so you can expect it soon. But a rough guess can be made based on the release dates of the previous seasons. Season 1 came out in July 2019, and Season 2 came out in July 2020. So we think that the third season of the fire force might come out in late-2022.

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Fire Force Season 2 Recap.

Fire Force Season 2 was made by the liveliness studio David Production. For making JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Cells at Work, which came out in 2021.

Chief Tatsumi Minakawa, who is also in charge of the scriptwriting system, replaced Yuki Yase for the second season. He is also in charge of the system. Shin’ya Takano, the head of CGI, also replaced Daisuke Kusaka.

A lot of the people who used to make SHAFT came back for the next season. Kizumonogatari was made by Hideyuki Morioka and Yoshio Kozakai, both of whom worked on the show at SHAFT.

fire force season 2

Riki Matsuura (Tokyo Ghoul), who has worked on SHAFT projects recently, has also worked on SHAFT projects. Neito Hirohara came with them and helped them out as well.

Fire Force Season 3’s plot:

Audiences liked the end of Season 2 of Fire Force. Afterward, the firefighters must come up with a plan to keep their city safe.

Shinra and Arthur are now being trained by Captain Benimaru, who is in charge of the training. As part of his training regimen, Shinra has now reached the “Pull of Death” stage. By the end of the season, viewers had seen complete chaos.

Tokyo is on fire, and foreign armies have taken over the city. By the end of the season, the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1 had also died. As a result of this disaster, Tokyo is hurt.

Now that Fire Force Season 2 has started, we’re thinking about what will happen to Tokyo when it gets hit by a fire. That doesn’t make him happy enough. They will need a group of firemen who are very good at what they do to help them get rid of the intruders.

Based on what people say, it looks like the next Fire Force season will focus on the redemption arc of Special Fire Force Company 8, which has been accused of being traitors for a long time. For Fire Force, Season 3 will start in the fall of 2018.

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The cast of Fire Force Season 3.

“Fire Force” Season 3 hasn’t yet had a cast list put together for it. Based on how the first two seasons of the show were put together, it’s possible that most of the cast could return.

Besides a few new characters, there were no changes to the cast. Makoto Furukawa (Japanese), Zeno Robinson (English), and Kentaro Ito (Japanese and English) all voiced Ogun Montgomery and Scop (English). Shinra should still have a voice cast that includes Gakuto Kajiwara, who speaks Japanese, and Derick Snow, who speaks English, who speaks Japanese, but we should still see them again (Via Anime News Network).


Season 3 should be made by the same company, David Production. The same company made the first two seasons. When Yuki Yase left to direct Season 2 of “Fire Force,” Tatsuma Minamikawa was chosen instead.

If nothing else is said, it’s very likely that Minamikawa will still be the director for season 3. Kazuhiro Miwa will be the chief animator, and Kenichiro Suehiro will be the composer.

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Fire Force Season 3 Anime Spoilers.

There are spoilers for the first episode of Fire Force Season 3. They say that Fire Fore will start adapting Chapter 175 in Fire Force Season 3.

It was last seen that Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki had gone back to Asakusa to get another major power boost from training with Captain Shinmon.

Companies 1 and 2 are supposed to work together after Captain Hague died. The Emperor wants them to be “united,” so he wants them to work together.

Meanwhile, Company 7 has joined forces with Company 7 and is sure that they will be able to solve the mystery of spontaneous human combustion. They think they can. They talk for a short time, but then the Tokyo Military forces storm in and take Captain Obi away!

A lot of the Tokyo Empire is coming at them from a lot of places. The media says that they were taken, hostage.

Company 8 is seen as a group of renegades, so it decides to rescue its Captain, even though it will be seen as treason.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer.


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