British Music Manager, Author And TV Star Sharon Osbourne Net Worth: Early Life, Career And More Updates!

Sharon Osbourne net worth

Sharon Osbourne is a British music manager, author, and TV star. Sharon Osbourne has also been a judge on talent shows like “The X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent,” and she has done this before. Ozzy Osbourne, a heavy metal singer-songwriter, is her husband. She is also well-known as his wife.

Sharon Osbourne Early life.

A woman named Sharon Rachel Levy was born on October 9 of 1952. She was born in London, England. She was the daughter of Don Arden, a music promoter and one of the first people to start the British rock and roll scene.

Later, she said that she and her brother were raised in a very violent home. Her father had a lot of guns and would often threaten his business partners.

She also said that when she lost her virginity, she became pregnant at the age of 17. Her parents tried to get her to have an abortion, which Sharon later regretted. Even after she left home, her parents had more serious and violent fights with her.

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Sharon’s Body Measurements.

When you look at Sharon Osbourne, she is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 55 pounds. Her hair is red and her eyes are green. Other than that, there is no more information about Sharon’s body measurements.

Sharon Osbourne: Personal Life.

Sharon started dating Ozzy Osbourne when she started working with him on his solo career, but she had known him since she was 18 and had been friends with him then. In 1982, the couple got married and had three kids together, then they split up.

Sharon's personal life

As long as the two people have been together, their marriage has been full of problems, from domestic abuse to drug addictions and legal problems.

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Sharon’s Career

She has had a lot of high points and low points in her career. First, he was on a reality show—he is a music manager, promoter, author, talk show host, and so on and so forth.

Music Career:

Sharon was 27 years old when her father, who was in charge of Black Sabbath, fired Ozzy Osbourne because he didn’t like the band. After that, Sharon took on the job of Ozzy Osbourne’s manager and helped him start his own career.

The first step was to find him a new band. Later, she helped him record his first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz. The album was a huge hit and has sold more than 6 million copies to this day. With Ozzy’s next album, Diary of a Madman, she took on a more active role in running the band, which she did a lot more of.

TV Career. 

Sharon was a big part of Ozzy’s musical success, but she wasn’t a big star until the reality show The Osbournes came out. In 2002, the MTV show came out, and it quickly made Sharon a well-known figure in the entertainment world.

sharon osbourne

Sharon was very involved in talks with MTV, and it has been said that it was part of a plan to get Ozzy Osbourne out of the “cult figure” mold in the heavy metal scene.

Until 2005, the show was on the air. Sharon’s fight with cancer kept it going. The show had a lot of viewers in both Britain and the United States. At the end of the day, it is thought that Sharon Osbourne was paid almost $12 million for her role in The Osbournes.

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Awards and Praise.

Fox News Channel reporter Greta Van Susteren invited Sharon and her husband Ozzy to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in 2002. That year, the event was held in Washington, D.C.

  • At a ceremony in London, Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne were given a Silver Clef Award for their work in the music business.
  • Osbourne was named “the most amazing woman of 2003” in a poll by, a website for women. She took almost a third of the votes. Many different categories had more than 7,000 votes cast in them, which is a lot.
  • During Osbourne’s fight with cancer, she went to an award ceremony to get a trophy for the success of her family’s TV show, The Osbournes.
  • In Los Angeles, she went to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards with her daughter, Kelly Osbourne. She was there to get the best reality TV show award.
  • In late 2004, Osbourne went to the Woman of the Year awards in London to get an award that she had won in 2002 but couldn’t accept because she was sick.
  • Osbourne was named Freeman’s Celebrity Mom of the Year in 2006, beating out Jordan, Kate Moss, and the Duchess of Cornwall for the title.
  • In 2006, Osbourne’s book about his life was named Biography of the Year at the British Book Awards.

Osbourne is in Madame Tussauds, and there is a wax figure of him.
Because of her work, she is a board member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in honor.

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Sharon Osbourne: Net Worth & Salary.

She is worth $250 million as of January 2021. For a long time, Sharon has been one of the richest women in the United States because of her TV show deals.

When she dies, her home in Beverly Hills has a value of $13,000,000. Because of money from shows like The X Factor, she has a lot of money in the bank.


Sharon’s net worth is the sum of how much money she has earned and how much her assets are worth. In addition to her own job, she helped and built the jobs of her family members. Despite having Cancer, Sharon didn’t give up, and her strong will has been an inspiration to many people.


Here are some of Sharon Osbourne’s best moments in her life and work:

  • It’s called Ozfest (1980)
  • Sharon Osbourne’s manager
  • The Osbournes are a family of people who live in the same place (2002)
  • There was a show called The Sharon Osbourne Show (2003)
  • As you know, the judges on X-Factor are very strict (2004-2007)
  • In the United States, there is a TV show called “America’s Got (2007)
  • Yahoo! has named the top 10 TV moms in the world, and these are the top 10. (2009)