Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Date Is Confirmed or Not? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Back on Netflix in “2022”

stone ocean part 2 release date

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo One of the strangest anime release schedules we’ve seen recently is Stone Ocean. A total of 12 episodes were released on December 1st, 2021. You might have been excused for focusing on the first day of the following months, but Netflix didn’t even make a peep in January, February, or March.

Good news has finally arrived: the streamer has set a wide release date for the next several episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean, including episode 13. There is also a new teaser for Jolyne Cujoh’s crazy antics and Stands, which have been teased out in the prison-set anime.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo How Long Will It Take Until the Sequel to Stone Ocean Is Released?

Second JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean release date to “2022” by a year’s margin of error.


So, is there a release date change in the works? Possibly. Production schedules may have an impact on the outcome. In spite of this, we are convinced that the program will not premiere until September.

You shouldn’t be shocked if the program moves forward to November or December, which is traditionally the “Fall” season for Japanese animation. Thus, another major heavyweight would be required to entertain Japanese viewers at that time period.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure “STONE OCEAN” official Trailer on NETFLIX

The Cast of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2: Stone Ocean

To continue the story begun in Part 1 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the Stone Ocean, the animation will be extended. They include the following actors and actresses who have done voice-over work:


  1. In the role of Jolyne Cujoh, Ai Fairouz excels.
  2. Daisuke Ono portrays Jotaro Kujo in the series.
  3. Ermes Costello is played by Mutsumi Tamura.
  4. In the role of Mariya Ise, the Foo Fighters
  5. Emporio Alnino is played by Atsumi Tanezaki
  6. Forecaster Yuichiro Umehara in the Weather
  7. Narciso Anastasia, portrayed by Daisuke Namikawa
  8. Yuichiro Umehara is the new voice of the Weather Channel’s Weather Report.
  9. Emporio Alnino is played by Atsumi Tanezaki
  10. As Enrico Pucci, Tomokazu Seki portrays the actor
  11. It’s great to hear the voice of Dio, Takehito Koyasu, once again!

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Are the Next 12 Episodes of JoJo on Their Way?

The worst part about it all is that Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about when it will be available. But, hold on, before you go out the door! We’ve probably worked out when the next batch of 12 episodes will air.


If you’re unaware, Netflix hasn’t shown any episodes of Stranger Things in Japan yet, despite Netflix distributing most of the episodes to Netflix throughout the globe. As of January 8, Japan will get one new episode of Stone Ocean every week for the rest of the year. The Japanese public will see one episode a week on Saturdays. In light of the above, The remainder of the episodes is expected to be released after Japanese fans have had a chance to get up to speed.

And on the 26th of March, Japan will see the live broadcast of Episode 12, Torrential Downpour Warning.

As in the first series, we’ll receive a total of twelve episodes. Even if it means you’ll have to wait another 12 weeks for the next batch, spreading out each episode will benefit you. Please, do not complete it all in a week and have to wait another three months for the next installment. Even so, for those of us who’ve already seen the anime or manga. We could always wait… Why are you in such a hurry?