Wayne Player Controversy: A Golf Ball Trick By Gary Player’s Kid Has Resulted In a Lifetime Ban From the Masters.

wayne player controversy

After a Golf Ball Prank, Gary Player’s Kid Is Permanently Barred From Competing In the Masters For the Rest of His Life.


Gary Player’s son Wayne has stated that he has been banned from Augusta National Golf Club because of a bungled marketing ploy.

Wayne advertised a golf ball brand extensively at The Masters, which was honoring Lee Elder, the first black player to compete in a major.

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Earlier this week, He Spoke With Golf Digest About the Issue.


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There is no such thing as negative PR as Wayne said.

That’s not nearly the case, as I discovered.”

I received at least 50 messages after that, 40 of which proclaimed me a marketing genius, and ten of which were like, ‘What the heck were you thinking?'” “It wasn’t planned, but it was a snobby thing to do.”

He said he reconciled with Lee Elder before he died at the age of 87 last year, according to his family.

My phone number is Lee’s. I’ll call him.” It was a phone conversation with Lee and I told to him, “You know, I love you and your family.” As you may be aware, many people felt that my behavior was disrespectful to Elder at this particular moment. I apologized and stated I didn’t intend to occupy his time. ‘Wayne, you know how much I care about you,’ he continued. Right?’ He didn’t even think about it. The whole public should be aware of this.”