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Reincarnated as a Sword Anime Release Date is Confirmed: Check Out Its Plot, Main Characters, Trailer & Latest Updates

reincarnated as a sword anime release date

Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita, popularly known as Tenken, is a Japanese light novel series by Yuu Tanaka and drawn by Llo in which the protagonist is reborn as a sword. On the Shsetsuka ni Naro website in October of that year, it began as a web novel Micro Magazine published the first volume of the light novel in July 2016. One of the most popular anime series of all time has gotten a manga translation and a spin-off manga by Hinako Inoue, published by Micro Magazine. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed both the light novels and manga, as well as the spin-off, for North American distribution. In October 2022, C2C will release an anime television series adaption of a popular Japanese anime.


Someone who dies in an automobile accident because a distracted driver was texting and driving killed a 30-year-old salaryman who finds himself in another realm, but this time as a sword. In spite of the fact that he cannot remember his own name, he is nonetheless capable of recalling a lot of previous events in his life. If you’re Fran, you’ve found your long-sought-after master’s wand. Reincarnated Master Sword frees her from enslavement with its blade.

It tells the narrative of Fran and Master as they travel through this fantastic realm together.

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The characteristics of the two protagonists are entertaining to see.

Fran and Master from Reincarnated As A Sword are introduced Here in a nutshell.

After the protagonist is reborn into the world as a sword, the catgirl Fran Fran appears right away. Slave merchants have her in captivity and are attempting to sell her for their own profit. Trader Lackey assaults her as she travels. The caravan, on the other hand, is ambushed by a bear with two heads. When Fran flees the castle, she discovers the resurrected sword along the road. She uses it to take out the bear. The torture continues when a slave dealer comes upon her. Fran and the sword were also involved in his death. It is called “Master” by the owner. Aside from training in swordplay, Fran seeks to learn Master’s methods of combat.


The Master is the sword that was once a human being. Several times, it acts as the series’ narrator. For the time being, Master is an all-powerful magical sword with a wide range of abilities. Assists Fran on her travels and defends her with all its power.

Master’s manner of addressing people is really courteous and respectful. It will, however, be just as brutal if someone shows disrespect to it or Fran.

How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

The exact number of episodes hasn’t been disclosed yet. A total of 12 volumes are included in the light novel series. Keep an eye out for additional updates on this.
Date of Publication:

An announcement was made on September 24, 2021, for the anime adaptation. It will be published in October 2022. The precise date of broadcast is yet to be determined.

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Release Date

The anime adaptation was announced on September 24, 2021. It is scheduled to be released in Nov.2022. The exact date of airing is yet to be announced.

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