American Former Footballer Tiki Barber Net Worth, Biography, Career, Relationship, Controversy & Latest Updates

tiki barbe net worth

He is Atiim Kiambu Tiki Barber, a former NFL running back for the New York Giants, was born on April 7, 1975, in the United States. He played for the team for 10 seasons. During his time in college, he represented the University of Virginia in football. Second-round selection pick Barber spent his whole professional career playing for New York Giants. In 2006, Barber announced his retirement from the NFL after leading the Giants in both running and receiving yards during the playoffs. Virginia’s Sports Hall of Fame honored Barber in 2011 with an induction ceremony.

When Barber finished his playing career in the NFL, he became an integral part of the national media, appearing on both NBC’s The Today Show and Football Night in America/Sunday Night Football. He has written many novels.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback and safety Ronde Barber’s identical twin brother.

Tiki Barber: A Biography and Career Overview

One of the New York Giants’ greatest running backs, Tiki Barber was controversial during his 10-year NFL career.


Fans of the New York Giants will never forget his outspoken criticism of Michael Strahan and Tom Coughlin.

Because Barber left his pregnant wife for a former NBC intern, they won’t forget about that either! After a 10-year NFL career, Barber still managed to gain 10,449 running yards despite several flaws.

There are at least twenty-two Giants franchise records that Barber has. Let’s not forget that he is also a member of the New York Giants Ring of Honor.

In addition to being an outstanding runner on the field, Tiki Barber was also quite the character off the field.

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‘RHONJ’ Newcomer Traci Lynn Johnson and Tiki Barber’s Relationship Has always been Controversial.


They wanted a few fresh faces on their program, and one, in particular, has garnered a lot of attention since joining RHONJ. Traci Johnson is Tiki Barber’s wife and a sports pundit and a former NFL player.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta-style drama, right?

Even before their marriage, there was little doubt that Traci and Tiki had a turbulent relationship. Here’s all you need to know about the connection between Traci and Tiki.

Tiki Barber is Worth an Estimated $18 million.

Tiki Barber’s net worth is currently unknown. As of mid-2017, Barber’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million, mostly due to his football career earnings of $35 million, according to credible sources.

Tiki divorced his wife in Order to Marry Traci.

To be clear, let’s get this out of the way: An international media frenzy erupted in 2010 when it was revealed that Tiki had dumped his longtime wife Ginny, who was eight months pregnant with twins, for Traci. According to the New York Post, Tiki was a Today show journalist and Traci was an NBC intern.


According to a statement released by Tiki, Ginny and I have chosen to divorce after 11 years of marriage. “While this choice was difficult, we are going ahead peacefully and will continue to work together to raise our children with the love and commitment they have always known.”

According to Us Weekly, Tiki subsequently said that he and Traci were “just friends” when he was still married. Before then, he was “separated, out of my home,” so they didn’t take things to the next level “until then,” he added. In the past, Tiki and I have been romantically linked when he was separated, and it is not uncommon,” Traci said.

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When they Wed, it was 2012.

It was two years after Tiki’s divorce from his wife that he wed Traci. According to the New York Daily News, the newlyweds exchanged their vows at the Marriage Bureau in Manhattan. TIKI was 38 and Traci was 24 at the time of the incident.

Traci Lynn Johnson and I owe a debt of gratitude to the NYC Clerk’s office, particularly James Mitchell, who performed our nuptials.” This was what Tiki said in a now-deleted tweet, according to Us Weekly. “Excited for the next chapters..,” one reader said.