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What Do We Know About Ink Master Season 8?

ink master season 8

For the past seven seasons, the show has been one of the most popular on American television. This page will discuss the show. Season 8 of the show has been formally commissioned by its creators, who have announced the news in a recent press release. “Ink Master” season 8 premiered on August 23, 2016, and “Spike TV,” the New York television network responsible for the show, has confirmed this date.

It’s time for a quick review.

The elimination format of “Ink Master” is common in American reality television. For the first season, each episode aired on Spike TV for about 41 to 42 minutes, however for the second season, each episode aired for roughly an hour. The program is based on a competition between experts of artistic tattooing, who are given assignments by judges and are required to complete them in order to improve their abilities and perfect their craft. In each episode, a member of the crew has to say goodbye to one of the show’s participants, both amateur and professional. The title of Ink Master and a cash reward of $100,000 are up for grabs, but winning the competition is no walk in the park. Only one of the 16 contestants is awarded this reward, which is split evenly between veterans and novices.

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Who Is In The Cast Of Ink Master Season 8?

Executive producers Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, and Andrea Richter are responsible for the show’s original format. Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck serve as co-hosts and top assistants to Dave Navarro in the eighth season, both of whom have a deep understanding of the art of tattooing.

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The TV Show’s Ratings and Other Features

‘Ink Master’ was set to return on August 23rd, 2016, for its eighth season debut. In the first episode, 882,000 individuals tuned in, with a demo of 0.43. The second episode was less well-liked (with 543,000 viewers and a demo rating of 0.27), hence it was canceled. Several emails from unhappy viewers have been sent to the show’s editors, who have verified the accuracy of the data. They complained about the show’s overreliance on dramatic moments and the almost total absence of work involving tattoos.

They believe that most of the judges have their preferences, so the fights are pointless because the outcome is already known. If this is true, it’s a shame, because the series’ premise is unique, and the few episodes that deal directly with tattoo artistry demonstrate a decline.
However, “Ink Master” still has a large following. Dissatisfied viewers are likely to return to their television sets if the show’s premise is re-evaluated and the work with the tattoo is once again its primary focus. That the eighth season will not be the last is evidence of the show’s success and demand on TV.

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What Is The Release Date Of Ink Master Season 8?

This article will discuss the television show, which has been one of the most popular on American television for the last seven seasons and has been one of the most successful in the world.

A good piece of news has just been shared with fans of the series: the show’s producers have officially decided to renew it for a ninth season. Season 8 of “Ink Master” premiered on August 23, 2016, according to “Spike TV,” the show’s production company, which confirmed the date.


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