My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date: Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!


Akumi Agitogi and Rito Kohsaka are the minds behind the famous Japanese comic series “My Happy Marriage.” She became the manga’s protagonist when she was born in a world where individuals are born with unique abilities depending on their ancestry. Despite coming from a well-known family, Miyo lacks any magical abilities, and as a result, her own family has shunned her. Miyo is treated like a servant by everyone, including her half-sister. Finally, Kiyoka Kudo asks Miyo to be a bridesmaid at the Kudo mansion.

Almost everyone in town perceives the Kudos as a nasty and vicious family, but one that is also immensely rich and prominent. Miyo, on the other hand, is surprised to find a position in the family, although she has a tough time with it.

Dates for the Release of the My Happy Marriage Anime

my happy marriage anime release date

The first season of My Happy Marriage Anime was announced on the anime’s Twitter page on April 5, 2022. The tweet made it clearly evident that the programme was already in development. We expect the game to be released in 2022, even though the makers have not stated the release date. The developers of this project, which is well-known for its lovely plot, are thrilled to provide a cheerful series to the audience.

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My Happy Marriage’s Cast and Crew

Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly alum Takehiro Kubota is in charge of running the programme at Kinema Citrus. The concept art and general direction of the project is handled by Takao Abo, who is known for his work on 22/7 and Macross Frontier. The script is being written by Ami Sat, Takahito Nishi, and Momoko Toyoda.

my happy marriage anime release date

Shko Yasuda A veteran of Happy Sugar Life is busy constructing a slew of new personalities. The leader of the 3DCG is Yuushi Koshida, who worked on Ghost in the Shell Arise as well as other projects. The music is composed by Evan Call. Violet Evergarden fans will recognise his work from previous soundtracks.

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About My Happy Marriage Anime

Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka have collaborated on a number of projects, including My Happy Marriage, a lighthearted romance novel. The first book in the series was released earlier this year. The novel’s fifth volume was released to the public in July of the following year. To be distributed in the United States, Yen Press has licenced the light novels.

my happy marriage anime release date

Miyo Saimori is the title character. After being reared by her strict stepmother, Miyo marries Kiyoka, who had two previous fiancees break up with him after only three days of being engaged to them. In the middle of nowhere, Miyo and her soon-to-be husband begin to open out to one other… She may have just one more opportunity to experience genuine happiness and love before she dies.

The Expected Storyline of My Happy Marriage

While their origins are very different, Kinema Citrus’s “My Happy Marriage” portrays the tale of two individuals who meet and fall in love. Miyu Saimori (Reina Ueda) hails from a wealthy background. It was her stepmother and half-sister who discovered her plans to marry the formidable Kiyoka Kudou and arranged for her marriage to him (Kaito Ishikawa).

my happy marriage anime release date

Kiyoka’s previous fiancees all broke up with him within a few days of meeting him because he was a cold-hearted military person. A more full and loving life than the one she now lives at home is opened up for Miyu, on the other hand. Kiyoka’s relationship with her gives her a sense of self-worth, and she develops a crush on her.

The romance anime series will only have one season confirmed as of right now. A second season of the original light novel, which started in 2018 and has already been published in three volumes, is still possible, though.

Where to Watch?

Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime series in its entirety.

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