Is Hannibal Season 4 Happening? Release Date and More News


The long-awaited season 4 of Bryan Fuller’s fan-favorite horror-thriller Hannibal may finally be ready after six long years.

Where Did Season 3 Of Hannibal End?

Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, as had the entire series up until this point. After killing the antagonist Francis Dolarhyde, Will (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) hug as they fall off a cliff. Fuller’s intellectual drama doesn’t rule out the possibility of one or both of them surviving the ordeal, but it’s far from certain.

It’s both upsetting and invigorating for viewers who were hoping for a fourth season to see the program leave things so open-ended. In spite of fan campaigns and Fuller’s own efforts, the show’s future has been kept in the spotlight, and now it may finally be coming to fruition.

Netflix’s run of the program has made it more popular than ever before, just like many shows that have been salvaged or revived thanks to a whole new (and just as enthusiastic) fanbase finding the series on streaming.

Hannibal’s star, speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast on the prospect of a possible fourth season, stated “the talks have been rekindled” over another set of episodes because the program “has found a new home on Netflix.. (via The Playlist).

Plus, it appears that the original group is still involved. I don’t believe there is a single one of us who is still living who would say ‘no thanks,'” said actor Mads Mikkelsen. “It was a wonderful experience for us all.”

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Will Hannibal Be Renewed For Season 4?

Fuller’s 2020 statement indicated that the program will not be renewed, despite an unexpected cast reunion earlier this year.

While working on Hannibal season 4, Bryan Fuller contemplated including Silence of the Lambs.
Hannibal star David Tennant is clearly still interested in a return to the Fantastic Beasts franchise, despite his belief that it was wrapped up in a satisfactory manner.
However, a fourth season would be complicated if the events in the open ending were to occur.
The showrunner of Hannibal claims otherwise.

Dancy and Mikkelsen were on board with Fuller’s vision for a new season when he teased it in June of that year. Fuller also hinted that he had plenty of time to make it happen. Fuller told Collider that “August 2017 is when we can genuinely start talking about it.” In order to get the project done, we would have to find out what rights the character and the tale have and see if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

On Shock Waves podcast, Fuller revealed that his fourth season arc would likely look like a mini-series of approximately six to eight episodes, which fans subsequently learned was due to his desire to incorporate Clarice Starling and narrative aspects from The Silence Of The Lambs.

To do so, he would need to acquire the rights to Thomas Harris’ novel after they had reverted from the film’s producers, Orion Pictures, who had purchased the rights to the picture. Unfortunately, Fuller stated on Twitter that he could not get the rights from the MGM-owned studio following the news that CBS was making its own Clarice-focused spin-off. As a result, we can rule out a Clarice plot.

It doesn’t imply, though, that Hannibal’s fourth season isn’t going to materialize. In order to integrate Clarice in our Hannibal plot, Martha and I attempted to work with MGM on a number of occasions. Ultimately, they assured us they had their own plans for Clarice and didn’t need Hannibal to tell her tale,” Fuller tweeted. “As we never had Clarice rights, I don’t think this hinders a future #HANNIBAL [season 4],” says the producer.

Fuller believes that Hannibal season 4 may appear like a cross between Inception and Angel Heart.

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What might a fourth season of Hannibal look like now that Silence of the Lambs is off the table?

For Fuller’s admirers, a trip to a location where he had never gone before would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their favorite movie serial killer. He described his notion for Will and Hannibal’s next chapter as “terrifying creatively” but “inspiring.”

Will Graham’s relationship with Hannibal Lecter in season four would be examined and reinterpreted in a way unlike anything we’ve done in the show, he said.

It’s a complete reimagining of the program in an interesting way, then. “So it is.”

According to IndieWire, Fuller teased something even more intriguing during the 2017 Split Screens Festival. In an effort to imagine the show’s narrative path, he referred to it as “Inception meets Angel Heart.”

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Inception clearly hints at a multiverse in which people’s perceptions of time and space are subject to constant change. The 1987 Robert De Niro neo-noir horror film Angel Heart depicts a detective who arrives in New Orleans in order to apprehend a killer. Hannibal’s fourth season will most likely focus on Will’s character as the “clever psychopath” that he was originally labeled as in the series.

As an alternative to cramming it down Will’s throat, “it would entail taking what happened in one of the books, and turning it on its ear.” Vulture obtained the statement from Fuller.

One of the most important aspects of making a film is putting together the right narrative and cast. Hannibal has both. So, what can Netflix’s customers do to help persuade them to join forces? In the words of Fuller, don’t stop asking for more. ‘Just keep ringing the dinner bell!’ Hannibal series creator exhorted fans on Twitter.