Darwin’s Game Anime Season 2 Release Date Is Confirmed or Not? Watch Out Its Trailer, Plot, Casting & Everything Need to Know!

darwin's game anime season 2 release date

What occurred In the First Season of Darwin’s Game?

Kaname Sudou, the protagonist of Darwin’s Game, appears in the first season. Darwin’s Game sends an invitation to a high school student. He agrees to go through with the plan. While trying to clear his identity, he finds the truth about the game and seeks to get it back. In order to live, he must now participate in the game.

During the first season of the game, he deals with his difficulties. The fact that an assassin in a panda costume is attempting to murder Darwin because of Darwin’s Game’s emphasis on killing or surrendering your opponents comes as a surprise to him. For the most part, Season 1 centres on the Kaname Sudou’s struggle against Darwin’s Game and his attempts to avoid death at the hands of his opponents.

Darwin’s Game season 1: ended on a high note thanks to Kaname Sudou, Sunset Ravens. All opponents will be barred from accessing their territory once they destroyed Darwin’s Game. They also sought to track down the game’s designer to learn more about their motivations for making a game like this.

In Darwin’s Game Season 2, What will Happen?

There was a lot of mystery about Darwin’s Game’s inventor towards the conclusion of Season 1. We’ll finally find out what happened in season one of Darwin’s Game in season two.


There will also be additional lore-related puzzles that the protagonists will endeavour to decipher. There is no escaping the fact that Darwin’s Game is riddled with enigmas. Season 2’s mysteries will be unravelled one at a time. Shuka Karino and Kaname Sudou are also expected to have amorous encounters. There is a good possibility that their relationship will continue.

In Darwin’s Game Season 2, the primary suspect behind the game may be the emphasis, and the ultimate narrative may also be a focus of the season. Season 1 had a lot of unanswered questions, thus season 2 may try to answer them all. For many people, watching anime based on games has both a good and bad influence. Anime like Darwin’s Game Season 2 always has a message to convey. Season 2 of Darwin’s Game should provide more of the same. Date of Season 2 of Darwin’s Game

Akita Shoten’s shnen manga magazine Bessatsu Shnen Champion introduced FLIPFLOPs in its January 2013 edition on December 12, 2012. As of December 8, 2020, the series has been collected into 22 volumes. On January 11, 2020, the manga’s last arc began.

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Releasing Date:


For 2020 or 2021, Studio Nexus hasn’t revealed any new anime projects. If the first season is a financial success, it’s possible that the second season will be put into production right away. Its September 2022 premiere date for Season 2 has been announced, but it has yet to be formally verified. As soon as it is, we’ll let you know.

Season 2 of Darwin’s Game Plot Summary:

Instead of a game where everyone is destined to die, Darwin’s Game is not a game where everyone wins and loses. Kaname, on the other hand, aims to put a stop to Darwin’s Game once and for all. A privilege that allowed him to wrest control of Shibuya from the ninth clan was also Kaname’s goal. There are no more unlawful Darwin games allowed in the area of Kaname’s clan, the Sunset Ravens. In addition, they have pledged to punish anybody who breaks the restriction.


It’s now up to you to decide how to put an end to the game. murder the Game’s organiser and destroy the D-Game System is one approach to do this. Although Rain believes that the game’s last condition is the Ascension of a Class A1 player, she has no proof to back her theory up. We already know that all of the top-ranked players are just A4, so maybe the Game’s primary purpose is to push and advance to the next level via the survival of the fittest.

During the second season of the programme, Kaname and the Sunset Ravens will be attempting to grow their power in order to remove Darwin’s Game. Without putting anyone’s life at jeopardy. Additional to this is their pursuit of the D-game game’s master, who they want to find once and for all. But it’s going to be a challenge since the season 1 finale showed us how the master is keeping an eye on everything. Making him hard to beat at the same time is a paradox.

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Members of Darwin’s Game Season 2 Cast and Crew:

First and foremost, the characters and actors

darwin's game anime season 2 release date

Character Cast

  • Kaname Sudou
  • This is Yuusuke Kobayashi.
  • The name of Shuka Karino
  • Reina Yashiro Yashiro
  • Yumiri Hanamori, Sui Yumiri
  • Sudou Kaname, the protagonist of Darwin’s Game, is a high school student. Later, he becomes the chief of the Sunset Ravens tribe..
  • Besides being a member of Sunset Ravens, Karino Shuka is a key character in Darwin’s Game as well.
  • Sunset Ravens member and assassin Liu Xuelan She is referred to be “Untouchable” due to her strength and the fact that she is the top Darwin’s Game player in Japan.
  • Oboro is a Darwin’s Game executioner and player who works for the Game Master. After being abducted and questioned by the Sunset Ravens, he subsequently joins their ranks.
  • Darwin’s Game protagonist Kashiwagi Rein, better known as the information broker Rain, is a key member of the Sunset Ravens.
    In the Sunset Ravens, Sui is a member. Both her own soul and that of her dead brother, Souta, are capable of being swapped out if the situation requires it.
  • The Sunset Ravens include Inukai. Prior to being dismissed for confronting alliance member Sudou Kaname without authorization, he was a member of Danjou Boxing Club.