Maid Sama Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

maid sama anime season 2

For fans of rom-com, the second season of Maid Sama offers a serotonin boost. Maid Sama’s manga series came to an end in 2013 with the last issue. The second season of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is highly anticipated by fans. You can find all the information regarding the New Season on this blog.

When it comes to romantic comedy, Maid Sama is one of the greatest. Why do I say this? Because the characters are near to perfection, the shift in character animation from regular to chibi-like characters, the music, the excellent narrative, the subtle feeling of romance, and most importantly, the fan service.

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When it comes to rom-com animes, this is one of the most popular and beloved ever made. Although the manga finished soon, the finale was enjoyable.

On The Release Date of Maid Sama Season 2


A thorough investigation of all available data has led us to the conclusion that there has been no official word on the status of Maid Sama Season 2. This is another season that may have been the best ever. It’s possible that Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Season 2 will be renewed, although the production has yet to say so. When it is officially verified, we will inform you of the release date.

The Story of Maid Sama Season 2

When Misaki ultimately professes her emotions for Usui and the two of them join together as a couple in the anime, there is no cliffhanger in the manga. The animation only covers Chapter 32 of the manga, which has a total of 85 chapters.

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In other words, even though there hasn’t been any official word about the upcoming second season of “Maid Sama!”


Because of Misaki and Usui’s relationship, more of Usui’s family history is explored. In the end, his parents’ displeasure with his dating someone of a lower socioeconomic class separates them. Despite being forced to change schools by his family, Usui and Misaki do end up being married at the conclusion of the manga’s plot — 10 years after he graduated high school.

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“Maid Sama! “‘s” second season is likely to follow the same plot, although fans may read it in the interim if they don’t want to wait.

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In the Second Season of Maid Sama, the Cast

Since “Maid Sama!” hasn’t been renewed for a second season, there’s no official word about the cast. Netflix now has both the original Japanese and the English dubbed versions of “Maid Sama!” This means that there is more than enough talent to wrangle for a resurrection of the anime series.


There are two actresses that play Misaki and Usui, respectively, in the Japanese version of the film. Many additional productions have used both of their talents: Azaka Kokutou in “Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners,” for example, or Okamoto as Katsuki Bakugou in “My Hero Academia:” may be familiar to fans.

Both Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui serve as the show’s two central protagonists, respectively. For the sake of continuity, they are expected to appear in season 2 of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. There are also rumors that a new character may join the ranks.

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Mitsuki Ayuzawa’s name

Toshihiro Uematsu

Sushi Chef Satsuki Hyoudou

To Satsuki, Misaki’s coworker and manager at the café, thank you very much! As a maid at the café, she is middle-aged and wears an unusual uniform compared to her colleagues. This is to differentiate her from her other duties. Even though she’s an authorization, Misaki is treated with respect by her.

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It was her way of lifting Misaki’s spirits when she was down.. As a result, she has a special spot in her heart for all her hard-working colleagues. When she couldn’t make it to the “Little Sister’s Day,” she let Misaki miss it.

Toshiya Hyoudou’s daughter Aoi

Satsuki’s nephew, Aoi, grew up with him. In addition to being an artist, he’s also a transgender person.

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He’s a girly guy with comparable tastes. Disapproval and insults from his father are his regular companions. Consequently, he left the house in a blaze of publicity. In the relationship between Usui and Misaki, Aoi plays a pivotal role. Bullies and miscreants often target him. They accuse him of being unpredictable and disparaging.

Hinata Shintani is a Japanese actress.

She had a crush on him when they were kids. However, he married Suzana Ayuzawa after that. His demeanor is upbeat and he’s socially inexperienced.

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No matter what Usui did, Hinata never hated or became jealous of him. Among his peers, he enjoys a high degree of popularity and exudes a sweet charm. However, he is also capable of assertiveness and maintains his ground.

What streaming service has a Maid Sama anime?


Yes, you may view the anime series on Netflix using your subscription. You may, however, watch the first season’s 26 episodes for free by visiting one of the many anime websites listed above.

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