Why Keeping a Home Phone Makes Sense Today?

Why Keeping a Home Phone Makes Sense Today

Internet is all around us already, whether it’s for work purposes or entertainment aspects or to remain connected with your loved ones we all use the internet in some way, shape, or form intentionally or unintentionally.

The Internet has become part of our lives.

Whether we like it or not, the internet has gripped our world and has become quite an influential tool and this is a fact of the modern world that we need to accept already. However, today we are not here to talk about the internet but a rather different thing that is also related to the internet but not entirely.

Whenever we are searching for an internet connection there are different packages and bundles we go through, and most of these bundles have a phone with them.

While a majority think that it is just a marketing gimmick to sell more products or these are just tactics to drive out additional products in the name of discounts. However, despite being a marketing ploy the bundle of a home phone can prove to be quite beneficial for a customer.

When a customer buys a standalone internet connection it already costs them somewhere around $50 to $100, that is for a high-speed internet connection, while the bundle that comes with a service like a home phone is just a few bucks extra, let’s assume $15 to $20. Customers try and save these few dollars, however, while subscribing to a bundle they can put that money to good use.

To explain the kind of home phone service that is offered with an internet connection, we first need to learn about the basics of the new technology on which a modern home phone is based. With the introduction of the internet, the whole technological world was revolutionized, as the internet was not only a technological marvel in itself but also acted as a catalyst to modernize various other technologies, and one such technology was the home phone.

With the inclusion of VoIP or voice over internet protocol that allowed analog voice signals to be converted into digital data packets that had the ability to be transmitted and received over the internet, the traditional home phone was completely changed.

Many major ISPs have also integrated VoIP technology into their home phone and one such is Cox voice, which comes bundled with Cox internet. This technology is usually bundled with an internet connection and we are here to explain why it can be worth a few extra dollars.

Modern Home Phones

There are some common misconceptions in people’s minds regarding home phones, many still think of home phones as the centuries-old technology where there was a big headset and analog dials in which every number has to be dialed by rotating the big rotary dial. This is a completely false notion and shows the ignorance of people towards such an important technology.

Modern home phones especially ones working on VoIP have immense amounts of benefits and are integrated with so many modern features that would bring any smartphone to shame. There are options like call blocking, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, and enhanced 911 features, some of which are not even available on cell phones. Plus the VoIP technology has drastically reduced the cost of calling with home phones as well, while also giving them a new slim design and limited portability. We are going to explain all these benefits of a home phone in detail below.

Advantages of a Home Phone

We are going to dwell deep into the different features of a home phone that we briefly touched on above. The below-mentioned features are enough to convince any sensible user to go with a home phone bundle.


The biggest advantage of a modern home phone is that they are quite cost-effective in terms of calling. With the introduction of the internet and VoIP, the calling cost has drastically reduced since the transmission doesn’t have to rely on the traditional copper wiring and telephone pole system, as everything is done over the internet, on which data transmission is quite economical.

Many home phone providers who offer VoIP services offer consumers the feature of unlimited local and long-distance calling all over the country at a fixed monthly price. This price is even less than what a typical mobile phone user pays for a standard cellular plan.

Plus, long-distance calling to many neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico is also included in this price, without any international charges, and where international calling is required the cost is also very economical as compared to a mobile phone.


One more advantage a home phone has is that it is a significantly more reliable service as compared to cellular technology. Here the hardwired landline is even more reliable than a VoIP service, as there is a decade-old infrastructure on which this system is working and the physical landlines are unaffected by various outside factors including weather changes and power outages.

Plus, there is no issue of signal interference and coverage area in home phones, something which mobile phones are greatly affected by. This reliability of home phones makes them a strong contender to act as a backup or emergency contact medium. And features like enhanced 911 where emergency authorities get all the necessary information about a person through a single call make home phones even more viable during emergencies.

Secondary Line

This is a combination of both these above-mentioned benefits. As most people are at home during the lockdown and are working or taking care of business online from home, this compels them to stay connected with different entities at the same time. In this regards a home phone can be a viable option instead of getting a new cellular connection which will cost too much.

Plus, since the home phone is a reliable service, it means that nobody would have any problem reaching out to you allowing seamless and smooth communication, an aspect which is crucial in any business or job.

Many service providers also give a private home phone number free of cost that can be easily used as a work number to get rid of work-related calls on your personal contact.


All these above-mentioned benefits are quite viable and cement our suggestion that every customer should consider bundling a home phone with their internet, as they will not only get discounts but great features as well. Whether the home phone service is through VoIP or landline still it holds quite a merit to staying relevant even in the world of today that has become saturated with cell phone towers.