When Is The Release Date Of FF7?


What Is the Story Behind the Ff7 Remake Part 2?

This section contains spoilers for the original Final Fantasy VII, so don’t read any further if you don’t want to be informed.

When the party leaves Midgar, the credits of the FF7 Remake begin to roll. This is the point in the original Final Fantasy VII where the game shifts to an open-world setting with a global scope.

As Cloud and his pals go over the plains and mountains, they pick up new allies and fight to preserve the globe from the threat of Shinra and Sephiroth, who seek to destroy the world. Most likely, the second disc of the FF7 Remake will end at the Forgotten City, where the original’s first disc ended.

The Black Materia will be used by Sephiroth to conjure Meteor, a powerful spell that has the power to end all life on Earth. In theory, though, the planet’s Lifestream would attempt to safeguard and/or heal the planet. Sephiroth wants to become a god by absorbing the Lifestream.

At Kalm (which was alluded at in the Intergrade post-credits sequence), where Cloud narrates a story about his history that is, shall we say, hazy, the group leaves Midgar. The Black Materia can then be found in places like Junon, Gold Saucer, and Cosmo Canyon. Aerith is killed in the Forgotten City by Sephiroth while she is praying to cast Holy magic to defeat Meteor on Disc 1.

The sequel to FF7 can’t be expected to be exactly like the original.

FF7 Remake Part 1 and Intergrade include new characters and enhance the roles of minor supporting characters by combining aspects from spin-off games like Dirge of Cerberus. Also, there are a lot of new characters and details to be discovered.

Advent Children and other spin-off games like Crisis Core will be frequently referenced in future installments, especially after the first one dealt significantly with these characters resisting “Destiny.” According to the FF7 Remake ending, not only is Zack still alive (either in the main timeline or in a parallel universe), but it’s also possible that Aerith escapes her doom.

“I’m sure there are those who wish to experience the exact same story and revisit memories,” said Kitase in a July 2020 interview. But if we were to do so, we would simply be adding to the original experience, which would diminish its meaning. The fact that Wedge, Biggs, and possibly even Jessie are still alive already deviates significantly from canon.

Avalanche, Shinra, and Sephiroth’s alterations in the Remake are yet to be revealed, but we know that everyone’s favorite new character Roche (the SOLDIER who is obsessed with his motorcycle) is almost probably going to return for the sequel.

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Are There Additional Features in Ff7 Remake Part 2?


As Cloud’s voyage progresses, gamers will be able to use a variety of new vehicles. Chocobos, the flying avians that appear in every Final Fantasy game, are virtually certainly going to be given to players.

Players can also take to the skies in the Tiny Bronco airplane, which can only fly in shallow water, or in the Buggy automobile, which doubles as a boat. Even though the player has full command of an airship at one point, it’s likely that the player will only see this in later Remake games.


Combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake is significantly different from the original, focusing on combos and allowing players to take control of each of the game’s four playable characters — Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith — to develop their own fighting style.

We can expect to see new fighting designs for villains like Red XIII, as well as a slew of recognizable faces that Cloud and companions haven’t yet encountered, in the upcoming volumes.

Traditional turn-based combat will be tweaked in future games to make it more entertaining for players who prefer a more strategic challenge, according to co-director Hamaguchi Naoki.

New features from Intergrade could possibly make their way into future games.: During a Famitsu interview in February 2021, Yuffie and Sonon were able to perform team combos as a new feature. “I believe it will give players a new perspective on the main game’s combat.” Intergrade and beyond should be a lot of fun because of this new degree of battle intricacy.

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Who are The Cast and Crew of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2?

We anticipate to see all of the original characters in the FF7 Remake Part 2 party by the end of the story. You should get Red XII into your party at the beginning of the second entry, even though he only appears as a “guest character” in FF7 Remake.

Yuffie appears in two chapters of the PS5 Intergrade update, and based on the game’s conclusion, it appears likely that she’ll meet up with everyone in Part 2 pretty early on. Cait Sith, Vincent Valentine, and Cid Highwind are the next three characters to be encountered by the players. There is a good chance that the development of each character’s unique fighting style will not slow things down.

In the original, the player was able to select the party members they desired in the vast majority of cases. The group in FF7 Remake, on the other hand, is divided up and streamlined for the sake of organic storytelling. Perhaps Cloud will be split into two groups, or perhaps the sequel will return to the original model, enabling the player to pick who follows him.

In that case, we’d have to wait until Part 3 to see Vincent and Cid. Red-XIII and Yuffie are almost certain to make an appearance, as is Cait Sith, considering his brief appearance in the first film. It’s possible Zack will join the party at some time, depending on how things go. Cloud and Zack might lead two different parties to cover much of the original plot, which would be a fantastic way to split up the party.

What is the Release Date of FF7 REMAKE PART II?

A hologram glimpse of the past is shown to Barret, Cloud, and Tifa

Square Enix has only made a few vague promises on when the next game would be unveiled, even if FF7 Remake Part 2 won’t be released until 2022 or later.

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, made the announcement in a post commemorating the 25th anniversary of the game’s release. We’ve just begun the 25th anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy VII, and we want to share some information with fans over the following 12 months, Kitase wrote. “I can’t wait to learn more!”

Developer Tetsuya Nomura had stated that the first game’s development would be complete by November 2019. SCE President Yosuke Matsuda stated in February 2020 that the slightly delayed release of FF7 Remake wouldn’t affect the release date of the following game. In July 2020, the team announced that they would resume work on the project.

When asked by Famitsu in December 2020 if “development for [FF7 Remake Part 2] is progressing smoothly,” producer Yoshinori Kitase replied: “Please wait a bit longer for more details” (via Comicbook.com).

It’s difficult to anticipate how long the project will take because of its enormous breadth, especially considering that many of Square Enix’s most ambitious projects take years to produce. Nearly as long as it took to produce Kingdom Hearts III, it took nearly as long to develop Final Fantasy XV.

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Does FF7: Remake Part 3 exist?

Almost without a doubt. Originally, there were three discs issued for the original Final Fantasy VII. Halfway through Disc 1, the FF7 Remake Part 1 finishes with the gang leaving Midgar. Disc 1’s narrative content will be wrapped up in Part 2, leaving Disc 2’s plethora of storylines to play out. Endgame exploration and dramatic sequences make up the bulk of the PS1 original’s last disc.

Nomura thinks that the size of future sections may fluctuate. In Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, producer Yoshinori Kitase acknowledged there was no strong grasp on the series’ endpoint, despite the fact that many think the plot will be told over three sections.

According to Nomura, the entire sum of all pieces will finally be known in July 2020, when the next installment is disclosed.

With regard to future installments, Nomura stated in the April 2020 release of Ultimania that he wants them to be delivered “ASAP” and is considering adjusting the size of future installments in accordance with what is required by the segment of the tale being covered. FFXV DLC-sized releases may be possible in the future. FFVII Remake Part 1’s 35-40 hour playability could be exceeded by additional content.

There is a good chance that the series will end up being a Remake trilogy, but if the series continues to be popular and the story demands it, a fourth chapter might be in the works.


The FF7 Remake Part 2: Is Zack Dead?


The new logo prominently features Zack.

To close up FF7 Remake, Zack Fair is shown to have fought back from his previously deadly wound. The different portrayal of Stamp the dog in FF7 Remake Ultimania suggests that this Zack is from an alternate reality. According to Zack’s book profile, he is referred to as a present and past tense individual.

When Square Enix released the logo for Final Fantasy 7’s 25th anniversary, another wrinkle was added to the mix. Three characters from Final Fantasy VII are heavily featured in the logo. Final Fantasy 7’s logo could have featured any character, but Zack’s inclusion suggests that Zack will play an important role in the tale.