All About The Madea Christmas Cast: Release Date and More


Tyler Perry organized a Madea Christmas on December 13, 2013. An hour and forty minutes long, this film is available in English. It features Tyler Perry, Anna Maria Horsford, Tika Sumpter, Eric Lively, Chad Michael Murray, Alicia Witt, Kathy Najimy, Larry the Cable Guy and Lisa Whelchel as the prominent cast members. There are Comedy and Drama versions of A Madea Christmas, both of which have a 4.

9 digit glut rating out of 10.

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What Happens Next?

In light of Tyler Perry’s well-known one-man shows, the “Madea” establishment is a persistent juggernaut with a deep crowd. Perry plays himself in drag as “Auntie Madea,” a character who recounts his life’s ups and downs. As a truth-telling, clearly-mouthed grandmother encased in monstrous muumuus, Madea is surrounded by blockheads from her own family who either grovel in fear toward her, or overestimate her capacity to slice through their nonsense.

Her rambling, domestically produced linguistically incorrect insight is like Perry’s Ms. Malaprop, and if you can’t bear to be in her presence, then the Madea movies will be like a nightmare. Even when she laughs and bull rests her way into the heart of a situation, I find hunting down the schtick quite entertaining.

She doesn’t lie about anything or anyone. Then, if you don’t mind. Those have long since departed away. However, what about the film’s overall schtick? There’s a problem there. Unvarnished misinformation and manipulative heart-string-twisting are crammed into this hefty tome. A mixed and unpleasant bag, just like “A Madea Christmas,” is the case here.

“The Muppet Christmas Carol”

The plot of this narrative is both simple and befuddlingly convoluted. In the first instance, there’s the scene in which Eileen (Anna Maria Horsford), Madea’s niece, persuades her to work at an upmarket retail chain, where she appears to be a straight-up sociopath. It’s a bad sign when Madea confronts a desperate full-figured woman in need of some new undies and then takes individual phone calls while still at work.

After being fired, Madea stomps out of the store, her lungs heaving with exhaustion. Work is being thrown at us in unorganized splotches as we wait. Her daughter Lacey, a kindergarten teacher in a small town in Alabama, won’t be traveling home for Christmas. Eileen is enraged. Despite the fact that Eileen doesn’t own a car, Eileen needs to go out and surprise her for Christmas.

It’s a good thing for Eileen that Lacey (Tika Sumpter) is deeply involved in her own plot-heavy circumstance, including a failed Christmas Jubilee (no assets! ), and an encounter with a longing ex (JR Lemon) who simply ends up working for a major company hoping to support such an occasion, and they are willing to give up an astonishing $100,000 to the school.

Eileen and Madea join him as he drives down to Alabama to see Lacey face-to-face, hoping to rekindle their romance with him.

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Exactly What Do the Experts Have to Say About the Storyline of Madea Christmas?

To avoid spending Christmas with her family, Lacey has sneaked away with a white man named Conner (Eric Lively). As Conner is told by Lacey, her mother has a bad heart, and she has a lot of ambitions for her daughter, including marrying a white man. Her mother may have a heart attack after hearing the news..

Lacey and Conner’s parents-in-law, played by Larry the Cable Guy and Kathy Najimy, arrive at Lacey and Conner’s house within minutes of each other. For the time being, Lacey uses her new parents-in-law to keep up the facade that Conner is just an employed guy until she can figure out a way to tell her mother.

Hijinks follow. Mother, as previously said, is a psychopath who treats white visitors with contempt, despite the fact that they are intruding on her daughter’s private space. During the course of her investigation, Madea makes inappropriate statements regarding flatulence and sexual experiences in the context of a mixed organization.

The mother and father of Conner are hillbillies straight out of the “Liberation” playbook, complete with possum pie and home brew, as well as an unsavory sexual relationship that they aren’t afraid to discuss in public, embarrassing everyone in the process (aside from Madea, who is happy). Despite the fact that the film includes a Ku Klux Klan gathering, Lacey’s mother remains the film’s largest bigot and refuses to treat the white people in her middle with even the tiniest sliver of respect.

In one of the film’s odder aspects, Larry the Cable Guy and Madea get along like a house on fire, preparing for funny potential outcomes, some of which really happen. On a virus-winter morning, they sit in the pig pen and speak about racial legislation difficulties and judicious issues of the heart, wondering why everyone on the earth can’t be as knowledgeable as they appear to be.

Whatever the case may be, there’s more!

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In addition, this is where Perry gets a dig at Fox News with a digging shovel they’ve given him. As long as it’s called “Occasion Jubilee,” sponsors won’t be interested in sponsoring the Christmas-themed event. If a nativity is allowed in the area, the $100,000 will be promptly rescinded. It is evident that the company being referred to is the one that is financing the dam upriver, which has left all the ranchers out of a job.

It’s official: Lacey is out of a job right now. What can one person do when so many are out to get them? In addition, it is absolutely wrong to remove “Christ” from “Christmas” in any way, shape, or form. You know you’ve gone through the mirror when the War on Christmas is treated not only as a real thing, but as the common thread that binds together people from all walks of life.

On the one hand, it’s incomprehensible and naive. Individual glimpses of feelings, however, have an obvious appeal to schmaltz as most schmaltz does. That was all that had been arranged for it to be like that. After feeling deceived, I think, “Gracious, I don’t give a damn.” Even though it’s not exactly a lovely experience, it’s nonetheless fascinating.

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A Madea Christmas with Tyler Perry Stars: The Full Cast List

Murray, Chad Michael.

Theresa Sumpter

I’m talking about Kathy Najimy here.

Lisa Whelchel’s name is Lisa Whelchel.

“Tyler Perry” is the name of the

The name of Jonathan Chase has been changed to protect his

Ignacio “Nathan” Urrea

A.M.Horsford, Anna Maria

Eric Lively is a well-known actor.

“The Muppet Christmas Carol”

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The number of subplots grows. While Noah Urrea’s character Lacey (Noah Urrea) has an excellent voice, his coworkers tease him about being “just another filthy farmstead kid” and discourage him from participating in the Christmas Jubilee. As it turns out, his father (Chad Michael Murray) was a bullying bully when he was a kid who tormented his son, Conner, mercilessly at school.

What goes around eventually comes back. Will the spirit of Christmas be with him on this particular day?

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No matter how many times I tell her that she’s annoying, she just can’t help it. What’s more, will the Christmas Jubilee be able to host a nativity scene?

To add a festive touch, the film’s soundtrack has chimes and snowflakes that dance across the screen, leaving behind a trail of glitter. The film is haphazardly edited, but it works as a comedic cap to the week.

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Even with the alterations and sluggish filmmaking, and the abnormal subtleties that caught my attention when I needed to leave the plot to save my mental stability (why does Lacey dress for her work instructing fourth graders like she is going out clubbing?), when Madea is onscreen, essentially you know what universe you’re in, and there is something intriguing and crazy to watch.

However, you’re plunged into an endless pit of triviality and plot-heavy maneuvering, layered with Christian commercialism that lingers too long with the main storyline.