Berserk Manga Season 3 Release Date: Is It Coming Out in 2022?

berserk manga season 3 release date

In Season 3 of Berserk.

  1. ‘Berserk Season 3: Wild,’ also known as ‘Beruseruku,’ is a forgettable anime adaptation of a manga series of the same name. In spite of the fact that the anime series has been criticized for its movement process, it remains one of the most popular anime series of all time. Here’s when Berserk Season 3 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray:
  2. The Golden Age Arc film series concludes with Berserk, the third film in the series. This is the video version of Berserk, which was released under the same name in 1997. Fans have been enthralled by two seasons and 24 episodes of this anime. Shin Itagaki, the anime’s creator, has expressed a desire to continue working on the series provided the producers let it.
  3. Since the manga arrangement was first issued on April 25, 1989, the dream has been based on it, and it has continued to do so ever since.
  4. Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen II-Doldrey Kouryaku and Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III-Kourin followed on June 23, 2012, and February 1, 2013, respectively. The first part, Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I-Haou no Tamago, was released on February 4, 2012. After a few years, the time has passed.
  5. Season 1 of Berserk premiered on July 1, 2016, and it had been claimed that another anime TV arrangement will be developed to cover events following the Gold Age plot circular portion. On April 7, 2017, the next season was released. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the third season, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on it with you.

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What will the Third Season of “BERSERK” Storylines?


  • Falcon of the Millennium Empire’s plot arc is expected to be wrapped up in season 3. The group will be transported to Skellig by way of a circular portion that will look for an ocean boat.
  • The Vandimion family will engage in a real discourse, which will turn dangerous when Guts is sent to combat. It is also expected that Emperor Ganishka would announce a fight with the Holy See, but the Kushan Empire’s Troops are invading the town.
  • Guts and Zodd will unite to fight Ganishka after a battle with Kushan’s troops. The astral circle will be breached at the start of the combat. Known as World Transformation, this will advise on how to merge the material world with the intangible.

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Berserk Season 3 Cast


Kaoru Mizuhara is the goalie.

Erik Scott Kimerer is the real name of Isidro.
Toa Yukinari will portray Casca.
Hiroaki Lwanaga will portray Guts in the next film.

In What Year will the Third Season of Berserk Premiere?


The current epidemic may possibly have an influence on the production of season 3. Season 3 of Berserk has yet to get an official release date from the show’s creators. Please be informed as soon as we get a solid date from the producers. In September 2022, the release date has been rumored to be, although it hasn’t been officially verified.

Season 3 of WILD BERSERK: Will The Animation Style Change?

For the last three years, the third era of the anime has been on a hiatus. After the second season, there have been no further releases. The bad reviews of the 2016 anime Berserk, according to some fans, may have been a factor in the delay.


Before, the establishment’s most current version was criticized for its lackluster movement and plodding presentation. Animation and manga fans were displeased with the manga arrangement and 1997 anime, which may have demoralized the creators.

Season 3 of Berserk will almost certainly revert to the series’ 1997 movement style. The first two seasons of 2016 anime used 3D computer graphics to depict action. However, Shin Itagaki, Berserk’s animation boss, requested a 3D/2D crossbreed of the manga’s high nitty-gritty movement style.

In spite of this, fans were pleased to see the last scene of Berserk 2017 (Season 2) return to 2D movement. As a result, all things considered, the studios will continue their 2D work in the next phase.


The third period of the anime has been on a break throughout the previous three years. No new seasons have been delivered after season 2. Fans speculate that the postponement could’ve been brought about by the negative audits of 2016’s Berserk anime.
Once upon a time, the establishment’s most recent variation was reprimanded for its disappointing movement style and languid visuals. Aficionados of the manga arrangement and 1997 anime were frustrated with it, which may have demotivated the makers.
In any case, the movement style of Berserk Season 3 is probably going to return to the 1997 rendition. The initial two periods of 2016 anime utilized 3D PC illustrations for activity. Then again, anime chief Shin Itagaki demanded taking motivation from Berserk manga’s high nitty-gritty movement style with a 3D/2D crossbreed.