What Do We Know About Far Cry 5? Release Date and More

far cry 5

Far Cry 5’s release date has been set for February 27, 2018, by Ubisoft. All three major consoles will be allowed to play. In addition, there will be three editions of the game to play through.

There are several different versions of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Standard Edition is exactly what it sounds like: a copy of Far Cry 5. Doomsday Prepper Pack, which includes the prepper outfit, pistol, and vehicle skins, as well as additional consumables, is available to those who pre-order the game. The cost is $60.

In this $70 package, you’ll receive Far Cry 5: Deluxe Edition, which includes the game as well as four packs of add-ons: Big Game Hunter, Ace Pilot, Chaos, and Explosive.

A steelbook and all of the Deluxe Edition’s content for $100 is what you’ll get with the Gold Edition of Far Cry 5.

There is no word yet on pricing or whether the Gold Edition will be available in the US.

Ubisoft often charges Rs. 3,499 for the standard editions of its games. This is probably going to stay the way it is. The Deluxe and Gold Editions of Far Cry 5 have yet to be revealed.


What Is The Release Date of Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5‘ went on sale on the 27th of March, 2018. Make sure to check out our PC review of Far Cry 5 and our tech evaluation to see if it’s right for you before you buy it.


It’s the first time a Far Cry game has been set in the Western United States, making Hope County the setting for this latest installment.

With that, come numerous adjustments: new people to deal with, new species to encounter (or be encountered by), and a setting that is more recognizable to Westerners. Crop fields, mountains, charming wooden churches, and highways jam-packed with semis and muscle cars may all be found here.

Far Cry 5 will have the largest map yet, so expect a massive world to explore. Planes are also available for those who like to explore on foot or in a land-based vehicle, as well as for those who prefer to fly. For more than simply going from point A to point B, planes are a vital part of the gameplay, with dogfights and a bombing window making it easy to dump bombs on cultist territory.

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What is The FAR CRY 5 Story?


Project At Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult, has arrived into Hope County and begun enslaving the residents. This is the focus of the story. Traditional American right-wing principles of freedom, faith, and weaponry are pushed to the maximum by the cult led by Joseph Seed and backed up by his three siblings (known as The Heralds). Those who refuse to join the cult are tormented, mutilated, and even killed.


It is clear from the game’s video and artwork that the Seeds intend to use violence to preach their religion, with words like “sinner” cut into the flesh of multiple people. Because of this, Ubisoft has underlined that Far Cry 5 is primarily a piece of amusement rather than something with a deeper meaning.


A team of police officers is sent to Hope County in Far Cry 5 with the express purpose of apprehending Joseph Seed. A deputy sheriff leading the arrest finds himself in the center of hostile area after initially appearing eager to approach quietly. Far Cry 5’s tale begins with you taking on the role of that sheriff.


It’s up to you how far you go in the story. The world and tasks can be explored in any order after you’ve completed the introduction. Far Cry 5’s ten-hour campaign might be radically different for two players who start the game in separate directions.

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Who Are The Characters in Far Cry 5?


You take on the role of a Montana sheriff’s deputy. This time around, you’ll be able to choose your own protagonist, unlike in Far Cry 3 and 4 where you had to play as Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale. The ability to customize your character’s race, gender, and appearance is provided through character creators.

The Seed family, lead by “The Father” Joseph, a man who believes he was appointed by God to safeguard Hope County from a “inevitable collapse,” is in the villain’s corner.

Assisting him in the occupation of this area are his brother Jacob, who is a former military officer and now sells in weapons for the cult; as well as John, a lawyer who has utilized his legal skills to buy land for Eden’s Gate. A third member of the gang is Faith, Joseph’s half-sister, who plays the peacenik in an effort to compel people to join Joseph’s cause.

A splinter group inside the community has organized to fight the cult. A pastor named Jerome, a bartender named Mary May, and a cropduster pilot named Nick Rye, all of whom are members of Eden’s Gate, join the group in their quest to bring down the Seeds for the sake of their own children.

That the game can be completed in just 10 minutes, in a style that recalls the secret ending of the fourth game, is also well known.


The Gameplay of Far Cry 5


The Far Cry games have always been system-driven adventures due to their open-world design. Several iconic mechanics are back in Far Cry 5, but in a slightly tweaked form.

Guns For Hire is at the forefront of them all, allowing you to enlist the aid of comrades to aid you in battle. NPC gangs from Far Cry 4 might turn up and open fire, while the fifth game’s approach more closely mimics the friend system from Far Cry 2.


Locals must be convinced to join their cause, and each new companion will bring a distinct set of skills and personality traits to the team. The pilot Nick Rye, for example, can be summoned and instructed to fly overhead if you bring him on board. If a machine gun nest needs to be bombed, this is the way to go. For those who prefer to do it alone, you can take Nick’s plane and take off on your own.

Grace might be a great companion if you’re looking for someone who’s more grounded. Sniper support: She can assist you take down outposts quickly and efficiently. Most of the tasks and side missions award resistance points, which you can use to improve your reputation and the power of your noble band.

Far Cry Primal’s Fangs For Hire, on the other hand, makes a welcome comeback, allowing you to tame wild animals and use them to your advantage in battle. Instead of saber-tooth tigers, visitors to Montana can expect to befriend bears and dogs.

Anointed Canine Hero Boomer is a powerful offensive weapon to have at your disposal. As a dog, no one will be upset if you send him inside enemy camps to tag their enemies for you. The cover is fantastic!) Boomer will even bring you the enemy’s rifle as a reward when he’s done savagely mauling them if they’ve been tagged.

If you’re concerned about Boomer’s safety, rest assured that he will only be knocked unconscious during combat, not killed. Your human friends may also benefit from this.


In Far Cry 5, you’ll have to hunt down a drug-fueled moose and participate in a celebration dedicated to testicles — known as “Testy Festy” for short. While you may be able to fit a few pieces of missing pipe together, others may see you destroying a certain number of boxes. We’d like to see less of this type of mission in the final product.

It’s possible to speed up your progress in the game by purchasing time-saving microtransactions, as well as cosmetic ones if you want to show off some cool gun skins. During our time with the game, we discovered that the fifth installment in the Far Cry series follows the same formula, which limits the game’s open-world appeal.


This is The Far Cry 5 Arcade


The map editor in Far Cry 5 will also be improved. Far Cry 5 features the ability to let you create your own Ubisoft game, something that has been included in prior games in the series. Far Cry Arcade allows you to create your own solo, co-op, and PvP levels utilizing elements from the game, as well as other Ubisoft titles like and Watch Dogs. ‘Far Cry Arcade’ Far Cry Arcade levels can also earn you money and in-game bonuses for the main game.

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Multiple Player for Far Cry 5?

The Friends For Hire mechanism will allow players to play through Far Cry 5’s plot in co-op. Co-operative play will be available for all missions instead of just outpost missions in this mode, much like in Far Cry 4’s multiplayer. Co-op play was more chaotic and entertaining than solo play for us.

Sharing health and ammo packs between players is permitted but only the host will be allowed to accept missions, recruit and command Guns For Hire, and retain the progress made in Hope County. Make sure you’ve got a companion who isn’t self-serving.