John Pringle Southern Charm Net Worth: Everything Know About Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

john pringle southern charm net worth

John is a well-known face in the world of reality television, having been in the hit series Southern Charm. When it comes to Charleston, SC, John is a rookie to the show, but he understands precisely how things operate in the city’s social circles. But he’s also a newbie to the series, albeit a quite late one. He’ll have to go through a lot of drama and history in order to learn everything that he needs to know. However, it seems like he’s up for the task.

The Education and Career of John Pringles

Like many of the show’s stars, John hails from Charleston, South Carolina. When they were both students at the University of Georgia, he didn’t meet Shep until later, but their chemistry remained strong. With the help of his now-ex-wife, John established a successful music career in New York City and Los Angeles, while still raising their three children.


To John, it’s a means of returning to his origins as a seventh-generation Charlestonian via watching Southern Charm. He also has two boys, whom he seemed to enjoy, but co-parenting with his ex and appearing on the program may make the adjustment a little more difficult for him. It’s time for the expected commotion to begin.

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Salary and Wealth Estimates for John Pringles

As an energy broker, Pringle is active in the stock market. However, John’s true interest is music. Sharing his music since 2004, and even made a few CDs of his own.


According to John’s appearance and daily activities, he enjoys a nice existence. Also, according to reports, each episode of Southern Charm pays its performers $25,000 in salary. According to Forbes, John Pringle’s net worth is expected to be about $2 million by the year 2021. According to reports, the cast of Southern Charm earns $25,000 every episode, so if John makes anything close to that in his first season, expect his fortune to soar much more than he already is.

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John Pringle’s Ex-Wife, Kids, and New Love Interests

He was married to Heidi Marnhout, a well-known American actress. Pringle was a reality TV star in the United States. On June 16, 2016, the beautiful couple was married in a beautiful ceremony. Their romance was short-lived but they’re still in contact and co-parenting their children effectively. According to reports, Heidi is seeing William Strocco Jr.


When John and Heidi married, they had a baby boy called Quinn. Asher was born 16 months after the birth of their first son, and the two of them named him after him.

John Pringle’s Multiple Sources of Income

John Pringle is a role model for the younger generation since he is pursuing his passion for music to the fullest extent possible. In addition to two EPs and a well-received LP, the talented composer is also a father of two.

Who would have thought that the singer-songwriter was married to a stunning lady called Heidi? The happy couple has two gorgeous children as a result of their ideal union.

Biographical Information about John Pringle: Business in the Family

The commodities sector, which John’s family had previously been engaged in, beckoned him to New York City when he completed his undergraduate studies. In 2002, John was hired as GSC Energy’s Chief Trader for Energy Derivatives. John worked as a natural gas trader for the same company before taking on this role.


As far back as his ancestors can trace their lineage, John lives in Charleston. He ended up working with his father in the end. The commodities firm that Pringle originates from has been around for many generations.

In addition, he’s a songwriter who’s published two EPs and performed live.

Bravo’s reality series Southern Charm included John in its fourth season. Southern Charm” reveals a world of privilege, wealth, and scandal that has spanned many generations in Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Lowcountry.

In this reality program, numerous Charleston singles are seen pursuing both their personal and professional life as they work to keep their family’s reputation from being tarnished for future generations.